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This Time Next Week!

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If you can attend this next Saturday, Feb. 25th you can meet my Mom!

This time next week I’ll be excited because my Mom will be coming back home from a book fair in Lumberton, NC.  She’s going with my Auntie Carol and they leave Friday, February 24th and drive back home here to Virginia on February 26th. 

Here’s the website for the event in case you’d like some details…..


My Mom’s good friend and author p.m.terrell organized this event in her town of Lumberton.  She and her volunteers from the community got lots of sponsorships and support lined up and this is going to be an awesome event.  Everyone is excited about it down there.  Cool huh?

Mom’s taking three of her books to sell:  “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” which is her mystery novel, “Pink Jasper” which is a book she wrote with five other ladies a few years ago, and her latest book for children which is “Rainbow Forest Fables” – remember I helped her take the photo for the cover??

Rainbow Forest Fables Cover

My Mom's first kiddies book! (that's KIDDIES not KITTIES !)

Will I miss my Mom?  You betcha…………am I proud of my Mom?  You betcha…….will Daddy and I be “bachelor boys” while she’s away?  You betcha – Daddy promised to play with me and let me have lap naps with him and generally spoil me as much as Mom does.  Tee Hee

Sam With Tootsie Roll Pop

I promise I'll be good while you're gone Mom....honest.....!

Hope you all have a happy Sunday!  We might be getting some snow – or maybe rain – or maybe both…who cares…Mom’s lap will be available until next Friday……


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Happy Holiday Peeps!

Sam posing for the camera on the sidewalk in front of the house - what a ham.
See? I’m patriotic! I’m red and white and the sky is blue!

Happy holiday everybody!  Yep – as you can plainly see in my picture, I’m a very patriotic cat.  I’m a red and white tabby and today the sky is blue so there you are!  RED WHITE AND BLUE…..actually right this minute the sky isn’t very blue – we had bad storms alllllllllllllll night – and it’s still a little cloudy now.  Our electricity went out and the wind was howling.  I got a little nervous to tell you the truth.  I can remember when the tornado came here a few years ago and it was headed right for our house when all of a sudden when it got to our hill it just hopped right over us.  We were SOOOOO lucky.  It makes me think of all the places in the country where people are still recovering from THEIR tornadoes.  There’s limbs and leaves and stuff all over my pretty front and back yard but I’m sure Mom and Dad will take care of that this morning when they finally get up.  They had a rough night. 

Hopefully our next door neighbors will come home today – why?  Well, they left the beagles out in the yard when they went on a camping trip.  Someone has been coming to feed them every day but they are still outside and you know what THAT means!   From about midnight until 5AM they barked….and because the electricity was out in the house and it was otherwise so quiet, we heard them LOUD AND CLEAR.  Poor guys – I know they aren’t trying to be pests but – well – do I have to finish this sentence?????
Oh boy – – – I hear Mom getting up  – – – that means it’s breakfast time for MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!   I’m extra hungry this morning too – I hope Mom and Dad are extra hungry because that means Mom will make waffles and bacon……….BACON………OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE BACON………
Happy 4th of July!
Sammy, One Spoiled (and Patriotic of course) Cat

Sam the Household Manager


It’s not easy being me….I have a LOT of responsibilities in this house believe me.  Keeping everything operating the way I want it to operate is pretty much a full-time job. 

I have to keep one eye on the clock at all times.  At precisely 5AM I wake up Mom every day and supervise the selection of my breakfast preparation…..the minute I’ve checked out what’s in the dish, I tell her it’s time to take me out on my leash for our first cruise through the yard – I know that breakfast dish will be waiting for me when we get back inside!  I have specific spots in the yard I have to check – the two cats next door need to be reminded constantly whose yard THIS is so I “mark” the trees along the property line every morning.  The rest of the day I circulate around the house to my various perches and make sure things are as they should be outside in my yard.  If I spy something that doesn’t belong there (like those darn cats) I run to get Mom and tell her in no uncertain terms that something is amiss.  Later in the day I sit at the front door and watch for the mailman.  As soon as he puts mail in our box I run and tell Dad since he likes to get the mail. 

I also tell Mom every single time I use my litter box.  Yep….I’m all for flushing as soon as I’ve used it.  Cleanliness is next to Catliness you know!  I make sure she takes care of “it” immediately or I’ll pester her to death.  Hey – I’d clean it myself if I could! 

Anyway, you can see that living here is a very busy life.  Still I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Mom and Dad love me and I love them and we look out for each other.  That’s why I don’t mind one bit being House Guardian and Household Manager. 

It’s a tough job…….but SOMEONE has to do it!

Happy Sunday from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Who Needs Cat Toys?

Who needs fancy cat toys when people leave such FUN things on the floor for me to play with???

Who needs fancy cat toys when people leave such FUN things on the floor for me to play with???

 Wanna know what I think of store-bought cat toys?  I say “Pooey!”….yep, through my eleven years here with Mom and Dad, some of my favorite toys have been things I’ve “found” around the house.  Christmas time is my favorite with all those ribbons, bows, tissue paper and empty boxes.  But I like wads of paper, string, shoelaces, feathers, and two of my MOST favorite things are Daddy’s wooden backscratcher and a plastic straw Mom gave me to play with.  Crazy huh?  Daddy’s not too crazy about me stealing borrowing his backscratcher – he keeps it by his chair in the family room and I can reach it when he’s not around and drag it off to the most interesting places! 

