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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings Poetry Lovers!


We’re working our way to the end of the “GREAT POETRY PROJECT” as we slowly sneak up on the letter Z…..

But today we are going to do “P” !  (wait…..that doesn’t sound right…..well you know what I mean!)



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/29/16

I am a cat who loves to purr

No question of that as I am sure

A happy boy I am it’s true

My purr is LOUD so that’s a clue.

When I was tiny we played hide and seek

I would find a spot and ’round corners I’d peek

Mom would try to find me but I hid well

I was so tiny and wore no bell.

She used to locate me quite easily

My purr was so very LOUD you see…

I loved those days and playing that game

Now I can’t hear her calling my name….

I no longer play that game with her

But on her lap I’ll purr and purr.

So that’s my “P”…………how about you?   Did you think of a “P” Poem to share with all of us today?   If so, you can post it in my comments OR post it on your own blog and put your link in my comments so we can read your poem today.   I just love reading all of yours and I’m so happy many of you are enjoying exercising your poetic selves on Thursdays with ME!

I hope you have a PERFECT (say…that’s a P word!) Thursday……………………..I’m going to I just know it – complete with LOUD PURRRRRRRS!


Love, Sammy the Poet

Oui Oui!  Today is LETTER "P" !!

Oui Oui! Today is LETTER “P” !!