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Holiday Bacon!


Merry Christmas Plus One!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me and my Mom and Dad…………we had a wonderful cozy Christmas and Mom made sausage gravy and biscuits in honor of her Dad who always made that for the whole family on Christmas morning when Mom was growing up.   Mom did, however, make me one piece of bacon because – well – it was Christmas morning!

Dad fixing the sausage for sausage gravy to help Mom out!

Dad fixing the sausage for sausage gravy to help Mom out!


Today though is BACON CATURDAY so we’re ALL having bacon………Not a pile of it or a tree full of it – just bacon and eggs and toast in NORMAL proportions!   (depending on your definition of “normal” of course!).

Don't need a tree full - just one piece!

Don’t need a tree full – just one piece!

Nope!  Just one piece please!

Nope! Just one piece please!

Here are some photos from My Christmas – we had a nice quiet day and I got some fun things from Santa Paws and my Mom and Dad and of course some of my friends (thank you!):

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I did kind of miss having a “white Christmas” though……….we had fog but that doesn’t count.   It was 70 degrees and rainy/cloudy all day……but INSIDE my house it was perfect – Christmas music playing, Christmas movies watched, Christmas dinner (turkey and the trimmings) to eat and lots of hugs and lap naps for ME ME ME!   I hope your day was perfect too.

Christmas is a lot of hard work!

Christmas is a lot of hard work!

Happy Christmas Plus One!  

Love, Sammy



My goodness!!!   What a holiday this has been so far……..we all even slept in a little later than usual this morning and I’m just now getting my “Day After” blog out.  All of us were really pooped after all the present-opening then came the “eat-a-rama” with the huge Christmas Dinner yesterday!   We had company over so I spent much of the day in the basement BUT I did come upstairs and actually allowed someone to pet me – I had a brief conversation with him too which really surprised my Mom.  I don’t usually talk to anyone but her and Dad (and I’m quite a chatterbox usually but not around strangers).

Santa Paws was EVER so good to me this year……………….also the Cat Blogosphere had a “Secret Santa” gift exchange and my Secret Santa really sent me a box full of fun.   It didn’t stop there though because my two “Besties”, Gracie and Raz sent me boxes of presents too (Mom even got some goodies from their Moms) so we all had an abundance of gifts to open.   I thought I’d do a little slideshow so you could see me with my new “stuff” !!

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It was a pretty day yesterday too – we’re about ten degrees above normal for this time of year – last year we had snow on Christmas and this year we had SUN.   I even got to go out on the front porch for a while to enjoy it before our company came.

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard

Fresh air!

I hope you and your families had as much joy, love, and fun as we did………………..it was a most special Christmas for me this year.   Now onward to New Year’s!!!   A new year for all of us AND I’ll be turning 15 on New Year’s Day.   Which reminds me – I’m having a “quiet” party this year……………..I do hope you’ll stop by.  I thought I’d have a “Morning After New Year’s Eve Breakfast Buffet” complete with some blankets for napping for those of you stopping by after partying all night.   Tee Hee

Now, if you’ll pardon me – I believe I heard the word BACON mentioned this morning – hard to imagine eating again after yesterday’s major eat-o-rama but hey………it’s part of enjoying the holidays right?



Bacon Boy


That’s me!!   I’m proud of it too………….just because I also happen to love YOGURT at the moment doesn’t mean I love bacon any less.   Nosireeeeeeeee!    Mom got out the waffle machine this morning and made waffles AND bacon.  I passed on the waffles of course but bacon?  I was ALL over that!


I thought I’d share some photos of “Christmas Past” – stuff I have in my WordPress media file from old posts at Christmas time.  It’s fun to look back………….AND to look forward too (like I’m looking forward to seeing what Santa Paws brings me and puts in my stocking this year!!!!!).

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I know that we’re all thinking about the holidays right now – whatever holiday or occasion we celebrate because not everyone of course celebrates Christmas……….BUT, just a little reminder that on January 1st not only will everyone be recovering from New Year’s Eve (hic!) but it will be my FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY.   That’s right……and I’m trying to decide what kind of pawty to have.   A few years ago I had a slumber party………and I had a fancy dress formal dinner dance last year……..so I’m just not sure WHAT to do this year.   Maybe I should ask you all to give me some ideas then do a poll?????

Decisions, decisions…………..and it’s Saturday – I shouldn’t have to make decisions on a Saturday………..I should eat bacon and sleep (in that order!).

Hugs, Sammy








Woweeeeee….whatta Christmas!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day.  We had the BEST ever one.  The only thing missing was snow BUT I’m not complaining.  I’m not that crazy about the stuff anymore even though I liked it as a kid.  What I did like yesterday was smelling the turkey cooking, opening presents with my Mom and Dad by the Christmas tree and I tried (really I did) to smile but wound up looking pretty cranky in almost all the photos.   I just don’t get along well with Mr. Flashy Box!

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I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s Christmas blogs and cards and decorations and especially enjoyed participating in Secret Paws this year.  What a treat that was!   I’m loving all the stuff I got from my buddy King Spitty.    Thanks again Spitty – you and your Human picked out some GREAT stuff for me and my Mom!!

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Tuesday Teaser was especially fun because I used that photo of Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska but I didn’t really expect to fool ANYONE…….yet I sort of did!  However SEVERAL people knew that’s where it was including of course my First Right Guesser, Roxy and Tigerlino the Purrfect Kitties.  They got a special Christmas Eve version of the winners badge.


