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Bacon Reward

Oh yaaaaah!

Oh yaaaaah!

Today is – as you know if you know me – BACON day.   Mom and Dad will make something yummy that humans love to have for breakfast but PART of it will include bacon so that YOURS TRULY will be able to have some.  That’s right – they know I count on that if I don’t count on anything else during the week……Saturday is MY day.

So what’s Mom making this morning:

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

Remember these?   Oh yeah………….they had them once and they were so yum that they’re having them this morning.   I’m not interested in the pancake stuff – just the bacon of course!


After breakfast is finished what will I get up to?  Not much.   We have RAIN this morning……………that means I’ll be inside OR if I do go out it will be just on the front porch.   Mom says humans enjoy the smell of rain – well guess what – so do kitties!   Yep – at least THIS ONE does.

Rain or shine....this porch is MINE!

Rain or shine….this porch is MINE!

This evening my Mom and Dad are going next door to the neighbors for dinner…………When they come home, what usually happens is that Dad goes up to bed and Mom stays with me (she says she feels guilty for leaving me alone for a few hours so she’ll stay up and be with me….awwww,….geee…….).   So I’ll pop up on her lap and get a good brushing then I’ll hop down and lie down on my favorite spot on the rug and THEN she’ll go upstairs to bed.

Sambrush1 Sam Enjoying Being Brushed

So it will be a very UNEXCITING day for us in my house but know what?   I love that………..we don’t need to have a long list of things to do every day at my house – the three of us just enjoy being together…..even if we’re just “hangin’ out” and not doing a cotton pickin’ thing.   That doesn’t mean we’re lazy – it means we’re happy to be with each other!   YA!

Love and Happy Saturday!  


Rain and Wind….Oh My!


It’s not as yucky here as I know it is in many other areas today BUT yesterday it was one miserable day.  Great for naps but nothing else.   Windy – rainy – chilly…………….



But enough about the weather…………after all, it will be what it will be even if I don’t complain right?   Today is the 23rd and that means the clock is ticking until time for Kyla’s Highland Games AND, for that matter, before the Haunted House on my blog for Sam-O-Ween.   I have two other parties to go to that day – one at Cat Scouts and one at the Tabby Cat Club.  I’ll be one busy guy……….but I bet most of you have multiple parties to attend too.    We’ll all have a lot of fun though won’t we.   I sure have a lot of GREAT entries for my Funniest Costume contest…..just wait until you see them (giggle).

Our front porch decked out for Halloween

My porch decorated for LAST year’s Sam-o-Ween

Today is laundry day at my house………….Mom changes the sheets on the bed and does the clothes laundry and towels too.  Exciting right?  Wrong.  I used to enjoy messing up the bed when Mom changed sheets but I’m a bit too “long in the tooth” (aka old) to do that these days…..but sometimes I follow Mom around as she does all her “stuff”……just to be companionable – know what I mean?

Laundry....they make it look FUN.....

Laundry….they make it look FUN…..

Mom’s gonna make an apple pie today – that will be the highlight of the day because it smells so wonderful while it’s baking.  She’s using granny smith apples – I think I’ll probably be able to pop up on her lap while it’s baking – she won’t want to be far from the kitchen and her recliner and the TV are right next to the kitchen.  I’m thinking it will be a good LAP/LEG nap day.   YAY!

Sam on Mom's Recliner

C’mon Mom…..let that apple pie bake – I need you here!!

Do you have any special plans today???  Hmmm?????

Hugs, Sammy




I Just Had To Do It!


Hi peeps……………….yep – it’s another rainy day here in paradise…………..so since things aren’t changing in the weather department in spite of my incessant whining, I decided to do something in self defense – I had no choice – I couldn’t continue waiting by the window for it to stop – I just couldn’t…………………so, instead…………………I did THIS!     NOTE:  THIS SLIDESHOW REQUIRES NO EXPLANATION……….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you blame me?  What self-respecting cat would have done differently I ask you…………if you can’t lie in a sun puddle, and you can’t go outside and get some fresh air, and you can’t make faces at visiting cats out the window because THEY aren’t visiting in the rain then what else can you do but sleep?

I rest my case Your Honor……………….convict be of being a snoozer……………just promise to put me in kitty jail somewhere there is no rain and lots of sun puddles (oh and a very comfy and quiet bed with lots of gourmet food available!).  Is that asking too much??????

Rainy Day Hugs,

Soggy Sam

Yep - this is how I see myself catching some rays!

Yep – this is how I see myself catching some rays!

Rain Dances Work!


Dear Friends – THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your offers to help with the rain dance stuff here in Warrenton, Virginia yesterday when I was complaining about how dry it was and how desperate we were for some “wet stuff”.  About 3:30PM I heard the rumble of (dare I say it?) THUNDER…….the sky got a bit dark…….Mom checked Doppler radar on the TV and sure enough – RAIN WAS COMING…..within ten minutes the sky opened up and it rained like mad…….it kept it up too throughout most of the evening.



Sam Standing at Front Door


Everywhere I looked it was WET……puddles, mud…….all the usual stuff and while I haven’t yet been out this morning to get up close and personal, I’m sure I’ll have a puddle or two I can poke and play in (if Mom’s not looking of course) and who knows – maybe my elusive froggy friend I haven’t yet seen this year will be out for a stroll or a swim and I can say hi?????

Freddy my friend - where are you this year?  You're "missing in action" !

Freddy my friend – where are you this year? You’re “missing in action” !

SO – thank you my friends for being so helpful……..because it worked.  If you ever need me to do the Rain Dance for you – just let me know OK?


Tomorrow is Speedy’s Pirate Party blog hop (I think it’s a blog hop anyway)……wait until you see MY get-up – Mom helped of course!

Milou, Texas and Kitshka’s brother, has his 14th birthday pawty on the 16th which happens to be the same day that Bacon our piggy friend has HIS birthday pawty so WATCH OUT WORLD – BLOGVILLE IS PAWTYING TO THE MAX!!

Mollie and Alfie are having a logo competition over at their place – yep – they are asking for peeps who want to design a logo to submit their designs and then I think we’ll all get to vote for them!  Pop over and read Alfie’s blog posting about it.  Should be fun.  My Three Moggies have already entered their suggested logo – put your artistic thinking caps on and design a logo!!  Woot!

Happy Friday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Wet, Wet, and More Wet


Hi Everyone!

Holy cow did we ever get a LOT of rain yesterday.  I’ve been reading on some of your blogs that it’s either so hot you can barely stand it or you’re getting drenched with rain like me – what’s with that?  Huh?

It's happening again like it did a while back - I'm glad I'm on a hill!  EEEEEK!

It’s happening again like it did a while back – I’m glad I’m on a hill! EEEEEK!


It’s supposed to be better next week.  But I’ve heard THAT one before.   Are any of us ever really, truly HAPPY with our weather anymore?   Maybe it’s time we start a petition to give to the weather guy.

I’m trying to make the best of it though………playing with my toys, napping a lot, pestering Mom at every opportunity, catching up on reading YOUR blogs…….the usual “making the time pass” kind of stuff.  But honestly, it’s not easy sometimes.  I’d kinda like to go outside and munch a little greenery, perhaps play in a puddle – continue searching for the missing Freddy the Frog (alas I think he’s moved away permanently)……but all I do is look out the window and WAIT.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow is SUNday…..do you think because it’s called SUNday that maybe – just MAYBE – we might have some sun?????

A guy can only hope…………….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😦

I just joined a Bloggy Hop on Ranger’s blog….wowzers – my first one – hope I did it right!

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