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Whine-less Friday


Happy Friday! 

So I have to own up to the fact that for DAYS I was whining about the driveway project and how much I dreaded the noise and strangers around and blah blah blah.  Well, instead of all that horror I predicted (and whined about!) it was a dream……two guys came – had a quiet machine – spread out the black goo on the driveway nice and neat and off they went and it didn’t even take 45 minutes!  I barely knew they were here!  I’d been SURE it would send me to the basement or at the very least my afghan tent and instead, I apparently (Mom says) I slept through most of it.

Sam Sleeping Close Up


You’d think after all these years I’d have learned not to decide how something was going to turn out BEFORE it “turned out” wouldn’t you? 

Anyway, it’s done – and while today is housecleaning day – which I also usually whine about – I hereby declare that I, Samuel Kimmell, will NOT whine during the performance of houscleaning duties by my parents today – up to and including the closet monster noise – I will calmly wait for everything to settle down and just act like it’s just another day! 

Snoozing on the stairs

See? Nice and calm….that’s me!

It’s still dark out but Mom plans to go out as soon as she can see outside and check for animal prints on our driveway though – several of you said it might be interesting if there were some prints from “unauthorized animal traffic” on the not-quite-hard driveway surface from overnight.  Tee Hee…..secretly I’m hoping there are…….why?  Well, just because I think it would be pretty cool if there were some raccoon paw tracks or deer tracks or fox tracks across it for “interest”…..who wants a plain old black driveway when you can have SPECIAL ACCENTS on it?  In fact, if I’d been allowed outside yesterday I would have waited until my Mom wasn’t watching me toooooooooooo closely and creeped slowly down the sidewalk to the edge of the driveway and stuck my extra-toed paws in!  I probably would have gotten in trouble for it BUT just think – I would have really left my mark around here when we move!!! 

Happy Whine-less Friday! 😉

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀 😀