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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday.    You know what Sunday means – time for the Selfie Blog Hop with our hosts at The Cat On My Head.   If you’d like to hook up with us- click their badge and link up.    This is our day to shine!

My selfie today is from several days ago when I was out for a yard cruise with my Dad.    I was nibbling at the grass when Mom came out waving that camera around and while I was looking right at her when she snapped the photo of course I moved my head at the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND so I was looking away.    Do you all do that?   Drive your Moms or Dads nuts when they are trying to take a photo of you?   My Mom usually just says some bad words and that’s that.   Tee Hee

But we didn’t stop there – we “artified” this one before we made a puzzle for you……………………..Mom used LUNAPIC and chose the “DARK” Art filter……….wow……….!

And here is the puzzle I promised you!    I think after we “artified” it – it became a little more challenging puzzle!!!!

Just click this little version of my selfie and GOOD LUCK!


Happy Sunday!    Hugs, Teddy




Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time for SELFIES.    Before I do my selfie I want to make mention that I lost a good friend this past week – she was a friend to so many of us in the blogosphere.    She was a beautiful kitty named Allie at FRIENDS FUREVER blog.     She had a long life full of love.     Along the way she lost her sister Ellie, her Human Dad Bill, and recently her “husband” Mauricio from THE CAT ON MY HEAD.     I know they are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge…………that is a comfort for her Mom, her brother Raz and her sister Noelle and really for ALL OF US who knew her.

I’m sure Angel Sammy was there to help Mauricio welcome Allie “home”……………..

Now on to Selfies……………….they are of course hosted by Mauricio’s family at THE CAT ON MY HEAD and if you want to join in the Selfies – just click their blog badge at the top of the page and link up with us.

My Selfie today is another RECENT (last week) photo of me in my front yard enjoying the GREAT outdoors.

I was more than likely looking at a squirrel or bird here…….not at Mom taking my photo!!!!    A rather boring photo so we jazzed it up a LOT and made it more interesting using Lunapic’s “NOUVEAU” art effect!     THEN we made a puzzle for you.

Here’s the puzzle:

Click this little mini-me and you will get your puzzle – ought to be tough with all those shapes and colors thanks to Lunapic!   Tee Hee!!

Happy Sunday Friends………Love, Teddy

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


It’s Friday already – time to fill in the blanks in the four sentences we get every week from our co-hosts Ellen of 15andMeowing and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.    It’s easy – we get two sentences from each of our hosts and we fill in the blanks in the sentences.   Then what?   Well, we visit everyone who’s linked up to the blog and see how THEY filled things in – amazing how much you can learn about people from some blanks in a sentence………besides, it’s lots of fun.    If you want to join in – just click Annie’s badge above – link up and VOILA.

Here are this week’s sentences and Mom is doing them this week as they are more “people” oriented – thank heavens I don’t pay taxes so can’t fill that one in AT ALL……!!    Mom’s fill-ins are in GREEN.

1. My Chinese zodiac animal is PIG – I adore pigs so I’m “good” with that!.

2. My zodiac sign is LIBRA and I am “right on” with much of what the standard Libra description says – for the most part anyway!.

3. Income tax season is something my husband deals with but we are LUCKY because we almost always break even – our tax people have us right on target apparently.

4. In hindsight, I can say without any hesitation that I have had a wonderful life thusfar – ups and downs yes but I rejoiced over the ups and endured the downs and here I am – still going strong as I head into my 71st year.   Grateful?  You betcha.


Thanks Mom!    I don’t know any of that stuff about signs and zodiac animals but I hope my sign is CAT – I’m getting good at being one I think!

Oh before I go, I know some of you read our Thursday blog where Angel Sammy gives us a photo to write a poem about every week?    Well the photo that Angel Sammy gave us yesterday for NEXT Thursday’s poetry inspiration was a cool photo and we thought it might make an even cooler puzzle.    So here’s a puzzle for those of you who enjoy jigsaws.   First the photo, then the puzzle.   Good luck!  You can post your time in comments if you like!


Hugs, Teddy and Mom