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Teaser Tell All Time


Wednesday means TELL ALL !

Hello Students! We’re here to give you the scoop on the Teaser yesterday and so you can see WHO wins WHAT.   Clowie’s security team says we’re GOOD TO GO so let’s do it!

“We’re Ready Professors!!”

First of all we want to tell you that there was only ONE “First Commenter” this week.   We usually have a bumper crop of Firsties but only ONE was during the first 60 seconds after class doors opened and that was……………


Da Phenny and Da Nelly and Da Mom (Katty) !!

Hey who let those pirates in – well, at least they’re CHEERING…….!!!!!   

Here’s your badge gang:

We were FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of November 2, 2020 and we’re proud of ourselves!!!!


I coulda been first commenter but I had to visit the litterbox first!

Then we had to wait for someone to figure out the Teaser Photo…………..and remember, it was a GUEST TEASER this week and before we tell you who guessed it, let’s talk about the photo a bit.   It’s a special photo and it came to us from our friend Ingrid who is a frequent flyer (!) in the winning categories here as well as someone who sends us GREAT photos to use for Teaser.    This photo is of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and her Cousin took the photo.    Obviously the SPECIAL bit is that beautiful rainbow in the sky.    The timing was perfect for us to use this photo because one of Ingrid’s sweet cats who we ALL know and love, Pipo, is about to make his trip to the Rainbow Bridge.     That rainbow is for Pipo.    Here’s his photo from this year’s Halloween Costume Contest.     If you’d like to leave an encouraging message for Ingrid on their blog please just CLICK HERE.      I know they would appreciate it.

Ingrid here’s your badge for being our Guest Teaser – thanks!

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of November 2, 2020!!

And Here Is Her photo:



Sorry to tell you it was NOT you – in fact it was the same group of fabulous students who were FIRST COMMENTERS today!!!!    

Da Phenny, Da Nelly and Da Mom – yes – AGAIN!

So they will get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE but also a “DOUBLE WINNER” badge!

We were FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser Post of November 2, 2020!

WE ARE FABULOUS! We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS as well as the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of Nov. 2, 2020…….WHOOPEEE!

There were several – and we mean SEVERAL – of you who also guessed the Teaser right and you each get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of November 2, 2020 but I was NOT FIRST!!

AND of course if you did guess but you were totally WRONG – you still get a badge:

I was WRONG with my Teaser guess on the post of November 2, 2020 but at least I tried!

SO there you have it!    A Double Winner and a whole lot of Right Not First folks as well…………………………….let’s see if the Cheer Team is ready to CHEER shall we?

We must say that we were rather happy
ONE winner for FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT is very snappy!
Miss Katty and her Weims were both FAST and RIGHT
They were BIG winners without a fight!
It made writing our cheer today nice and easy
Now we’re gonna ride our Harleys cuz it’s sunny and breezy!

Before the Cheer Team departs, we just want to give Miss Ingrid a BIG HUG……..

I know she will appreciate that Suzie!  Now you girls enjoy your ride and we’ll be seeing you  next Tuesday for more TEASER FUN……………………….

“Is lunch soon?  I didn’t have time for bweakfast this morning and I’m hungwy!”

Well we’re all “hungwy” so let’s go to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!  Happy Wednesday – time for lunch – step right up and get your lunch – enjoy!

Today’s Selections:

Have a good week Students – we will see you next Tuesday!   

Your Professors