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Leaf Peepers…..


Hi everybody!  It’s CATURDAY! 

I thought I’d start out by telling you that I have already received one entry for my Pumpkin Decorating Contest……remember you have until October 27th to get your entry in! 

Now on to the explanation of the title of today’s blog…..WHAT – you may ask – IS A LEAF PEEPER???  Well, it’s what we call the steady stream of cars that pour out of Washington, DC and the close in communities into the countryside and towards the mountains this time of year.  Everybody wants to get out of the city hustle and bustle and go see the beautiful leaves of Fall.   The traffic gets amazing on the roads though – backed up for miles and miles just with folks wanting to see the leaves.

We’re lucky – why?  Well, first off we already live in the country (sort of) – we’re about an hour and a half outside of Washington, DC and about an hour away from the mountains.  Plus we have tons of trees here anyway – especially in my yard.  Mom took these photos this morning:

I love the bright pink/red maples but that orange one is OOOH LA LA !!

From the top of my driveway looking down into the front yard….not a LOT of color yet but lots of oranges and yellows!!

Yellow maples….another orange maple….and right in front the dogwood turning purple-ish!

Say – maybe I could charge $5.00 a car to park in my front yard or driveway and let people wander through my woods out back and PEEP at MY leaves??????   A guy has to look at every opportunity that comes his way – and my piggy bank could use a boost. 

HAPPY CATURDAY……..and if you’re leaf peeping out my way this weekend, I’ve got a DEAL for you on a guided leaf peeping tour in my back yard!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

P.S.        A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND CODY’S MOMMY MISS CAREN OF CAT CHAT!!!  Stop by and wish her a happy birthday won’t you????

Punkin’ Par-tay !


Hi Everybody!   Happy Friday……….and today my blog is all about pumpkins.  Why?  Well I think you know why, but if you don’t, here’s why:

I’m having a Halloween pumpkin decorating contest.  Now I know that Halloween isn’t celebrated everywhere in the world – BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t play along if you’d like to.  If you don’t even have fresh pumpkins available where you are, you can still do a “virtual” pumpkin….draw one – find a photo of one online that you think is way cool – but if you CAN get your hands on a real pumpkin, sharpen up your tools and carve your best pumpkin face because you just might win!

Here’s a photo of my pumpkin – my parents got it at the Pumpkin Patch at our local nursery this morning……we won’t be carving it up until closer to Halloween – and you might not carve yours until closer too – – – but my contest is going to start NOW and go through October 27th (Halloween is October 31st).  You have PLENTY of time!  Isn’t my pumpkin swell?  It weighs FIFTEEN pounds……woo hoo!

Here’s the deal…………there will be TWO categories – you can only enter the contest ONCE so decide whether you want to enter a REAL pumpkin or a virtual one and send me a photo of your pumpkin as an attachment to an email.  Please don’t make it too huge (pixel wise) because with dial-up it would take forever to download a 2000 pixel photo OK? 

Pumpkin Contest Categories and Rules:

REAL PUMPKIN CATEGORY:   If you decide you want your humans to help you carve the perfect REAL pumpkin – any design you want to do is fine.   But it has to be a real pumpkin.

VIRTUAL PUMPKIN CATEGORY:   If you don’t have access to a real pumpkin, you can have your human help you draw one with a cool design on it – or do one “virtually” with photoshop or similar software OR even if you find a photo of a way cool pumpkin online you can submit that if you like.

You can only submit ONE picture though!  Send your virus checked photos (in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png format)  to me with “SAMMY’S PUMPKIN CONTEST” as the subject of the email here:


Remember to tell me WHO YOU ARE in the email !!!

Remember also to tell me WHICH CATEGORY you are entering!!!

Now won’t this just be FUN FUN FUN?   YOU all will be voting for the winner.  We’ll make it a poll with photos and YOU choose the winners in the two categories!  Voting will run from the 28th to the 30th and I’ll announce the winner on HALLOWEEN!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL BOYS AND GIRLS……..THERE WILL BE PRIZES FOR THE WINNER OF EACH OF THE TWO CATEGORIES……..YES INDEEDY THERE WILL…….!   No I’m not telling what the prizes are but you know we bloggers know how to treat our blog buddies right?  Right!  

So put your thinking caps on – tell your humans/bipeds/other that you might need their help on this one…….and if they will be carving a pumpkin for you tell them to BE CAREFUL !


So Happy Friday from the “Knight of the Night” – Sammy!!