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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Ready for some POETRY?


Good Morning Poetry Lovers (or Likers!) – it’s time for us to continue our journey up and down the alphabet by tackling the letter “Q” !     I had to really think about this one……….a lot of possibilities came to mind for this letter of the alphabet, but I settled on this one……I hope you like it!



By Sammy Kimmell 10/6/2016

I used to be so quiet

I never caused a riot

I’d hardly make a sound

You’d forget I was around!

But when I lost my hearing

I was constantly fearing

That I was home alone

I couldn’t hear a tone!

I call out day and night

I call with all my might!

Mom comes to reassure

For me, she is the CURE

I get quiet and I purr………….

Mom always understands

She holds my heart in her soft hands……..


Yep – things are QUIET in my world these days since I can’t hear………but if I wake up from a nap and don’t SEE someone I call out until somebody comes to let me know they are there – – – usually my Mom and she gets up three or four times a night to help me too!   My Dad sleeps right through my yowling but Mom hears me………!   Sometimes I just see her and I’m fine – I’ll go right to my favorite sleep spot under Dad’s chair in the dining room and go back to sleep….sometimes I want her to come to the litterbox with me so she can clean it up RIGHT AWAY (I am a fastidious guys!), or sometimes I ask her for some fresh wet food or a treat.    I’ve never been a cat to sleep with my humans or of course I’d KNOW I wasn’t alone at night…….Some people might say these are signs I’m truly spoiled – Mom says they are signs that I’m elderly and unsure and that I need my human more than ever!   All I know is I am lucky to have understanding humans………….some people have told Mom to just put me in the basement and shut the door at night………she won’t do that…….she actually DID try that once and only once……..when she opened the door I had been sick everywhere and was very upset all that day.   Who says cats aren’t emotional?!?!?!?!?!    I’m one highly strung dood!!!!

Highly strung?  Who?  Me?

Highly strung? Who? Me?

SO – that’s the explanation behind the poem…………hope I didn’t bore you………..!     Now did you write a poem today for “Q” ???????   If you did, you can put a link to it in my comments here and we’ll zap over to your blog to read your work…..OR…….why not post the poem here and we’ll read it in comments?!?!     Thanks for playing along with the alphabetic poems – – – next week we’ll tackle “R” which will definitely be easier than “Q”!

I squeezed out a poem for letter "Q" - did YOU????

I squeezed out a poem for letter “Q” – did YOU????

Hugs, Sammy the Poet!

Off Schedule


So company is here and my blogging is off schedule……….I bet you didn’t even NOTICE did you?!   Yesterday afternoon I blasted one out and this morning it’s LATE but hey – we’re so busy with company here, it’s good that I’m getting ANYTHING out!

I love you ALL!

Dictating my blog to Mom!

Today will be a sort of quiet day – sadly it appears it will be raining for most of it but Mom and Dad are taking Michelle and Craig (My Three Moggies Mom and Dad) to our little town of Warrenton for a “walkabout”………visit shops along Main Street, visit the old jail in town which dates back to EARLY days in the 1700s and is reputedly HAUNTED (woooooooooooooo!), just kind of take it easy.   Tonight we have company over so I’ll be hiding out in my basement hidey-hole then they leave early tomorrow morning.

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Has company left yet Mom??????

I’ll have more photos posted of their visit AND a couple of videos Miss Michelle did – one with ME in it – the first ever Sammy Video!   My Mom hasn’t even seen it yet so it will be a WORLD premiere whenever we get it.   I doubt that I will be saying anything – I’m a quiet sort of guy.

Just wanted to check in with you this morning and say I’ll be glad to get back to my regular schedule on the weekend…………………meanwhile, tomorrow is Bacon’s “Shopping Around The World” blog hop so that’s what MY post will be about………….we had to shop for milk, tomatoes, canned product, ingredients for a homemade dish, and a “random” item………..guess I’d better get to work huh?

Happy Thursday!

Hugs, Sammy