Did you have a good Christmas too?  I hope so……I’d love to hear what you FAVORITE thing that Santa Paws brought you was………tell me in comments.  I can tell you that my favorite thing was a cardboard box that something Mom got from Santa Paws was in.  Mom says that’s typical – I ALWAYS like the boxes, ribbons and tissues better than my new toys!!  Ha Ha!

Tomorrow we’ll be cleaning this place up……there’s Christmas carnage everywhere…..bits of paper, glitter, ribbon, tape – it’s a wreck BUT that’s just part of the fun of Christmas right?   I’ll give Mom a break and not act like it’s the end of the world when she pulls the vacuum cleaner aka MR. MONSTER out of the closet.  I promise.  Really.


Your Pal Sammy………..

Now that Christmas is over.....we can rest.....!

Now that Christmas is over…..we can rest…..!

Calm(er) Caturday


So yesterday was such an exciting day with my interview in Mousebreath that I bugged you with TWO – count ’em – TWO blog posts in one day.  I promise today THIS IS THE ONLY POST !!   Honest.

It’s not like you don’t have other things to do – – – I’m sure you’re trying to be on your extra good behavior since Santa is checking his lists multiple times and even at this late hour he’s moving some of us from NAUGHTY to the NICE or NICE to the NAUGHTY list………….so WATCH IT!    I’m also sure you may still have some wrapping of gifts to do (or unwrapping as the case may be….).

Sam Under Christmas Tree

I’m helping to wrap…..I’m even allowing Mom to have some of MY tissue!

I snoopervised housecleaning yesterday but today I have NOTHING to do.  Other than eat of course…….oh and nap……gotta have plenty of naps.  A guy needs to keep up his strength of course!



Yesterday we had a freak weather day but I didn’t mind because I was able to go outside and enjoy the balmy weather.  It was in the mid-60s….how weird is that?   Did you know today is the first day of Winter?  Well, if you’re living SOUTH of here, 63 probably is no big deal but here it’s a BIG DEAL.  Today we may go higher!   Perhaps I should get my swim trunks out and have Mom put a big pan of water out in the yard for me to swim in???

Or I could go to the beach - if I had one......

Or I could go to the beach – if I had one……

Only four more days until Christmas.  Have I told you yet how excited I am?   (well of course I have…it’s all I’ve talked about for DAYS now)   Not just that but I’m excited about my birthday.  You’d think turning 14 would be no big deal – I’ve had thirteen other birthdays and they were fun so why the big whoop about the 14th?  Well, maybe I’m just glad to have reached the ripe old age of 14.  I have a lot of you friends who are older (in some cases WAY older) than that……maybe it’s just that I know it will be a fun party and I am hoping ALL of you will be there to help me celebrate.

Sam's Birthday 2012

Can you tell I’m excited?

Well, in the meantime, let’s get through Caturday………..OK?   Have a piece of bacon on me today!   WOO WOO

Happy Caturday From Celebrity Sam !!

In case you missed my interview yesterday by Jan’s Funny Farm on MousebreathCLICK HERE


Five Days and Counting









Yes indeed – not long to wait now.  I’ve been camped out by our Christmas tree for days now – watching all the activity around here.  Mom’s shopping, wrapping, rearranging stuff under the tree and Dad’s favorite napping spot is the recliner here in the library where the tree is.  He snores – I snore…..Mom walks by and see us in here with a big smile on her face (I peeked).  But at any rate, only five more days and we’ll all see what goodies Santa brings AND whatever else our parents might get us because we’ve all be EVER so good haven’t we?

Where's The Christmas Tree?

This is my pile of presents – are you bringing another one to add??????

I’ve received a couple of packages from some of my bloggy buddies and may I just say THANK YOU to anyone who sent me anything at all…..what a lovely thing to do – I didn’t send presents this year because I have like two gabillion bazillion friends and I’d have to be a quadrillionaire to afford to send stuff to everyone….but don’t get me wrong – I would if I could!!!!!   Mom’s still being stubborn about my Secret Santa Paws box from Spitty but I continue to give her the sad eye treatment and she’s looking weaker.  There’s hope.

All Dressed up for Christmas!

I love ALL of you !!

My Dad went flying this morning and Mom did the grocery shopping.  She bought the stuff for our Christmas dinner next week.  I saw what she got and it looks like I’ll be getting some TURKEY for Christmas!  Yay….not I’m not a BIG fan of the stuff – but I do like a little nibble or two.  Just a bit.   So forgive me Tabbies o Trout Towne for admitting that I DO like a bit of “burd” but I do.   We’re not having any company for Christmas this year so it will just be me, Mom and Dad for Christmas day and dinner.

Warrenton viewed from a cockpit

My town of Warrenton from my Dad’s plane!

Well, one thing NEVER changes no matter what time of the year or what holiday it is and that’s that Friday is MONSTER DAY……so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try and decide to keep an eye on the THING or go and hide……I’m never quite sure which of those to do.  I mean it pays to keep an eye on your enemy but when it’s a super noisy enemy sometimes it’s better to hide.  Know what I mean?


Sammy the Excited Boy…… 🙂

Pssst……don’t forget to put this on your calendar!