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SPARKS on Monday

July 8, 2019

We are BACK again to posting SPARKS on Monday – I was so busy with Teddy’s blog activities that I just gave up “sparking” for a while.    I changed Teddy’s usual Monday “Teaser” related post back to SPARKS and I’m glad I did.     You all know that Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – who started SPARKS – was hacked and has been on an extended break from blogging although her idea to spread some inspiration on Monday of every week goes on.   Many of us who participated in her SPARKS Blog Hop and found value in sharing a thought on Monday continue doing that to hopefully give each other a “Monday boost” – perhaps something to think about to inspire us in the week ahead OR help us deal with something that’s on our mind.

I know a lot of people who seem to be on the edge of just saying “I give up”……’s just taking too much energy to keep on hoping………..well, I really do believe that we should NEVER stop hoping.

It’s the start of a new week…………..make it one full of hope…….for you, for someone else, for life in general, for our future……………..just never STOP hoping!

Love, Pam

Teddy wants me to remind everyone that tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY and the post will pop up at a SURPRISE time so be on the alert if you are a student – you know Sarge, Marge, and the Professors get UPSET if you aren’t in class!    Also – remember to COMMENT first because you might win a badge as FIRST COMMENTER!!  

SPARK on Monday

August 20, 2018

Monday again?  Yep – seems impossible that a week has gone by but it has.   In MY case, two weeks has gone by as I didn’t post a SPARK last Monday.    I think you all know by now that the creator of SPARKS, Annie of McGuffy’s Reader, is no longer blogging – we hope she will return one day when she’s ready.   Meanwhile we’re carrying on sharing inspiration every Monday – something that inspires us and hopefully inspires YOU.

I love looking for the “perfect” quote to share on Mondays……………..I’ll show you my SPARK for today then explain it just a bit!


This is one of those “easy to say but not so easy to do” kinds of thoughts maybe but if you really TRULY think about it, isn’t this the “embodiment” of being positive?   Being grateful for our blessings allows us to be positive and keep open to MORE positivity in our lives.    I have so much to be grateful for.    I’ve had a rather spotty health history as many of us have.   Cancer is no stranger to me.    Dating back to the mid 80s…… various forms but most recently those days of sun worshipping BEFORE sunscreen are taking a toll.    From melanoma AND recurrent melanoma,  to basal cell and squamous cell…….and I really am staying on top of things with regular checks.   Still I’m about to have my second surgery in the short space of two weeks and I find my “well of positivity” sometimes  to be a little low.    When I feel that sneaking up on me I remember how GRATEFUL I am to be here.    To have been SUCCESSFUL in beating this so far through so many years and to have friends and family who have listened to my occasional whining, AND I’ve also been honored to hopefully have supported some dear friends of mine who are fighting their OWN battle with cancer now.    It’s a MEAN disease but it can’t take away our ability to stay positive.   AND grateful!

Hope you have a GRATEFUL Monday.    The blessings we all have are out there – recognize them when you see them, enjoy the feeling of having them………and hold them close to your heart.

Love, Pam

P.S.   While my health journey has been for the most part about cancer, YOURS may be something else and I don’t mean to diminish your situation by only talking about cancer.   There are so many things that can go wrong with our super complicated bodies – some we inherit and some we earn all on our own!   But whatever YOUR battle may be, may you face it with faith, hope and SUCCESS…………..

SPARKS on Monday

May 7, 2018

Monday!  Again!  Yep – it shows up regularly and we use it a lot as a “springboard” for launching the rest of our week.   So Monday is kind of important…….a fresh start maybe.    SPARKS Blog Hop is the idea of my friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader.   Her idea is to share an inspirational thought, photo, quote – something that might bring more LIGHT into this sometimes dark world of ours – so the Hop is our way of adding our feelings and sharing them.   Want to join us?  Please do – click her badge above and add your link.   We’ll stop by and see what SPARK you have for this Monday!

My SPARK this week is EVER so simple……………’s about LOVE.    Love is NOT complicated – or at least it doesn’t HAVE to be.   We can make it complicated or let it just be what it is – pure and simple and so very CLEAR if we just let it be what it is.    So without a lot of other flowery words, here is my message and my SPARK:


Delicate yes but also STRONG and CLEAR……………..

Happy Monday!

Hugs, Pam


SPARKS on Monday

April 16, 2018

Monday is here – again – isn’t that great?   A new week………a Monday for us to use as a springboard to the rest of our week.   A chance to maybe read something that pumps up the volume and gives us something to focus on the rest of the week and who knows – maybe always and forever?    SPARKS is the idea of our host Annie from McGuffy’s Reader – she felt there just wasn’t quite enough light to go around in this world and that if we shared some ideas/thoughts/inspirational quotes maybe it would hit someone’s heart and mind “just right” that it would light up some dark corners for them and everyone else!     Want to join in?  Please do – just click on the graphic above and go to Annie’s blog – fill out the LINKY form and join us.    Inspire………….!

My SPARK today says it all.    I won’t even add to it as I usually do with my own thoughts because Hemingway said it best…………it needs no further explanation.

Make today the start of a GOOD week……….. 

Love, Pam

SPARKS on Monday

April 2, 2018

Happy Monday!    Time to spread a little positivity, inspiration, light and a SPARK to start our week.    This is a super blog hop started by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader……Annie’s idea was that beginning each day (or week) with a spark might just spread that power around and bring light into the dark corners we all have lurking around us.  Our world can be a difficult place to maneuver through but together – and with some “light” – we can do it!    Thanks Annie for allowing all of us to contribute a thought that may strike a chord with someone else.    Want to join in?   Please do – just click on Annie’s badge above and add your link so we can visit you.

My Spark today is all about kindness.   Kindness is probably something many of us really don’t think that much about – either we experience it (giving or receiving) or not.    But have you ever thought about the POWER kindness has?  Not just to those who GIVE it but also those who RECEIVE it?

I always get a lot of joy out of seeing people’s reaction when I do what – for me – is natural.   Being appreciative of someone else’s kindness to me or for someone else……or even recognizing something that is really a “day to day” thing.   An example is thanking the person who rings up your grocery tab and bags your groceries for you.    They are doing what they’re paid to do but do you thank them for it?   I always do but this Sunday when I was at the grocery I observed someone ahead of me being rude to the checker – grabbed something out of the checker’s hand as she was scanning it to price it and saying “you’re so slow and I’m in a hurry”.    The checker was taken aback but apologized to this rude person anyway.    When it was my turn I didn’t make reference to what I observed but I did my usual thing of THANKING them when I was ready to push my cart out to go to the car.   She got a HUGE smile on her face and said “thank you for thanking me – you made my day” – it made me feel like my kindness MIGHT have made up for the rudeness of the lady in front of me.     It’s a simple thing to be kind – it comes from your heart and is received INSTANTLY by someone else.

Once, not long ago, I was at that same grocery and there was a VERY pregnant checker who really just looked tired and uncomfortable as she processed someone’s groceries……..I had picked up a bouquet of flowers to take home and they were in my cart…..when it was MY turn to be checked out, and after she’d scanned the bouquet I pulled a bright yellow mum from the bouquet and handed it to the checker.   I told her to have a nice day and the smile she gave me lit up the entire grocery store!

LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT……………..Be kinder than necessary – you will absolutely LOVE the result.

Love, Pam

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