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Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday is here yet again – it just keeps on showing up after Saturday so we keep doing a Selfie with Kitties Blue on the day after – SUNDAY!   Want to join in the Selfie fun?   Link up by clicking on The Cat On My Head’s badge above.   Then you can see everybody AND be part of the fun with your OWN Selfie too.

The very first thing I am doing before I show my SELFIE is to let you all know that Kitties Blue’s youngest guy, Sawyer, has had a rough time these past several days – two seizures and a trip to the vet.   We worry about him all the time and I know you do too – I did this badge for him a while back after a bad seizure – maybe if we post it again it will bring the little guy some GOOD LUCK.   He does need it and his parents need some more energy to deal with helping him.    Please keep all of them in your prayers.

I thought I’d do a FLASHBACK Selfie of ME this week.   Mom did take a “new” photo of me that we COULD use, but FLASHBACKS are fun.    I like seeing ME in the past – we all know what I look like in the present after all right?!

This is the “artsy” Selfie that Mom we posted on July 9, 2017 – I’d been here for five months and was feeling pretty feisty about then.    I was realizing that I wasn’t going ANYWHERE – I was HOME SWEET HOME!   


Here’s the “wee-me” photo that you can click to do the PUZZLE!!!

Happy Sunday and please don’t forget to send some POTP to Sawyer…..and his family.

Love, Teddy

P.S.  A reminder for Teaser Fans…..Monday there won’t be a PRE-TEASER class – just remember to show up Tuesday morning ready to study a photo and guess where it was taken!   Mom and I are going to go back to posting a “SPARK” on Mondays.   


Teaser Tell All


Ding Dong……School is in Session!


You all are getting to be almost impossible to fool – I can do it but RARELY – this week I sure didn’t fool many of you because several of you got it RIGHT!    Wanna hear the whole scoop?   OK.

First off, we had a FOUR-WAY tie for “First Commenter”  …………….. FOUR WAY?   YES!!!!   Within the first minute four very ALERT peeps were here to chime in with a hello and they are:


FOR ALL OF YOU – you each get one this week!


Now I’d like to thank my GUEST TEASER this week – the lovely Madi and her fabulous Mom Miss Cecilia!  Here’s the photo they sent me:


Seems SEVERAL of you recognized this totally cool spot – Ketchikan, Alaska!   And the WINNER of the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER says this is a rather well known area of the town because it’s where the “ladies of the night” ply their trade (not that I’d know anything about that of course!).



BUTTTTT (there’s almost always a BUTTTT) we had SEVERAL who recognized this place as Ketchikan and all of you who did, get this!


AND for the rest of you dear friends who did NOT guess correctly, there’s always the GREENIE!


Suzie asked me to put up her badge for those of you who want to actually declare in public (if there is anyone who would MAKE it public) that they are her fans – she claims to have a HUGE following (although she does have moments of clarity for the most part she’s just a TINY bit delusional!).

I'm a SuzieQ Fan - Are You?

I’m a SuzieQ Fan – Are You?


As for me, I visited my vet yesterday and got another dose of “the works”……….fluids, B12, cerenia, epogen – I was NOT well for a couple of days and have lost even MORE weight (from where I  don’t know as I’m skin and bones!)………from 7.4 lbs. down to 6.11.    I’d make a good scarecrow that’s for sure.   But point is I’m feeling better.   I have a good shot at making Christmas.  Keep those happy thoughts coming gang!

Tomorrow is Thankful Thursday

I have lots to be thankful for…..


It’s also my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with the LETTER “Y” !


Hugs, from The Prof

Thanks for being my friends and such GREAT geography students too!

Thanks for being my friends and such GREAT geography students too!


Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

My patient is being a true King of Baconia today.  No that does not mean a “royal pain in the tushie”…….




Hi Everyone!   First things first…………..thanks so much for all your purrs, prayers and POTP for Raz and his Dad and their whole family these past several days.   Believe me – they “felt the love” and thanks for joining in on the love-fest because it really does help more than you know!   We’ve all needed our friends before when we’ve gone through tough stuff and you all came through for Raz and his family.   His Dad had his bypass surgery yesterday afternoon and is resting comfortably in his room while they keep a close eye on him.   With some luck he’ll be home early next week and things will begin to be “right” in Raz’s house again – they have all missed their Dad like crazy!

If you want to send best wishes for a speedy recovery, just click this !!


Now, you DO remember that Valentine’s Day is coming up right?  It’s not far away…………..well, there are a bunch of parties going on for that day including a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance at the Tabby Cat Club.   But Cat Scouts is having a big “DO” too AND so is Blogville!   The new Mayors of Blogville, Murphy and Stanley are hosting a BIGGIE and all you have to do to pawticipate is send in photos of you and your “date” ASAP (deadline Feb. 6)!    Click below and be transported to the Mayors’ blog – on their sidebar you’ll see this same “badge” and if you click there you’ll go to where all the details are!   Be there or be square…………..hahaha (remember that old saying?!).    I’ll see you there!!


Speaking of Cat Scouts – we’re of course having a big fat Super Bowl party on Sunday……………my Mom used to be one of those “insane” football fans – well in her dotage she’s not as insane as she used to be (well…..let me reconsider that statement).   She doesn’t scream and yell when she’s watching the Super Bowl…….she just smiles or cries QUIETLY.   I know in my house we’re rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.   I happen to be a fan of football AND baseball.   Ever since I was a wee guy I’ve loved to watch that on TV – Mom says it must be the little ball flying around and the tiny people running every which way for football and she’s not QUITE figured out what’s fascinating about baseball because there’s not as much “action” on the screen but I still watch.   I’m a real sports dude.   Are you going to be watching the Super Bowl?????


Hope you have a happy Purrsday……….and thanks again for all the purrrrrrs for Raz’s Dad………………I know he felt them!

Hugs, Sammy

Australia Day!


That’s right!  It’s not just another Monday – today is Australia Day and the Tabby Cat Club is celebrating – are you?   We have friends/followers “Down Under” and we’ve always thought it was way cool that when we’re having our WINTER, they’re sliding into their SUMMER and vice versa.   Topsy-turvy!


I did a few photographs in honor of the occasion which I’ve posted on Tabby Cat Club today but thought I’d show them here in case you don’t have time to visit the TCC!   These were FUN to do….tee hee.



And last but not least…….they have some brilliant spots to snorkel…..


Another thing that’s happening today is my friend and fellow Cat Scout Raz from Friends Furever Blog  will be waiting at home to hear from his Mom that his Dad has come out of surgery and is fine and dandy.   Raz’s Dad is having a catheterization procedure today as he had to go into the hospital Friday due to chest pains…….He’s resting comfortably but of course everyone is worried and we’ve got all the POTP we can muster going to Raz’s Dad so feel free to join in!   We all know how the Power of The Paw works so let’s put it to work for Raz and his family.

A friendly reminder that tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER and it will NOT be a Guest Teaser……………not sure if that’s good or bad (haha) but it is what it is – tomorrow’s toughie will be courtesy of my Mom!   Batten the hatches, get out your magnifying glasses and atlas reference materials and be ready to examine a photo and tell me where it was snapped!    If you’re first you get that FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award – if you’re right but not first you get the RIGHT GUESSER award, and those of you who are BIG FANS of never getting it right will get yet another BIG GREENIE!    Some of you are collecting your GREENIES….maybe some day they’ll be worth something!   Tee Hee

So until tomorrow – try to be good………….try to stay warm (or if you’re “Down Under” try to stay COOL) and I’ll be anxious to see your guesses on the Teaser!  Remember it will pop up at a random time……….you never know when!

Hugs, Sammy