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QUIET Sunday Selfie


After all the fireworks racket last night I’m having a truly SILENT Sunday today………………..pawticipating in the blog hop from The Cat On My Head as always…………this time with a photo of me in my Blue Angels outfit (some of us Cat Scouts got to fly with the Blue Angels yesterday at the annual Cat Scouts picnic!).    HAVE A QUIET SUNDAY!


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Hugs, Pilot Sam (the temporary Blue Angel)




Quiet Bacon Day


Good Morning Peeps!   Having a QUIET Caturday – fortunately, other than the occasional crunching sound on that nice crispy bacon, it’s almost ALWAYS quiet at my house on Caturday.

Shhhhh!!!!!   Quiet Please!!!!

Shhhhh!!!!! Quiet Please!!!!

Mom and Dad are monsterizing today as they decided to take the day off from that kind of activity yesterday.   Instead, Mom did a bazillion loads of laundry and Dad went to the airport – not to fly – just to say hi to his airplane.    Today they “pay the piper” and clean……..should I help out?    Oh why not!   Gives me a chance to wear my Superman apron.

"Mr. Clean" (?)

“Mr. Clean” (?)

Mr. Craig and Miss Michelle (My Three Moggies) are in NYC today and I think tomorrow they fly back across the pond, but Mr. Craig did a nice piece on his Naked Eye Travel blog about their visit with my Mom and Dad so you might enjoy taking a peekie HERE:      I will post more photos from their stay with us but not today – today is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about me me me and bacon bacon bacon…..so if you’ll excuse me – I’ll get down to it!

Hugs, Mr. Bacon


Gimme Shelter (Or A Box!)


OOPS – I guess I kinda stole that subject line from a rather famous band didn’t I?  Maybe they’ll forgive me…….after all, it purrrrrfectly says what I was saying almost all day yesterday………..WHY YOU MIGHT ASK???  Well I’ll tell you why!

First of all, I figured something mysterious was up when Mom and Dad went outside first thing yesterday morning and took EVERYTHING off my back deck and EVERYTHING off my front porch.  That was rather alarming to say the least.  I’m used to seeing certain things out my windows – all the furniture, plant pots, deck plant boxes, the front porch rockers and all that STUFF – GONE – they stacked stuff up in the yard AWAY from the house which was even MORE mysterious.

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

Wait…wait….you’re taking all the stuff off my deck!!!

Potted plants on Sam's front porch.

What about my pretty view of the front porch? Where did it go????!!!!

Why?  Well I asked them when they came back inside………..seems the powerwashing crew was coming yesterday.  EEEEEK (I thought to myself) – I remember two years ago when they were here……..talk about NOISY…….well, while I personally like the green sheen of mossy stuff that grows on the shady parts of the house thanks to dampness – THEY don’t.

Sam's house on the hill.

But Mom, the green mossy stuff goes with the green grass – compliments the white house…..why change a GOOD thing???

After I recovered from that horrible experience, I settled back in my tent for some much needed sleep explaining to Mom that if she expected me to be my usual charming self on practically no nap time, she had another think coming!  Here’s me reading her the riot act.

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Yes Mom, I’m talking to you….who else can I whine to about stuff??????

Was I real wienie for complaining about getting a nice clean house if a bit of noise accompanies the operation?  YES…… Was I a real wienie for telling Mom I need lots of beauty sleep if I’m expected to be companionable and adorable for the rest of the day?  YES…. Do I care if I was a wienie or not?  HECK NO.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.   I have heard that later today, I will be disturbed yet again by a lady coming to measure some of my windows for new drapes.  I suppose I’ll have to take sanctuary in the basement yet again when SHE gets here.   I guess I’ll just have to accept that today will be another GRUMPY day.  Hope my Mom understands that!

In case you didn’t know this, today is International Boxing Day!   A day cats (and other animals) celebrate with great gusto – especially we felines – who can resist a great box?  You might see a lot of posts today featuring animals in their favorite boxes – like this!!!



Hugs, Sammy