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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


And another Thursday rolls around so it’s time to be VERY Thankful in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.     We also get to play around with poetry with Angel Sammy.   So it’s a GOOD DAY!    First our thankfuls again include the fact Mom is toodling around without any help after her hip surgery and it’s only been 3-1/2 weeks.   Also she is on the list for the Covid shot – they say it could be as much as six weeks before she even gets a “slot” on the list but at least she’s registered as INTERESTED.    Hopefully it won’t be a long wait but our area seems to be behind the ball on organization.    Anyway, I’m just thankful myself that Mom and Dad are home with me and letting me go outside when the weather isn’t TOO cold to get a little exercise (with their snoopervision of course).

If you’d like to join in Brian’s Hop, just click his badge up above – look for the spot to link up and DO IT!

Now for some poetic fun with Angel Sammy……….



Here we are again – meeting on a Thursday to talk poetry – or at least SHARE poetry.    Every week those of you who want to play along get a photo from me – something you will use as your inspiration for your poem.   Then the following Thursday we will SHARE the poems we wrote AND I will give you a new photo for the next Thursday.   I hope you have as much fun with this as I do. 

Here’s the photo I gave you LAST Thursday to use for today’s get-together…………………and after the photo you’ll find my humble poem for the photo.

“The Long Ride”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 10, 2021


Some people will do anything to be number one

Even if it’s ridiculous it can still be a lot of fun

“World’s longest limo” is a world record some aspire to beat

But I can assure you I wouldn’t want to be in the driver’s seat!

At this size I’m thinking the only rides that could be given

May be an airport runway, or over a long straight bridge you could be driven

One expensive ride it would be of that I’m pretty darn sure

Paying the fuel bill alone for that monster would be a QUICK cure!!


Amazing what some will do in order to get in the Guinness Book of World Records…………and imagine the expense?  Maybe whoever put this together had a sponsor – Imagine trying to transport that thing to shows?????    Perhaps it comes apart in sections???    Perhaps a fleet of synchronized helicopters lifts it and puts it wherever it needs to be?   Actually I couldn’t resist finding out the story of this particular limo as shown in the photo above – if you’d like to know the story of this limo (which is interesting!) just CLICK HERE.

Now – did you write a poem for the limo photo?  If so let us all know – we’d love to read it!    Put your link in comments………………..AND here’s your photo for NEXT week’s poetic fun:

EEEEK!     Well this ought to get your creative juices flowing………….or maybe RUNNING in the opposite direction?    Thought it was a cool mood photo and we could all have fun with this one!   We’ll find out next week when we get back together again.   Meanwhile – give it a try – poetry can be a whole lot of fun.


I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

LOVE and LIGHT, Angel Sammy


Wow Angel Sammy – that photo from next week makes me nervous.   Although I have to admit, I think it might be fun to go rummaging around in those woods looking for critters!  Maybe that’s just the cat in me speaking.  I know my Mom wouldn’t go in those woods alone if you paid her.   Tee Hee      Thanks for another fun Thursday.   See you  next week!

Love, Teddy


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello Thursday and Hello Thankful Hop fans……………it’s the day of the week when we share our “thankful fors” with each other.    I’m super thankful that Brian hosts this Hop for all of us aren’t you?    I’m also thankful that Mom and Dad are starting to have nice cozy fires in the fireplace now that the weather has settled into cold most days.   I haven’t really appreciated the fireplace that much in my past two winters but this year – I enjoy staring into it and feeling the WARM on my face.

I’m also always thankful that Angel Sammy’s Poetic Thursday poem got here in time for today.    He transmits it from the Rainbow Bridge every Thursday and I share it with all of you.   Hopefully YOU share YOUR poem with all of us!


Hello Poetic Friends!

Greetings from the Rainbow Bridge………..I know I speak for all of us here when I say “WE MISS YOU” !!      Anyway, it’s Thursday and that’s the day we share poetry with each other.  Did you write one to go with the photo I gave you last week?   Good!  Let us know you wrote a poem in our comments so we can visit you and read it OK?    I have a lot of fun finding what I think are fun photos for you to use as inspiration for your poetry.    Shall we start?

Here’s the photo I gave you LAST Thursday…………..and the poem that I wrote to go with it…………………

“Be Bop and Hop”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©November 19, 2019

Humans express themselves in so many ways

They write books, and songs, and even write plays!

But they also come up with some amazing dances

Which can lead to bruises, sore muscles and sometimes – romances!

In eras past some dances were so “athletic”

My Mom says her attempts at those were quite pathetic!

