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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Time to be THANKFUL and Poetic too!

Happy Thursday everyone.    Time for us to gather together and celebrate the things we’re THANKFUL for – this is a Hop hosted by Brian and you can join us if you like – just click on their badge above and hook up!

What am I thankful for?   Well this week it’s something that hasn’t even happened yet – I’m thankful for my Mom and Dad celebrating their 28th anniversary on Saturday (otherwise I wouldn’t have my home with them!) AND I’m also thankful that this weekend our temperatures are going to drop TWENTY DEGREES from the unbelievably hot weather we’ve had.   I can’t wait for a little touch of Fall.    It will be in the low 70s but that’s well over 20 degrees cooler than it’s been for weeks and weeks.    So those are my TWO Thankfuls – oh – and I’m also thankful for you Brian and that you give us a chance to be thankful on your Hop!

Angel Sammy sent me the following email – his poem for this week AND a new photo for NEXT week.   If you haven’t tried writing a poem to play along with all of us, please give it a try!


Greetings from the Bridge!!

It’s time for us to gather together and read each other’s poetry based on last week’s photo I provided.   I hope you’re finding this as much fun as I am.   It’s a rather informal little “Hop” we do – we don’t fill out a linky form or anything – just mention in comments here on the blog that you wrote a poem and give us your blog link ORRRRRR you can write your poem in our comments.    Easy huh?   It is fun to use a photo as inspiration – every week I try to give you one that will be INTERESTING to use as inspiration to write your poem.

Here’s the photo I gave you for today’s poem……………….followed by MY humble offering for Poetic Thursday.

“Giggles Galore”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell     September 6, 2018


Laughter echoes across the ground

Children’s laughs heard for miles around!

Slides and swings and monkey bars galore

Parallel bars are fun until your hands get sore!

Boundless energy and endless giggles

So much energy their bodies just wiggle!

Nothing sounds as happy as children at play

No matter where or what time of day

When we get older we remember those times

Of playgrounds and dress up and nursery rhymes

Stresses of work and life drive us wild

We miss seeing life through the eyes of a child………..


One thing about us cats is that we are sort of “perpetual children” in a way.   We pretty much are “up” for playing no matter what our age is – only our old bodies and aching bones and joints eventually slow us down – but if you think about it – isn’t that true for humans too?

Anyway, I loved the photo for this week – and had fun crafting my poem………………….I hope you did too!     I think I found a good one for NEXT week’s poem……..here’s your photo inspiration!

So see what you can do with that photo as inspiration for writing a poem to share with all of us next Thursday when we next get together OK?   OK!  It’s a deal!    Until then, remember we Angels are watching out for you 24/7.   It’s what we do.    And we LOVE our “work” !!!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Forever, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy!    Your poem this week makes me happy.    Mom has said before that you were a “kitten” until you were too sick not to be any longer…………I’m going to do the SAME THING!   You are my inspiration – always.

Love, Teddy