Sam’s Friday Thoughts….

What a day yesterday!  My Aunt Carol visited and after she left to go home back to West Virginia we saw on the news that there was a tornado warning right where she lives….we were all hoping that she’d gotten home to my Cousins Mollye and Toby (who hate storms like I do) and thank heavens she did.  They had huge hail and lots of scary wind but at least they were all three together and waited out the storm together.  NO TORNADO right there but bad wind, etc.  The weather has been so strange for everybody but some people have really had it so bad. 

Mom read me a story about a dog in Alabama who had survived the tornadoes down there but had been hurt badly – he was able to crawl back home with his broken legs to find his family after three weeks…..we love our families and our homes so much that we will find a way.   When the storms come and people take shelter, sometimes they can’t take us with them to safety so we are on our own.  It’s scary but we know sometimes we just aren’t all able to stay together but if we can, we will come home and if we can’t, we rely on the kindness of strangers.  We love YOU as much as you love US.

Anyway, that story about the dog just made me think – AGAIN – about how happy and lucky I am.  All of you humans who read my blog who have a pet in your lives – go give them a hug right this minute!  We love to be loved.  Honest we do!

Happy Friday from Sammy – One Spoiled (and loved) Cat

Aren't I Cute???

Aren't I Cute????

Snakes And Other Stuff!

Guess what…’s not raining this morning!  Mom and I didn’t have to use an umbrella and I didn’t have to get my paws soaking wet and while I didn’t see Freddie or any worms in puddles, I LOVED being out in the dark seeing the stars and moon “up there” !! 

Mom and I had some excitement yesterday afternoon.  We were by the end of the garage where there are two alberta spruce trees on the sides of the garage door… looked like a stick poking out of one of the bushes so I stopped and stared at it and Mom turned around to see it – poking WAY out of the top of the bush…..Mom started to pull it out (thinking the wind had blown it there) when the stick stuck out its’ tongue!!!  EEEEEEK!  Mommy screamed and I ran and she ran and got Dad to check it out – it was a three foot black snake wound up inside of the bush.  We left it there…..Mom spent the rest of the afternoon recovering…..she’s not a snake fan. 

Before I go and have breakfast, I wanted to show you one more friend of mine – I kinda have a crush on her…..she lives in Alabama though so too far away to “date” properly.  She lives with Mom’s friend Aunt JJ and her name is Miss Kitty.  I think she’s VERY pretty….don’t you???? 

Miss Kitty Takes a Snooze!

Miss Kitty Taking a Snooze!