She liked the slow dances – being close – holding on tight

Not performing gymnastic maneuvers that were quite a sight!

Jive, jitterbug, moon walk, polka, hip hop or twist

I could go on forever with a mighty long list

But one style remains and romance still survives

The “close to each other” slow dance beats out that jive!


Mom says all the dance crazes through the years she grew up in were fun but she remembers the slow dances most of all when the guys she would dance with could whisper in her ear, or pull her closer and she felt a lot more special than when she was dancing three feet away from someone hoping they wouldn’t trip her accidentally with a flailing arm or leg!   HAHAHA     What a picture that is.   I’m glad I am a cat and not expected to do any of that kind of stuff – I just sleep, eat and play peacefully!

So how about you?  Did you write a poem?   Good!   If you didn’t – give it a try next week why don’t you……………..here’s next week’s photo:

Interesting?  Yeah I thought so too……………..let’s have some fun with this one shall we?    We’ll meet here again – same time and day only NEXT week OK?    

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Hugs from the Rainbow Bridge……………..Angel Sammy


Thank you for visiting us Angel Sammy………………….I like your poem………..I’m glad I don’t have to see Mom and Dad dancing like that around the living room but I admit once or twice they have “slow danced” in there……………I think it’s SWEET!

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Hello!   Thursday is here and so are we.    First up on Thursdays is Brian’s THANKFUL BLOG HOP and we’re always part of that – hope you are too!   If not, you can Hop with us by clicking the badge above and linking up.    Good chance to tell the world what you’re thankful for.    For me this week I must say that I am SO thankful that Spring is here.   It really is this time……..we have tiny leaves on trees, green grass in our yard that Mom mowed today, blooms about to happen on dogwoods – it’s just so pretty outside.   I’m thankful in particular because on a nice day, Mom and Dad (or one of them at least) will take me out for a LONG time – I love to lie in the leaves and just watch the birds, squirrels and airplanes.    I’m so lucky to have a yard to enjoy and a Mom and Dad who allow me to do that (with snoopervision of course).

I’m also always thankful that Angel Sammy has had time to send me his poem of the week.    I hope you have written one to share this week based on the photo he gave everyone last week?  If you do, let us know in comments so we can read your poem and visit your blog!!


Happy Poetry Day!

Another week has gone by and it’s time for us all to share our poems with each other!    Did you write one?   Good – let us know in comments so we can visit.    Every week I give you a photograph of something I hope will inspire you to write a poem.   Why not make this your FIRST WEEK to write one if you haven’t before?    After I share last week’s photo and my poem, I’ll be giving you a BRAND NEW PHOTO to use as inspiration for a poem…………………take a peek – maybe you will think of something and write your FIRST poem?????   

Here’s the photo we all wrote a poem about for today followed by my poem:

“What About Me?”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     April 10, 2019©

Little girl – little girl – I’m here too!

That big old pony is ignoring you….

I would love for you to give me a pet

I’m hoping with my “trick” your attention I’ll get!

I’d give you a ride if you wanted one

I might be little but I sure like fun….

I’ll be your friend if you give me a whirl

What about me you cute little girl!


I love this photo.    It’s so cute.    I hope the little girl turned around to see what was pulling her little dress and discovered the cute little pony who wanted her attention!     I hope you saw something in this photo too that caused you to pen a poem.   

Here’s your inspirational photo for NEXT week……………….I hope to see you then so we can share a little poetry with each other.    I look forward to my little visits with all of my old friends and new friends too every week.    Life at the Rainbow Bridge is great but I will ALWAYS ALWAYS miss you!

So this ought to be a fun one for a poem……………………give it a try.    I’ll see you next week same time to share………OK?   

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy……………………………I’m always excited to read your poems every week and next week’s photo is one of my favorite critters to watch outside!     I’ll be anxious to read everyone’s poems about that cute guy.

Hugs, Teddy





Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!    How about joining in on this fun HOP that let us focus on things we’re thankful for every week?   Just click Brian’s badge above and link up.   Share.   We all have things we’re thankful for right?

I’m thankful that we have NOT had anymore snow.   In fact, all that mud which Mom insists comes OFF my feet before I’m allowed back in the house after a walk is GONE.   No more foot washing!  YAY!

I’m also thankful that I got Angel Sammy’s poem and message for this week – direct thru his wi-fi connection at the Rainbow Bridge…..!    Here’s what he wrote:


Greetings Poetry Fans!

