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Quest Then Rest


Oh baby did I ever………..REST that is after we finished up with the Cat Scouts Quest adventure.   I was really pooped!

I thought what I’d do rather than tell you all about it in WORDS, is give you a fun slideshow – starting with Day One which began at 7:30PM on Friday night with a Knowledge Bowl (quiz about Scouts stuff) and ending Sunday around lunchtime with a ride back home from Camp in a MAGIC BUS!


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It was tons of fun – LOTS of work – and I slept almost all day yesterday just recovering (come to think of it my typist was a bit tuckered out too…..Thanks Mom Typist!! )    I was proud of my Troop and all four Patrols in my Troop.  We all rocked!   I kept telling everyone that they needed to relax and have fun – we had several “challenges” during the Quest – problems or situations the Denmaster gave us to resolve or work our way through…..and everyone did their BEST which was the important thing.

SO – that’s what I’ve been doing and of course you probably couldn’t care less about all that stuff, you want to know about your OWN Quest which is of course the Tuesday Teaser here on my blog – right?   Tee Hee    Well, as usual I’m not saying a word…………..not a word…………..is it a Guest Teaser?  Nope……….does that mean it’s a photo my Mom or Dad took themselves?  Maybe………….that’s all I’m saying – oh and just to remind you, the Teaser pops up at a random time on Tuesdays so don’t look for it until it’s ready to be delivered OK?   OK!   Just be ready with all your reference materials, maps, globes, search boxes on your computers – WHATEVER you need to try and win one of these awards!

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See you in the morning (or afternoon….wink wink) – I’ll just say “SEE YOU”………….

Hugs, Sammy the Tease