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A Breath of Fall

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Ahhh...fresh air...freshly mowed grass...flowers...and no bears, stray cats, or marauding squirrels to BUG me!

Doing my best impression of a cat statue….not bad huh?  Actually it was a picture perfect fall day out here in the countryside and Mom was wandering around taking pictures – I thought I’d cooperate and let her take one of me almost PERFECTLY centered on the welcome mat.  You know me – I couldn’t resist being just slightly off-center….. 🙂

The weather gurus say we will have a return to more normal for this time of year temperatures later this week along with some arriving rain.  We’ll be in the 60s instead of the 80s.  I can dig it.

I see Mom and Dad haven’t polished the brass kickplate on the front door in a while.  Hmm…I need to remind them to do that.   I would look SOOOOOOOOOOO much more handsome with a shiny brass background, don’t you think???

Mom finished working on her cover for the new kids book yesterday.  It looks pretty swell.  If she can get a picture of it that I can share on my blog I will do that.  I know you’re DYING to see the final result after I teased you with that photo the other day.  HAHA  I know – I’m just a big tease huh?!

Happy Monday – and Happy Columbus Day from an explorer in his own right…………Sammy