I hope all of you had a good week since we last “met” here in the blogosphere.    Things are busy here at the Rainbow Bridge but then you all know about that as you’ve had to say goodbye to a LOT of your friends in the last few weeks.   This time of year we have more new Angels than we usually do during other Earth Seasons.    We welcome everyone with open arms and an Angel Hug and help them adjust – we know it’s an adjustment for YOU, but it’s also an adjustment for US.

Last week’s photo inspiration was the photo below, and I’ve followed the photo with the poem I wrote based on my thoughts about the photo.  If you have written a poem with this photo as your inspiration, please let us know in comments OR write your poem in comments so we can read it!

“Serious Bingo!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      February 27, 2019


Bingo player extraordinaire

In her eyes the determined stare

At her table her “equipment” is ready

Nerves are calm, her hands are steady

She takes this seriously – It’s important stuff

Concentration is present as she takes a puff

She’s a seasoned expert and knows the deal

She’s known in the Bingo Hall as Lucky Lucille!

She’s a ten card wonder and fast as lightning

She can mark cards and sip coffee so fast it’s almost frightening!

This is her BIG weekly outing so don’t get in her way

Lucky Lucille is in her regular spot and ready to play!


This photo reminded my Mom of going to bingo with her Mom once in a while.   A room full of serious Bingo players.   Concentrating and piles of cards in front of them – lightning fast marking each letter/number combo called out………WAITING until someone finally yelled out BINGO and you could hear a collective sigh of disappointment.     I love this photo.   I bet this lady is a real “character” !!

How about next week – ready to see the photo I have for you for next week’s poetry inspiration?

Oh  boy!   Magic huh?   Let’s see what we can all do with this one………………..in the meantime, please remember – poetry is EASY if you let it be.   Doesn’t have to rhyme – just tell me what you FEEL when you look at the photo…..it’s all about interpretation!  

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Sammy………….that was a fun photo this week AND I think the magical fairy one will be fun NEXT week!     I’ll see you in my dreams…………………………….

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


AHHHHH yes!   Time for Thankful Thursday Blog Hopping with our buddy Brian.    Celebrate the things you’re thankful for on the Hop – wanna join us?   Click his badge above and do it!

I’m thankful that our snow is melting.   I am NOT a happy boy about the snow – I really do NOT like to walk in it no matter if it’s a half inch or even a “dusting”.    Cold feet?  No thanks!    So I’m glad it’s not FEET of snow and that these INCHES of show we did get are slowly melting.    We thought we’d have more snow starting tomorrow but now it looks like mostly some rain so that might just melt more of this snow.   Here are some pix Mom took before we had a full 9-10 inches!

She snapped them before it got very light out the morning of our snow.    It continued snowing all that day and into the evening………….

Anyway, I’m thankful we didn’t get more of that white stuff…………I’m also THANKFUL that because the weather at the Rainbow Bridge is perfect EVERY DAY, Angel Sammy’s email got to me so I have his poem for today I can share with all of you!


Hi Poetry Peeps!

Here I am to share the poem I wrote for this week’s photo challenge poem.    The poem I had in my head all week kind of changed as I was putting pen to paper but basically the idea is the same.    I thought it was a fun photo to write a poem for – did you?    I hope you wrote one!     If you haven’t been doing that every week with us – I hope you change your mind and join in the fun.

I will give you a photo every Thursday and you have a whole week to think about the picture and see what it “says” to you – what feeling does it give you or what do you think of when you look at it?!    Below is my poem for this week AND a new photo for NEXT Thursday.    If you did write a poem, let us know you did in your comments and give us your link so we can read it.    YAY!


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     January 16, 2019

Bottles, potions, dyes,

Curlers, scissors, razors

Dryers, foil, perms,

Bobby pins and lasers

All to be beautiful….but in case you are a doubter

Real beauty is INNER and certainly not OUTER……


Maybe my shortest poem ever?    Well, could be, but funny how it came to me almost the instant I found the photo.   All the trouble people go to getting to the point they feel “put together” and beautiful……….and the most important beauty of all is what you carry in your heart and soul.   Not found in any beauty parlor.  

Now, would you like to see what I found for all of us to work with this coming week?  

Cute?   Well I think so……………….but there’s a lot to see in this photo so have some fun “SEEING” whatever you can and writing about it and we’ll share next week OK???   My Mom wants to give this little critter a hug.   

Have a super week everyone – I hope to see you back here next Thursday WITH a poem……………………….

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love always, Angel Sammy



Oh that was a goodie Angel Sammy and I just love that little imaginary creature you found for us to think about this week.    I love his little stuffed wabbit……..he’s just a baby “something” but what?   Part this and that………well, I’m sure your poem will explain!!

Everybody have a great Thursday………………………………

Hugs, Teddy