When I was little, I used to love for Mom or Dad to throw something – usually a ball of paper – way far and I’d run and fetch it and bring it back so they could throw it again.  We could do that for a long time before I’d get bored.  I know lots of cats fetch just like dogs do……I still do that once in a while – just to let Mom and Dad know I still “get it” !! 

Anyway, I have store-bought cat toys people have given me in several toy boxes around the house but I hardly ever play with them anymore.  I much prefer a nice warm Mommy-lap-nap to running around getting all sweaty playing with toys.  Well……with the exception of that backscratcher and the straw of course……….!

Happy Saturday from Sam, One Spoiled Cat


Cats Love Laps!

Lap Naps Are GREAT!
Lap Naps Are GREAT!

So here I am – at a very early age – learning the fine art of lap-napping as ALL cats eventually learn.  I didn’t quite have my positioning right, but Dad didn’t mind.  I just kind of slid down from lying across his waist but he was just happy to have me there in his recliner no matter what!  Anyway, we cats are truly MASTERS of the fine art of napping.  I can find some really great spots to catch a nap.  I have some window perches Mom and Dad put in some of the windows that are great, but I also like falling asleep in the sunshine on a bed or the couch and now that I’m “a cat of a certain age” I have been known to nod off out on the front porch while Mom’s sitting in the rocker keeping an eye on me. 

Mom’s got a lot of pictures of me napping – why?  Maybe because I do a lot of that around here….but that’s just because I am so happy to be part of my family and feel so relaxed that I frequently nod off.  It takes a lot of energy to be a cat….so we have to recharge our batteries more frequently than humans do.  As soon as I wake up from a good nap, I stretch my legs, give a BIG yawn, and run off to find some mischief to get into.   Life is great – especially after a good nap. 

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?



Sam’s Tuesday Thoughts


Mom and I watched the news this morning and saw all the mess the tornado in Missouri caused….then there was a flood update on the river flooding down south….then another update on the people in Japan who are still digging themselves out.  Wow.  Just made me realize that when I complain because I can’t go outside in the rain – I’m still really a very lucky guy.

We had a tornado through HERE a few years ago.  I will never forget it either!  I knew it was close before my parents did – I think we animals “sense” stuff like danger better than humans do – anyway, I ran down into the basement and Mom and Dad followed me….we did like they tell you to do when a tornado is coming – they had the weather radio and we all sat and listened and knew it was just a few miles away.  It got very dark and the rain was pouring down like crazy.  The wind was really bad and the woods out back showed how high the wind was when the BIG tall oaks were bending way down……then there was a horrible noise – like a train – Dad looked out the window and saw the tornado – we were all so scared – and then a miracle happened.  The tornado hopped right over our house!  It really did…..the funnel cloud was huge but when it hit our hill it jumped up and over and went on through our neighborhood, tearing off siding and roofs and breaking windows!  Two 100 ft. oaks in our woods snapped off and we had kids pools, and lawn furniture and all kinds of debris blown into our yard but NO damage to our house. 

I’m sorry everyone else wasn’t as lucky.  I sure hope that’s the very last time I ever see a tornado though.  I’ll try to remember that next time I start to complain because it’s just raining outside…….

My Favorite Nap Spot!

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Sun At Last!


Yippeee!  Finally we have a sunny day…..it’s even supposed to get up around 80 degrees too – the only fly in the ointment is that Mom and Dad are going into Warrenton today to the annual Spring Festival so they won’t be here to take me OUTSIDE until they get home.  Guess I’ll just have to be patient – when you live with humans you learn that it’s all about being patient! 

I have no complaints though really.  I’m a lucky boy.  I get to do what I want to do, eat what I want to eat, play with my toys or play games with my parents – WHATEVER I want.  Once a year I have to put up with being forced (kicking and screaming) to visit the vet for my physical…..that’s not fun but even then I’ve learned if I just be PATIENT, just lie nice and still and let them do whatever they need to do, I’m out of there pretty quick and on my way home.  I like my doctor and the assistants all think I’m cute and make a big deal about my extra toes (haha) and they cuddle me a lot while I’m getting poked and prodded.  I think next month is time for my visit……oh yeah – that means shots!  Not crazy about those either.

That crummy old snake was back in the tree again by the garage yesterday……I guess he’s living there now.  He’s about six feet long and yesterday he was sunning himself all wrapped around the tree like a long black ribbon.  He’s a king snake so he’s harmless but that doesn’t mean I have to LIKE him!  Mom is upset that he’s “moved in”……I say as long as he’s OUT THERE and not IN HERE, we should just pretend he’s a Garage Guardian.  HAHA 

I’m off to find a sunny napping spot while Mom and Dad get ready to desert me for the morning.  I plan to ask them politely when they get home to TAKE ME OUT NOW!!!!!!  

Happy Saturday From Sam The Spoiled Cat…….

I Love My Yard!

I Love My Yard!