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Silent Sunday


Post Sock Hop Activities


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P.S.   Check out the Tabby Cat Club today for Oui Oui of Twinkletoe Tales’ special GOTCHA DAY celebration with a post-a-thon to benefit PAWS Rescue !

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Casual Caturday


Hi Peeps!

After a somewhat busy week, my parents and I decided to just have a QUIET day around the house today.  We’ll have breakfast:

Sammy Having Breakfast

A little bacon sprinkled on top of my tuna! MMMMMMM

Then while Mom reads and Dad messes around in his garage I’ll be taking a little nap or two……

Sam Sunny Library

Library sun puddle makes for a good nap spot…..

It's good to be me......

Or maybe on the couch?????


Maybe I’ll watch some TV – or maybe read the newspaper – or look out the window………..

I'll just curl up on my tissue and watch something on the tube!

I’ll just curl up on my tissue and watch something on the tube!

Here birdie!  I'm right here!

Here birdie! I’m right here!

If it’s nice (and there’s a rumor afoot that it will indeed be NICE out) I’ll go outside for a lie in the grass or a sniff…….

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Finally – the weather’s nice enough for some grass inspection!

But basically, we’re just taking a day to relax as a family and REST.  After all, we cats are ever so good at RELAXING…….!

Don’t you think that just sounds like the PURRRFECT Caturday???   Sometimes the very BEST days are the ones where you just relax………

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Monday Morning Meow


Hi Peeps!  What a glorious Sunday we had.  Yep – it was chilly but not TOO chilly…..sunny but not TOO sunny…..and busy but not TOO busy. 

Mom worked on her computer a lot – well, I had to consult a bit because she was working on some designs for my “store” – and as the design consultant of course I had to stick my paw in and stir things up!  We’re making progress though.

When I wasn’t actively HELPING, I was doing some bodily maintenance – you know, like cleaning my ears, straightening out my tummy hair, and of course the old foot cleaning:

Good thing I only have extra toes on my FRONT paws – I’m not much for “fancy foot work” (haha) !

Sometimes we cats have to get into some rather unusual positions to get all the bits and pieces of our fabulous selves – good thing most of us are so good at cat yoga…..and if we are slightly full-figured (not me of course) it’s even tougher to contort the old body in order to get clean.  That’s why we rely on YOU – our peeps – to help us with all of this stuff by giving us the old brush from time to time:

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed
Yep – that’s the spot Mom…….

It feels great and is ever so relaxing…….

So, how did I get off on a tangent?  I was trying to tell you that we had a really great Sunday and wound up making it all about ME and my grooming…….not the most exciting subject in the world but after all, this is MY blog – right? 

Sammy Hugs for Everyone!