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My most HAPPY day of the week!

So we had bacon this morning with breakfast but it was a “traditional” kind of pancakes and some bacon.   This idea seems to be pretty cool and Mom is gonna try it NEXT Saturday!!!!!

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

We’re on Day Four (or is it Five….or is it Six?) of rain and chilly weather………….we’re getting just a little TIRED of it but we’re taking advantage of it as best we can by staying nice and cozy inside the house…………fires in the fireplace………blankets on laps (with cats on top of those blankets!) and just enjoying the sound of rain on the roof.   Fortunately for us, we’re on a hill……unfortunately for a lot of people they’re having major flooding and WET basements.  Hopefully this weather will change soon!


Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap


Hills are nice………………

No our lawn does NOT look like this now - this is from several years ago BUT we are happy to be on THE HILL!

No our lawn does NOT look like this now – this is from several years ago BUT we are happy to be on THE HILL!

Are you ready for Fall?  Or are you on the “flipside” and getting ready for Summer?   All I know is I’m ready for some outside time that includes actually walking on grass instead of through puddles!

Sammy The Wet Cat

Wacky Weather


The past two days have been totally weird……………what’s that mean?   Well, at almost PRECISELY 3:17PM it has begun thundering LOUDLY – then five minutes later a MAJOR downpour, then it stops, the sun comes out, then five minutes later a dark cloud comes out of NOWHERE and we start all over again………………after an hour of being silly (!!) it settles into a nice, lawn-drenching rain for a couple of hours then STOPS.    So that’s not all that weird really but we think it’s just a LITTLE weird that it’s the same exact time and same exact pattern.   So there…….if I think it’s WEIRD than I guess it’s WEIRD!    HAHAHA


One GOOD thing about the rain is that all this stuff Mom has been planting around the yard gets watered FREE of charge to our water bill.    That’s a GOOD thing.   Another GOOD thing is that along with the rain has come some pretty stiff wind – and why is that good?   Because all the seed pods/pollen pods, miscellaneous pollen from the oak trees and other “litterers” of the yard wind up having all that junk blown out of their branches and it flies through the air like it’s snowing a blizzard and lands on the grass………so instead of DAYS and DAYS of pollen falling, we get rid of it quicker in the wind!  Cool huh?   Mom and Dad  don’t have allergies to pollen thank heavens – nor do I – but even if you’re not allergic, there’s so much junk flying around it makes you sneeze anyway!

Shall I quit griping about the weather?  OK…….will do.   Besides, I think I said it all.

I’m working on my blogaversary party and I do hope all of you will at least be able to stop by my blog on Sunday even though some of us are ALSO celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday.   It’s no big deal kind of party – just some food, drinks, and thank yous – my way of thanking YOU all for being my friends for four years of blogging!!!!    This is YOUR party….not mine.

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thankful for my friends

OOPS…….here comes some noisy  thunder so I guess we’re still in the “pattern” – I’d better go for now………..our power hasn’t gone OUT but it has “blipped” a little bit.   Blips aren’t good for computers you know!

See you tomorrow!

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Our hearts are broken to learn of our friend Nerissa’s passing over the Bridge.  MOUSES!


Nissy was  one of a kind………………..I’ll miss you dear friend……….

Nerissa Forever badge, Ann

Wet Thursday


Hi Everybody!!   Well, like many of you, we struggled with the storms that simply STAYED and STAYED and STAYED.   One very big rain/wind system that came up from the Gulf and seemed to never end………..we had something close to five inches of rain but thankfully, this morning, other than a light drizzle which is SUPPOSED to stop, we are finally finished with “the storm that was”.    It makes us so sad that so many people in other parts of the country got tornados and experienced so much loss…….humans and animals alike will struggle to find “normal” after this so we do feel blessed.

However I was beginning to think I’d have to drag this old photo of me out – again………………


Today Mom’s gonna do some laundry (exciting huh?) – well that’s not big deal of course except it’s the sheets and towels she’s washing which means CHANGING SHEETS ON THE BED!   You know – that ritual we all love love love!


Sam Preventing Mom From Making The Bed

Guarding the clean sheets…..

Other than that, I think things will be quiet around here………….I might finally get a chance to go outside and sniff around in the mud that is our yard……….and perhaps look for worms in the puddles because there are always TONS of worms in the Spring……..I don’t eat them (ewwwwww) but I do like to “fish” them out of a puddle and watch them squirm around.   I tried playing “push the worm” – like I used to play “push the frog” with my little frog friend Freddy, but they just don’t HOP like Freddy used to when I gave him a bit of a push.   Oh well……..I’ll have to find some other entertainment!

Gosh we used to have so much fun....well, I did anyway!

Gosh we used to have so much fun….well, I did anyway!

I miss you Freddy!

I miss you Freddy!

Speaking of entertainment – I’m working on my blogaversary plans………….I promise next week to reveal some of them but honestly I think it will be “low key” – at least for me – purrrhaps something dignified – like a “black tie buffet” or something………I’ll let you know when I know.  Deal?

Formal or non-formal....THAT is the question!

Formal or non-formal….THAT is the question!

Have a PAWSOME Thursday – and may the sheets be changed for you today too!



Talk About Wet!


Gosh – it’s monsoon season (not Spring but monsoon!) here on top of my hill in Warrenton.   I’m thinking about past postings about so much rain…………remember these?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve had driving, pouring, heavy rain for two days so things are soggy (moldy?) here yet again……….but maybe this is a sign that Spring is truly coming because it’s not snow – it’s rain…..and this week is supposed to be a nice week with temperatures – higher than normal….that means maybe the sixties!   There’s hope!

We had a weekend full of paperwork, realtors, phone calls, a stranger or two, and making boxes…….Dad got boxes from the store and they have to be taped up like Fort Knox to make them safe for transporting STUFF – and believe me – my parents have had 18 years in this house and some years BEFORE that, to gather lots of STUFF.

The highlight of my week will be tomorrow though with the good old reliable Tuesday Teaser.  Will you be ready?  Will you?   You’d better make up your mind because it will be here in less than 24 hours!!

Try to have a rain-free or at least pain-free Monday………..that’s my plan…………..

Sammy the Almost Catfish (haha)