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Tell All Time !


Hello Class!   Have a seat……

As it turned out yesterday, the Guest Teaser was pretty quickly guessed AND then many others recognized the scene too so we have a BUMPER CROP of badges to give away today – all from the new batch.


We’ll get to that in a few minutes but first we want to let you know who was the FASTEST and FIRST student to arrive in class today – thereby getting the PREMIER VERSION of the brand new FIRST  COMMENTER badge……………………


My crystal ball told me it was NOT me!


It was none of you but of course it can’t be but ONE person every week and this person was faster than lightning being the FIRST COMMENTER……………..

Miss Janet of The Cat On My Head

That’s my Mom!!!!

Congratulations Cooper and Mom Janet (and the other Kitties Blue) for being FAST!  

We were SUPER DUPER fast getting to Teaser Class and won this badge for being FIRST COMMENTERS!


Then we waited to see WHO would be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………………….and we didn’t have to wait long!     First though, let’s show you the photo from yesterday shall we?

A beautiful view of Rome from atop St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy !!

This beautiful photo was sent in by our GUEST TEASER Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER!!!! and we thank her for sending it in – my Mom and Dad have been here and it brought back some lovely memories.   Rome was on their “agenda” for their honeymoon back in 1990.     Miss Sharon – please accept this token of our appreciation for being our GUESTIE today!

Yep – it’s another new badge !!


This photo didn’t fool too many of you but ESPECIALLY not our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – wanna know who it was?????



Congratulations Timmy!   This is for you:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of May 7, 2019!

Were you a right guesser too?     Then you get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of May 7, 2019 but I wasn’t FIRST! Maybe next week…..

AND – if you were NOT right you still get a new badge…………..our brand new GREENIE is for you!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of May 7, 2019 but at least I got a badge for trying.

There you have it – another successful and fun Teaser Tuesday.    Think you’d like to try and stump everyone with a photo?    If you have a goodie – email it to us and we’ll give it a whirl.   We’ll let you know when to expect to see it so you can watch the guesses coming in – that’s always a treat!

Hey – maybe I’ll submit one of my photos!

Now who’s UP for lunch?     Let’s head on over but if you’d rather go play in the school playground first, go ahead and then head in for lunch (WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST!).

Welcome to Ding Dong Cafeteria students…..please let your servers know your selections today and we will make sure you get an EXTRA LARGE helping of everything!

Today’s Delightful Choices:

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Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too

Pre-Tease Moanday!


Hello!  Hope everyone had a good weekend………….we did at my house although I must admit, my parents were pretty much MIA for a lot of it.   Dance recitals for neighbor’s son, dinner out, cookout next door yesterday AND on top of that we had a BIG trip at Cat Scouts.   We went to Rome and visited Bailey Boat Cat on board his boat.    A lot of you know Bailey – he’s a good friend and he hosted a very nice little pawty on board Nocturne for us yesterday complete with champagne!    Here are a few of my photos from the trip just for fun…………

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Anyway, today your assignment is to look at maps, atlases, geography books, the internet and get  yourselves ready to examine photos tomorrow…………….I’ve got a Guest Teaser for you and I’m thinking it’s NOT an easy one.   SO – BE PURRRRPARED!

Remember the poll I did on my blog a couple of days ago?   Curious to see how it turned out?   Here’s the results!

My Fave Food Is…….?

Answer Votes Percent
I’ll eat ANYTHING! 9 22%  
I like both dry and wet! 8 20%  
I’m a meat eater! 6 15%  
I love chick-hen! 6 15%  
I’m a fan of fishies/seafood! 3 7%  
I like wet food! 3 7%  
I like dry/kibble food! 3 7%  
Other: 3 7%  
Other Answer Votes
grilled chicken 1
Cantaloupe 1
Interesting don’t you think?    Mot of us eat anything and it doesn’t matter if it’s dry or wet – we eat it!!   I love the write-ins and I knew without even looking that the friend who wrote “cantaloupe” was my friend Summer because she LOVES it!   I’ve never had it before.   Guess I’ll have to at least TRY it……I have to admit I’m curious!
I’ll see you tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday – remember there are a lot of “honors” at stake…………….First Commenter, First Right Guesser, Right Guesser and THE BIG GREENIE for those of you who are clueless!    There’s WORSE things than being clueless you know………like being foodless, treatless, toyless, and the BIG one which is homeless…..we don’t wish that for ANYONE……EVER.

Love, Sammy!