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Shopping Round the World!



Oh boy!  It’s time to compare prices on stuff!  This is tons of fun……..interesting to see what we all pay for the same things (or similar things) around the world……………This week Bacon had us look for five items, and here’s what WE found out about prices of stuff in our little town in Virginia:

  1. Milk:    Harris Teeter 2% Fat Milk 128 Fluid Ounces



  2. Tomatoes:  Mom’s favorite – little grape tomatoes – one carton


3.  Canned Product:   Mom chose Bush’s Blackeyed Peas in the 15 oz. can



4.  Homemade Meal Ingredients of Your Choice:     One of Mom and Dad’s favorite “quickie meals” is homemade Jambalaya – while you can add “extras”, basically it’s Andouille (spicy) sausage and Zatarain’s Jambalaya Mix!   Easy!

8 oz. box - $2.15

8 oz. box – $2.15

Holmes Smokehouse Andouille Sausage -  14 oz. $4.49

Holmes Smokehouse Andouille Sausage –
14 oz. $4.49

5.  Random Item:     Our random item today is Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts (Dad’s fave!!)

16 oz.  $3.89

16 oz. $3.89

There you have it!   Shopping in my town – Mom has been doing a lot of shopping the past few days with company here but this morning Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig from MY THREE MOGGIES left for the airport to fly to NYC for a few days before heading back to Oscar, Archie and Henry – their three moggies – who no doubt miss them!   We will miss them too – I got to know them and was very brave and even let Miss Michelle carry me around!   I’ll share some videos she did of me after we receive them from them when they return home………..I know some of you have been after me FOREVER AND EVER to do a video…..we had no way to do it but Miss Michelle did some with her fancy phone while they were here.   WOOT!

Happy Friday – we’ll be back to regular blog schedule starting tomorrow………………….honest!



I'm gonna help Mom get the house cleaned this morning......aren't I nice????

I’m gonna help Mom get the house cleaned this morning……aren’t I nice????


Friday Shopping!


Howdy and Happy Friday!   It’s the day of the month that we share our shopping experiences with the universe and we all get to see what kinds of prices are available where we live!


Bacon and Fozziemum co-host this fabulous event and we’ve been pawticipating the last few times and have found it AMAZING how different things are elsewhere.   This month is a “RANDOM” shopping list so we’ll be sharing prices for things we’ve paid but everyone will probably pick different stuff – it will be interesting…………

Here’s the list we were to shop for:

  1.  RANDOM condiment
  2. RANDOM frozen meal
  3. RANDOM fruit
  4. RANDOM dessert or sweet
  5. ANY RANDOM item

AND here’s what we got!

  1. RANDOM condiment:  Curry Powder (my parents ADORE curry)

FOOD1 One ounce:  $4.99

2.  RANDOM frozen meal:   Marie Callender’s Pot Pies (good when Mom and Dad don’t feel like cooking)

FOOD4  Ten ounce pie $2.99

3.  RANDOM fruit:   Fresh Strawberries!

FOOD2   16 Oz. $2.49 (on sale this week woo hoo)

4. RANDOM dessert:   Haagen Dazs Tiramisu Gelato (just because it’s yummy)

FOOD314 oz. $4.19 (and worth every penny)

5.  ANY RANDOM item:  Meow Mix Cat Food (hmm……wonder why we chose that…..HAHA)

FOOD5I only eat this one (tuna and whole shrimp) and the crab and tuna one……period…..  They are 2.75 oz. and cost $.79 each (but I’m worth it)

Make sure and visit Bacon and see what HE’s shopped for this month………….come to think of it, you’re liable to see a lot of blogs about shopping today because this is so much fun!!!

Happy Friday (pre-bacon day)

Love, Sammy