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We’ve Got Winners!


Happy Wednesday!  It’s a big day for winners at “Sammy’s Place” ! 😀 😀

First of all, thanks to everyone who entered the pumpkin decorating contest, voted for winners in each group of pumpkin entries, and cheered on your favorites because there were a LOT of votes cast – that means you all have a LOT of friends and fans!

The winner of the “REAL PUMPKIN” part of the contest was DOGGY!

The winner of the “VIRTUAL PUMPKIN” part of the contest were MOLLIE AND ALFIE!

You each have a little blog badge to display if you wish but please send your “snail mail” address – where you’d like your surprise package delivered for being a BIG WINNER to my Mom at junekimm@aol.com.   Since you guys are out of the US of A it will probably take a while for your goodies to arrive but never fear – they will eventually get there!

Now for the next bunch of winners……the Tuesday Teaser folks who guessed where yesterday’s Teaser photo was taken.  Here’s the photo one more time…………..

YES it was Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg, Germany and who guessed it right EXACTLY?

Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats 

Doggy from Doggy’s Style

Easy from Easy Weimaraner

Isobel from Isobel and Cat

You all win the ever popular:

Now Doggy and Mollie – don’t forget to send my Mom your addresses (Mollie we have yours but if you want it to go to a DIFFERENT address, let Mom know!!).
Today is Halloween and my Mom will be decorating our front porch for all the little Trick or Treaters coming tonight – I will have a photo of our porch and driveway decorations AND one of my special CAT PUMPKIN on my blog Thursday – betcha can’t wait to see that huh???  😀 😀
CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS………….and hugs all around because even if you didn’t win a contest, you’re all winners to me!
Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Pumpkins, Teasers and Sandy


Hi Folks………….well, things are rapidly deteriorating around here (we’re doing our blog Monday afternoon!!)  so Mom and I thought we’d better hop on the old computer while we could and load up a blog for tomorrow morning.

First of all remember the competition for the pumpkin decorating contest ENDS today………in fact, it will officially be over at noon MY time (Eastern Standard Time) so please factor in your time changes as needed and know that after that time, no votes will be counted!!!

Then it’s all over but the crying – – – no no I mean it’s all over but the celebrating for the winner in each category!  I will let you know WHO those winners are on Halloween – October 31st!

Did you remember that today is also Tuesday Teaser day?  Well I didn’t forget………….here’s your challenge of the week gang – gimme your best shot and I’ll announce the winners of the Teaser AND the pumpkin contest tomorrow.  BIG DAY huh?  (I’m assuming we have power and I can blog tomorrow of course).

For your info gang – the place where my Mom took this photo has been on a previous Teaser………so this is testing your memory AND your eyeballs.  It’s not the SAME photo – just from the same LOCATION! 

And for those of you who still haven’t voted – remember you can vote on these polls (one REAL and one VIRTUAL pumpkin vote please) until NOON Sammy time today (add your time zone changes in as needed to know how long you can vote!). 

I can’t forget our three “drop outs” who Polldaddy dumped off the above polls – but they are PART of this same competition so if you want to vote for them – just say so in your comments! 





Blessings to all those in the path of Sandy – all we can do is hope all of us stay safe and make it through the storm OK.  There are people ALL OVER THE WORLD who have us in their hearts and that helps a whole lot!

LOVE TO ALL, Sammy the Storm Chaser

Pumpkin Polls Day 2


Hello Everyone!  Happy Monday………..

Well the First Annual Sammy Pumpkin Decorating Contest sure got off to a rough start with three entries being dumped off the Polldaddy poll by an unnamed gremlin – BUT we’ve made the best of it!

Remember we have today and tomorrow before the polls close.  Also remember please that everybody gets to vote for ONE REAL PUMPKIN and ONE VIRTUAL PUMPKIN – so a total of two votes.   That includes the entries that don’t show ON the poll (Misaki, Layla, Pix) – they are in the same poll OK?  Confused?  I hope not!

As of right this minute (about 4:21PM Virginia time), here’s how things stand:

Coccolino 4

Doggy 30

Easy 13

Misaki 7

Pix 1

Nellie 10

Cody 3

Clowie 2

Mollie 34

Layla 1

Nutty 18

NOW for the continuation of the polls!  If you haven’t voted, please do.  Once in each category…..REAL…….and VIRTUAL.

And here are the three entries that are part of the REAL and VIRTUAL but don’t show on the polls – if you’d like to vote for one of them, please tell me in your COMMENT !







And, here are both polls!

