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Sam The Ham

Funny Face Sam
Making a funny face for Mom – can you see my freckles on my mouth??









Hi there….I thought I’d make a funny face for Mom when she was ready to take my picture as I lounged in one of my many boxes.  Actually I was showing off some of my freckles.  Being a true “redhead”, I have freckles – on my gums, my paw pads, and even a few on my tummy!  This week when I was having my vet visit the doctor made a big deal over my freckles – she was examining my teeth (which were in great shape of course) and saw my freckles and said she thought they gave me even more purrrrsonality! 

Speaking of the vet (not one of my favorite subjects though), Mom had a call from the nice lady doctor yesterday with the results of my blood work.  My cholesterol is a little high (whatever THAT is), my thyroid is “high normal” (I guess that’s a good thing), and my kidneys are PERFECT (I already knew that of course……).   She said overall I was a very healthy 11-year old cat and one of her most special patients!  I’m just glad I only have to go through that car ride once a year……………..
Happy Saturday to all my cat and dog (and fish!) buddies – stay cool and stay happy….because I sure am!
Sammy, One Spoiled (and freckled) Cat

Sam and the Flag Banner

Sam And The July Fourth Banner

That danged banner flapping in the breeze!!

I asked Mom to take this picture yesterday so you could see the flag banner I was complaining about.  Yep – when a breeze comes along it makes quite a racket!  Even more irritating than the howling beagles next door.  HAHAHA  Actually, if I have to be totally honest, I’m now used to the banner.  I’m as patriotic as the next cat really…..I would even let Mom put a red/white and blue scarf on my neck if we had one!  I tolerate the Halloween and Christmas scarves so why not one for the 4th???

Speaking of the 4th – there was one fireworks party in our neighborhood last night – but it didn’t last long.  Thank heavens!  Just a lot of noise – not even those pretty fireworks that pop in the air with nice colors – just the noisy kind.  It’s not even the 4th yet so I bet there will be MORE as we get closer. 

I’ll try not to be such a big ‘fraidy cat like I usually am when the fireworks go off.  After all, I’m a big boy now – I’m eleven years old – so I should be more tolerant of humans and their need to celebrate stuff – right? 

Happy Saturday!!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and trying to be tolerant) Cat