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President’s Day


Hi Everybody!

So today is President‘s Day here in the US of A.   We used to call this day “Washington’s Birthday” in honor of good old George but now we have lumped all Presidents in there with George (it’s crowded in there I’m sure, isn’t it George??).

Patriotic Sam!

Patriotic Sam!

Since it’s a Federal holiday all the government workers are off which means the stores will be crowded and there are lots of big sales being held everywhere.  It’s just another excuse for retailers to go berserk which I suppose is good since their last BIG excuse for a sale was Christmas.  My parents will NOT be joining in the shopping extravaganza.  They have more sense than that (or maybe it’s just that they don’t NEED anything??).

Sam appears on a 100 bill.....now that's MAD money!

Sammy Bucks…..worth every penny!!

Yesterday my friend Mollie did a way cool thing – her Mom Miss Stella did a book review for my Mom’s mystery novel “The Mystery of David’s Bridge”.   Wasn’t that swell?  AND she’s having a giveaway with an autographed copy of that book as well – all you have to do is leave a comment saying why you’d like to read it on her blog.  EASY huh?  THANK YOU MISS STELLA AND MOLLIE!!!  

I stuck my nose out the door this morning – BRIEFLY – and it’s gonna be another out of sight cold day.  I guess I’ll spend the day trying to find the perfect TUESDAY TEASER for you guys………I have an idea which one I want to use but I might change my mind.  You know – I’m allowed to change my mind any time I want to – right Mom???

“Right Sammy!”………(Mom)

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday – even if it’s not a holiday where you are. 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy (or maybe I’ll be President Sammy today!) 😀 😀


President’s Day

Sammy the President

Happy President's Day!

It’s another holiday here in the US of A.  President’s Day.  Just another excuse for the mail service not to deliver mail.  Just another excuse for the stores to have ridiculous sales and cause traffic jams at every Mall. 

Humbug.   However, I must say, I look rather splendid behind the podium don’t you think?  Gives me an idea…….since people are having a tough time deciding on who to vote for in the next election – what about:


Oh – wait a minute – that means that I actually have to manage the government????  NEVER MIND. 

Anyway, those of you who get to celebrate President’s Day by not having to work…….enjoy!

Sammy (just plain old regular Sammy the Cat)