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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


We are THANKFUL today!

We are joining Brian’s Blog Hop today to talk about what we’re thankful for.    Would you like to join in too?    Click his badge above and join up!    It’s EASY to share your “thankfuls” !

Today Mom and I are being very THANKFUL that my Dad’s outpatient surgery yesterday went well.   He’s never had surgery before so it was a bit nerve-wracking for him even with my Mom who is the Queen of Surgery (well….not quite) thought she had him prepared.   Nothing TEACHES like experience I guess.   We think maybe he thought he’d be up and running around the block after the surgery and instead he’s supposed to not do much of anything but WALK for a couple of weeks at least.   Anyway, point is, we are very thankful that he’s fine and that his surgery was successful.    Thank you everyone who sent us positive thoughts and prayers.    THEY WORKED!

I’m also thankful that Angel Sammy got his photo poem to me for this week………..I think it’s great that even though he’s super busy with his duties at the Bridge he STILL finds time to send a poem to me every week so I can share it with you.    We’re having fun with the “photo poems” are you?


It’s Poetic Thursday Time!

Hello my friends – greetings from the Rainbow Bridge.    Teddy is right – I’m kept very busy up here mostly with my duties as part of the WELCOMING COMMITTEE for all new Angels on their arrival here.   It’s a bittersweet duty – I love seeing my friends again and MAKING new friends but I’m sad they are no longer with their humans and fur families in BODY.    They always will be with them in spirit though.

The photo I gave you last week to use as your inspiration for THIS week’s poem was an interesting one.   Several of you wrote to Teddy to say it had an air of mystery about it!    Well I wanted it to be different and challenging so maybe it was?    The whole idea is I give you a photo every Thursday and you have a whole week to write a poem that has been INSPIRED by the photo.   Easy right?   Well, it really is easy to write a poem – just write what you feel, what you see, what you wonder about when you see the photo.   Doesn’t have to rhyme – just has to be about the photo in ANY poetic format.     Here’s the photo I gave you last Thursday and below it my poem to share with you.

“Taking A Chance”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell, February 1, 2018

It’s ever so easy to stay in place

Not moving forward or backward – not joining the race

It’s safe and secure when no chances are taken

No difficult times to face and no hearts for breaking

But outside the box that we build around our lives

Adventure and excitement are alive and they thrive!

We may never find “better” or “different” or “new”

If we’re frozen in place and afraid to pursue

Exploring possibilities is a gift to give ourselves

Finding out our strengths as into our hearts we delve

Around every corner and up every stair

We won’t ever know what delights might be there!

Life is too short to stay hidden behind the door

There are wonders to see and delights to explore.


The photo above is so totally cool I have some info for you about WHERE and WHAT it is……………..it’s in an ancient almshouse in Stamford, England…………..and if you CLICK HERE you can find out more!  

I saw that staircase going up up up and thought it was much like the staircase of life – we do it in stages (steps) – and don’t always make it to the top but if we stay on one stair we may miss out on the very best thing EVER at the top of life’s staircase!   

I have another fun photo for you for next week’s photo poetry challenge.    Let’s see what you do with this one!    Remember, put your blog link in our comments so we know to visit you and see what your poem for today is – OR write your poem HERE in our comments – either way, we’ll see what you created this week.

Let’s see what you do with THIS ONE!!     Until then, please have a SUPER week………….I will look forward to reading your poems next Thursday!

Hugs from the Angel Poet Sammy

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!


Thank you Angel Sammy – I think that’s a super photo for next week…………..makes me want to say “ARRRRRRRGH!” like a pirate!    Everybody have a good week thinking about that photo and coming up with a poem for next week.    I’ll see you tomorrow here on the blog – same time, same place!

Love, Teddy