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Teaser Tell All


Time to Tell It Like It Is!

Welcome to Geography Class Students! Time for the TELL ALL……………

Well we told you that we were going to give you a slightly easier Teaser yesterday and it WAS – how do we know?  Because not only was it not long before we got our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but tons more of you knew where this was.   So, we did what we said we’d do right?   Right!

Wanna know the details?     Well FIRST of all, we had a THREE WAY TIE for “FIRST COMMENTER”………………….certainly makes for an easier “winners cheer” for Lucy and Suzie compared to a FIVE WAY TIE…………..They didn’t scream when we told them about the tie.   They were too busy stuffing themselves with Miss D’s cookies from yesterday.   Our FIRST COMMENTERS were:

Miss JackieDa Phenny and Miss Csilla !

CONCATULATIONS!!!!  You all get one of these!!!!

I was one of THREE “First Commenters” on the Teaser post of Nov. 28, 2017!!

The Teaser photo we used yesterday was sent in by Miss Stephanie and her kitty Gracie from HERE and it was a FUN one wasn’t it?    This is for you Miss Steph:

For Miss Stephanie and Gracie for their TEASER PHOTO used on Nov. 28,2017 !

Here’s the photo again for one last look!

This is indeed BRAN CASTLE near Brasov and Bran in Romania.    There’s a lot of “misinformation” about this castle though – it has a super interesting history AND an interesting pile of fiction about it as well.  You can read some of that by clicking HERE !

Yeah, we thought it was where DRACULA lived (or maybe STILL lives???!!!!!!)

I’m sure you’d like to know WHO was the first to guess the place this photo was taken – our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER WAS:

Miss Csilla (yes again – she was a First Commenter too!)

For Miss Csilla for the Teaser of Nov. 28, 2017!

AND as I said, there were a BUNCH of other RIGHT GUESSERS and if you guessed Bran Castle then you get one of these:

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the Teaser of Nov. 28,2017

Even if you were WRONG with your guess, you still get a badge !

I was WRONG with my guess for the Teaser of Nov. 28,2017….sniff sniff

I know that Suzie and Lucy want to honor our winners with a cheer…………………I can hardly wait!   At least there’s only THREE First Commenters this week…….an easier load for them!!

Three Comment Firsties?
Long cheers make us thirsty!
That’s close Lucy you get a shiny new penny!
She’s also a very snappy dresser!
This week wasn’t too bad for cheering

OK girls – you may go rest now.   Well done………Lucy we’re all impressed and Suzie who knew you were such a good teacher in addition to being HEAD CHEERLEADER of the Teaser!!

I’m not surprised!!!!

We will see you next week class for another Geography test on Tuesday………………..a reminder that if you think you have a good “stumper” of a Teaser photo to send it to me in email.   We’ll use it one day – at least you will know that one for sure and get a badge (hahahahahahahahaha)!!!!!    Seriously though, you can send in photos if you like – we have a file full and we get one out, dust it off, and bring it to class on Tuesdays to see if we can fool you or if you’ve studied and know it.

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy

One year ago we lost our very good friend Easy – we miss you Easy but we know you and Angel Sammy

and so many other Angels are watching over us!

Teaser Tell All


The Scoop on the Teaser!

First of all thanks for helping us celebrate the 200th Teaser yesterday………it was great – we had lots of people stopping by just to wish us at least 200 more Teasers but also to PAR-TAY with us a bit and have a guess at the photo this week!

We tried to use a photo yesterday that would be TOUGH…………….we really did!    We had a Guest Teaser post and when we saw this photo we thought “that’s the one!”  – as it turned out, it was guessed correctly fairly quickly!   Oh well – maybe next week???

Here’s the photo from yesterday:

This is a rather interesting aerial view of the town of Brasov which is in the Transylvania region of Romania!   Just look at all those tiled roofs……and so many winding streets and courtyards.   We owe this photo to our friend Gracie of “Goodness Gracie” and SHE got it from a friend in Indianapolis, Indiana who has been here.   THANK YOU EVERYONE!   Here’s your badge of thanks!

For Gracie and her Friend for the Teaser of 3/28/17

I bet you wanna know WHO won all the special badges yesterday right?    Well, first of all we had a THREE WAY TIE for “FIRST COMMENTER” (that happens sometimes – we have lots of fast fingers trying to compete for first and as long as they all arrive in the first minute – they all win!).   Who:

Miss Csilla, Da Phenny, and Oliver and Calvin!


Next we have our “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER”……………………..and she was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS……………..Miss Csilla!

And we had SEVERAL others who guessed right too – all of YOU get this:

By now you know that even if you guess WRONG, you’re still a WINNER – and for all the WRONGIES, we have a GREENIE!


Thanks for helping us celebrate
If you’re ready to guess – you’re WAY TOO LATE!
Miss Csilla won – she’s knows her stuff
Now don’t be jealous, don’t get in a huff!
Next week you might be first you see…..
Then maybe you’ll get a big KISS from me!

So we bring our 200th celebration of Teaser-hood to a close………………thanks everybody for making Tuesdays around here so much fun.    We will continue as long as you’re enjoying it – and as long as we have photos to share of course!

Tomorrow is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday HERE.    Our letter to celebrate this week for a poem is the letter “P”.    Why not write a poem about something starting with “P” and join us????   It’s fun……….honest it is……….and you can spread your wings and try something NEW if you haven’t written a poem before………….

Class Dismissed until NEXT Week!

Teddy and I hope to see you NEXT week!!


Hugs, from Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted