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Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!

Today is our “Christmas Teaser” Geography test so I do hope you have your magnifying glasses, maps, brochures, globes, computers, IPhones and whatever else you’ve got available to help you figure this out because (drum roll please) I have SPECIAL CHRISTMAS BADGES for you this week!


YES, it’s true – we have badges for tomorrow’s Teaser just for this particular Teaser then it’s back to the “regular” ones.   SO, I think we should get on with the show right?????



Let’s go ahead and start this off with a bang (or a whimper or a scream or something like that) with our little pal, SuzieQ!!

Jingle Bells Garbage smells Santa better be good Like he knows he should Bring me some stuff Don't make me get rough You'd better make me happy Santa make it snappy! I worked hard all year Now Christmas is here Don't disappoint Or I'll visit that North Pole joint I'll tell Mrs. Claus That you've got grabby paws!!

Jingle Bells
Garbage smells
Santa better be good
Like he knows he should
Bring me some stuff
Don’t make me get rough
You’d better make me happy
Santa make it snappy!
I worked hard all year
Now Christmas is here
Don’t disappoint
Or I’ll visit that North Pole joint
I’ll tell Mrs. Claus
That you’ve got grabby paws!!

Only our Suzie would dare threaten Santa!    Good luck Suzie!

Now let me remind you that in order to WIN today you must tell me what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE the Teaser photo was taken in AND what State (if USA) or Country the photo was taken in………..got it?  Town and Country or State OR you won’t win!  

Here are the NEW badges you will win if you are lucky enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER WHO ISN’T FIRST, OR EVEN IF YOU LOSE OR GUESS INCORRECTLY!







Let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TEASER PHOTO CHALLENGE!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too.  I'm hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too. I’m hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!


WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN??????????????????????

Tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL and award prizes – will you be winning something or will there be TEARS in your house??????  

See you then!


Voting – Day Two!

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

Wearing my Sam-O-Ween scarf!!

Hello Voters!   Yesterday voting was fast and furious and I checked in all day to see how things were going.  It was tough to choose as I knew it would be…………so many fabulous costumes!!   Everyone outdid themselves I think, don’t you?

Let's hear it for all the entrants!!!!!

Let’s hear it for all the entrants!!!!!

Well today the fun continues with Day Two of voting.   A lot of you told me via email that you had such a tough time that you were going to WAIT to vote until Day Two because you wanted to visit and see the costumes again and again before choosing.  WOW – talk about taking the job of voting SERIOUSLY!!!!   Well, good for you because today you should be READY to cast your votes – you can pick all your favorites – voting isn’t limited to one or two – vote for your favorites.  Remember there will be TWO WINNERS – the top two receiving the most votes will win a surprise package from yours truly, Sammy Scissorpaws (hahaha).

Tomorrow at my Sam-O-Ween party (which lasts ALL DAY LONG) I’ll announce the two winners – AND we’ll have a lot of fun too!

Ready to vote?   Good!

So it’s a date?  Tomorrow you come by my place and have some “WEEN” fun and I’ll have some foodables for you to enjoy and I’ll also have a slideshow of all the entries AND tell you who the top TWO with the most votes were!   Meanwhile HAPPY FRIDAY!

Halloween Hugs,

Sammy Scissorpaws



Non-Manic Monday


Just another Monday?  Well, yes and no…………it is Monday and there’s nothing special going on here today but it’s still not JUST another Monday – because I have something to tell you about!   YEP – that’s right – tomorrow as you all know is Tuesday Teaser but it’s also a BIG day over at Mollie and Alfie’s……….why?  Because there’s a HUGE WAY WAY WAY cool Auction that will start Tuesday on their blog.   The auction is being held to try and help out a blogville friend who sadly lost her best friend/pup Mabel Lou to bloat a short time ago – but ALSO sadly was left with a huge vet bill to pay for Mabel Lou’s care in her final days.   Mollie and Alfie decided to hold an Auction – with donations from all over the world t0 help Mabel Lou’s human out with that big bill.   Here’s a beautiful photo of Mabel Lou…………and tomorrow I’ll post this photo and when you click on it you’ll go right to Mollie and Alfie’s for the auction.


Creekhiker’s Blog is the blog Mabel’s human has and we were delighted to note that Mabel’s human has already rescued another dog who will know that unconditional love that Mabel Lou got from her happy home.    So whatever you do – make sure and visit Mollie and Alfie TOMORROW – Tuesday, June 10th to see all the way cool things that have been donated and BID on your favorites – you just might be the highest bidder and come away with some cool stuff!   My Mom contributed some cat AND pig jewelry (did you hear that Bacon???)………………..


Now – I know you’ll be visiting Mollie tomorrow but whatever you do, don’t forget we have a Teaser for you too………….AND it’s another Guest Teaser.   Not sure if it’s a toughie or an easy one for you but whatever it is – you can agonize over it at no cost – that’s right – my Teaser Tuesday is FREE TO EVERYONE!!!!   So make sure and stop by so you can possibly come away with one of my fabulous, personally designed by ME, badges of glory which you can display on your blog to show the universe that YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF!!!!!


Meanwhile, make it a SPECIAL Monday – not just another day………….but keep a mysterious smile on your face and see how many people smile back – it works!



Stretch!!  Good morning world!!!

Stretch!! Good morning world!!!



You Oughta Be In Pictures….


OK Gang!  Happy Thursday is here and I’m giving you the scoop on my new contest.  YES it’s open to cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, horses, and those of you who visit my blog who don’t have a pet – well – you can STILL vote for your favorites – cool huh?

This is a photo contest…….and you can send your photo entries right to me c/o my Mom.  The info will be at the end of this blog.

Sam On His Tissue

Listen up everybody – here’s my contest info !!

I thought I’d give you a bit of a challenge with my contest as well as a choice of categories in which to enter!    There are TWO categories:

MY MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO (yeah I know…..scary huh???!!!)

ME AND MY MOST FAVORITE TOY (we all have toy boxes full of them but there’s usually ONE we love the mostest/bestest!!)


Please tell me when you send me your photo (.jpg format only) WHICH category you’re entering (even though I have a feeling I’ll know when I see the photo……hahaha).  REMEMBER – ONLY ONE CATEGORY – ONLY ONE PHOTO!

Please don’t send HUGE photo files – my Mom’s got a 600 year old computer – and if you can embed the file on your email to me – great – if not, please attach your virus-checked SMALL size .jpg photo to your email.   If we have any problem with your photo, we’ll let you know right away.   PLEASE BE SURE THE .jpg FILE IS NO MORE THAN 300 KB IF POSSIBLE!!!

Please send your photo to me by Sunday, July 22nd – so if you don’t have a photo that fits one of the categories you’ve got TIME to get your human to cooperate and snap one of you!!!   

If you are a human with no pets in the house and just want to vote for your favorite, you can do that.  Your SINGLE vote will count. 

We will have voting here on my blog for TWO days, with the WINNER being announced in my blog on Thursday, July 26.

There will be “animal appropriate” prizes for the winner with the MOSTEST votes!  YAY!   The contest is open to you no matter WHAT country you live in….seems I have followers everywhere these days and I want you all to have a whack at winning some Sammy Swag!

If you have any questions, I’m here – you can email me with your questions or put them in a comment here  if you’d rather

Here’s my MAIL address!


PLEASE USE “FOR SAM’S CONTEST” as your email subject so we can recognize it as a contest entry!

Cool huh?    😀

Don’t worry – I’ll be reminding you DAILY of the contest until Sunday but you better start poking through your photo files NOW – or getting your human in gear with his or her camera to snap a NEW one! 

OK??????  Good!!!!!   READY……….SET…………..GO!   Send those photos in NOW!

Kitty hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