Now, just so you know, we here in Virginia are part of the “storm watch” area for Hurricane Sandy who is flying up the East Coast of the United States headed our way……as of right now, some of our friends south of us along the water are getting a LOT of rain and some good winds – for us right here in Virginia (Warrenton is close to the middle of the state) we have only had some medium winds so far.  BUT, if there are power outages as the storm gets closer and heads inland, it’s possible we will lose power.  It’s happened before.  I’m mentioning this because of course this blog will be shown tomorrow no matter WHAT….but if I’m not commenting on your comments (huh??) as usual, it’s because we have no internet.  OKEE DOKEE??? 

They keep calling this storm a “FRANKENSTORM” since it’s close to Halloween.  We’re hoping by this time tomorrow or the next day we can call it “NOBIGDEALSTORM” and that it will lose its’ punch before anyone is hurt or has terrible damage.  We mostly worry about all the homeless animals out in the storm with no shelter.  Our “yard cat” Stevie is safe and cozy in her house on our front porch but many other animals won’t fare that well.  Say prayers for them won’t you?

See you tomorrow (I hope!), and thanks for being patient on the polls ! 

Kitty Hugs, Happy Monday, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Slightly Silent Sunday


Sunday Morning Update:  Well, disaster has struck my pumpkin poll!  During the night Polldaddy removed three entries from the “REAL” pumpkin contest poll.  Why?  Who knows.  Layla, Misaki and Pix, my Mom and I apologize profusely (that means a bunch).  Polldaddy would NOT let us add you back in to the poll OR let us make a separate poll (!) so we are showing your pumpkins separately below!  Peeps if you want to vote for Layla (Cat Wisdom 101), Misaki or Pix, PLEASE say so in comments!!!!   I’m so sorry Layla, Misaki and Pix….sniff…..and embarrassed (my face is pink).  I’ve shown if they are in the REAL or VIRTUAL polls.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi Peeps!  Only SLIGHTLY silent because I have to say a little bit about the polls……….

First of all THANKS to everyone who took time to either carve a pumpkin (you brave souls!) or make a virtual one to enter.  Also THANKS to those of you who heard my Mom’s pitiful pleas to reduce the size of the picture files you sent since our dial-up connection meant some of those BIG files would take hours to download.  You all are fabulous.


Now, remember, you can vote ONCE in each poll.  I’m sure some of you will be telling all your friends and neighbors to vote for you (tee hee), but everybody can only vote once in each category (VIRTUAL and REAL) no matter what.

Without further ado – take a look at these beauties!  (CLICK TO ENLARGE THE PICTURES)




Remember, the winners – one in each category – with the most votes gets a surprise package of goodies from ME ME ME!

Now – I said “slightly silent Sunday”……so here’s the “slightly” – no more talking from me – just wishing you ALL who entered a whole lotta luck!   Remember, voting is allowed through the 30th so you have time to spread the word.

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Pumpkin Contest Dude 😀


My Changing View!


Hi Peeps! 

Yes, every single day now, more and more leaves are flying off the trees and indeed my view out the windows in the house is changing quickly.  For one thing, the leaves that were SOOOOOOOOO colorful just days ago are turning brown now and falling off the trees like mad.  My back yard, which had SOME leaves on the grass last week now looks like this!


Yikes....that's a lot of raking needing to be done!

Wowza! Talk about falling Fall!


Wowzers.  Some change huh?  So I sit in my window seat and watch – and there’s lots to watch in addition to the leaves – the squirrels are all over the place….gathering acorns, stealing grabbing and eating sunflower seeds from the bird feeders and repairing their nests up in the trees.  Plugging all the air holes they made to get through the long hot summer probably!

Early morning bird watching

Leaves falling, squirrels pouncing, birds chattering, deer passing…..but mostly leaves floating by my spy spot!

We’re getting ready too.  Dad’s calling around talking to people about firewood delivery, getting the chimney cleaned, and then there’s the dreaded LEAF MONSTER that was pulled out of the basement last weekend and is now in the garage “standing by” for duty.  Those of you who HATE vacuum cleaners and their noise as much as I do will identify with my feelings about the leaf sucking machine.  Talk about noise!   My parents say next week will be the first time they’ll be using that monster.

So Fall is here with a vengence and that’s OK……we have Halloween almost here, then next will be Thanksgiving and then Santa Paws will be comin’ to town!  It’s never too early to start thinking about THAT.  I’ve already started my wish list – how about you??????

Me in a Santa Hat......

Yep – my Santa Paws outfit still fits me!

Speaking of wishes – I wish you’d take a look at your calendar because if you do, you’ll see that time’s a tickin’ on the clock until the 27th which will be the last day to enter that pumpkin of yours in my contest.  Don’t be a pumpkin party pooper…..and remember, you can do a REAL pumpkin or a VIRTUAL pumpkin – two winners picked – one from each category! 

My kitty cat “pumpkin-to-be” resting comfortably on Dad’s work bench waiting for the BIG MOMENT when Dad works his magic!

Happy Thursday everybody – get carving!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