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Me And Mom

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Betcha can't walk by me here on your bed without giving me a belly rub Mom!!

I have more news!  Yesterday I added that page on my blog for Mom….if you visit the blog home page you’ll see the link on top called “Mom’s Stuff”.  I was thinking about putting a bunch of her artwork on there BUT settled on one oil painting and one photo with a link to her website so you can if you wanna see ALLLLLLLLLL of her stuff.  Am I proud of my Mom?  Yeah….of course I am!

My Mom and I have a really close relationship.  Not that I don’t love my Dad ‘cuz I do – but I follow my Mom around everywhere she goes and talk to her all the time – she “gets” me more than Dad does; maybe because I’m the first cat he’s ever been around.  Mom’s an old hand at understanding feline stuff.  I have to admit that Dad’s come a long way since I came to live with them almost twelve years ago though – – – I didn’t think I’d be able to train him but after a lot of work I have to say he’s come along rather nicely!

Still, there’s nothing quite like my Mom’s lap for a nap…..and she’s the one who mostly keeps my litterbox nice and neat (I have a “thing” about that you know!).  She and I used to have our special time in the early morning while it was still dark.  She took me out on my leash and we’d walk all around the yard together ….. sometimes I would come over to her and put my paws up on her leg and ask her to pick me up and carry me – just so I could snuggle with her.  We’d watch the big airplanes flying overhead with all the flashing lights – and Mom would watch for shooting stars!  We don’t do those “in the dark” walks anymore though……now that we have our “visiting cat” Stevie, she stops by in the early mornings for her daily handout and I don’t like to be out there with her around – I’m working on being better about sharing my Mom but I’m still not very good at it!!!!! 

Anyway, I’m a very lucky guy to have great parents……but I am really attached to good old Mom. 

Happy Friday Peeps!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Mama’s Boy

Sam and the Flag Banner

Sam And The July Fourth Banner

That danged banner flapping in the breeze!!

I asked Mom to take this picture yesterday so you could see the flag banner I was complaining about.  Yep – when a breeze comes along it makes quite a racket!  Even more irritating than the howling beagles next door.  HAHAHA  Actually, if I have to be totally honest, I’m now used to the banner.  I’m as patriotic as the next cat really…..I would even let Mom put a red/white and blue scarf on my neck if we had one!  I tolerate the Halloween and Christmas scarves so why not one for the 4th???

Speaking of the 4th – there was one fireworks party in our neighborhood last night – but it didn’t last long.  Thank heavens!  Just a lot of noise – not even those pretty fireworks that pop in the air with nice colors – just the noisy kind.  It’s not even the 4th yet so I bet there will be MORE as we get closer. 

I’ll try not to be such a big ‘fraidy cat like I usually am when the fireworks go off.  After all, I’m a big boy now – I’m eleven years old – so I should be more tolerant of humans and their need to celebrate stuff – right? 

Happy Saturday!!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and trying to be tolerant) Cat

I’m Ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

Peekaboo....come and get me Mom!

Boys just wanna have fun.....!

Hi Everyone!  I’m BACK today after having my awesome guest blogger yesterday.  A fish – who’d have thought I would host a fish here when I usually EAT fish???  Well, it just goes to show how civilized I am.  So says my Mom anyway.

Mom’s off to the grocery store again this morning.  As usual, I made sure all the REAL necessities were on her list – litter, cat food, etc.  I didn’t add “new toy for Sam” to the list because – well – you’ve seen my toy box (wagon) and it’s full to the brim already.  I’m always rediscovering some old toy to play with so I don’t need new stuff.  For instance, the other day, I knew Mom was in her studio so I came up the stairs halfway and called her – then when she came out of the studio door and saw me I squished myself down so all she could see was my ears and eyes…..and I called “MaMa” – she rolled a ping pong ball down the stairs for me and as it bounced toward me I caught it!  She thought that was a big deal – came down to get the ball and back to the top of the stairs to do it all over again.  New game! 

Humans are SO easily entertained…….(wink)

Happy Wednesday Everyone – make it a happy day for your pets – after all, we try really hard to make every day a happy day for you!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Sam the Household Manager


It’s not easy being me….I have a LOT of responsibilities in this house believe me.  Keeping everything operating the way I want it to operate is pretty much a full-time job. 

I have to keep one eye on the clock at all times.  At precisely 5AM I wake up Mom every day and supervise the selection of my breakfast preparation…..the minute I’ve checked out what’s in the dish, I tell her it’s time to take me out on my leash for our first cruise through the yard – I know that breakfast dish will be waiting for me when we get back inside!  I have specific spots in the yard I have to check – the two cats next door need to be reminded constantly whose yard THIS is so I “mark” the trees along the property line every morning.  The rest of the day I circulate around the house to my various perches and make sure things are as they should be outside in my yard.  If I spy something that doesn’t belong there (like those darn cats) I run to get Mom and tell her in no uncertain terms that something is amiss.  Later in the day I sit at the front door and watch for the mailman.  As soon as he puts mail in our box I run and tell Dad since he likes to get the mail. 

I also tell Mom every single time I use my litter box.  Yep….I’m all for flushing as soon as I’ve used it.  Cleanliness is next to Catliness you know!  I make sure she takes care of “it” immediately or I’ll pester her to death.  Hey – I’d clean it myself if I could! 

Anyway, you can see that living here is a very busy life.  Still I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Mom and Dad love me and I love them and we look out for each other.  That’s why I don’t mind one bit being House Guardian and Household Manager. 

It’s a tough job…….but SOMEONE has to do it!

Happy Sunday from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat