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Thankful and Poetic Thursday



It’s time for Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and I’m ready with my SAME OLD list of thankfuls!    If you want to join in – click the badge above and link up.    I say “SAME OLD” because for weeks and months I’ve just been thankful that so far – we are doing fine in my house – no virus – no real change in our lives.   Mom and Dad never really did a whole lot of eating out or visiting with friends so that hasn’t been a problem.   I’m just enjoying getting ALL their attention – YESSS!!! BIG SCORE FOR TED!!!!!

I’m also thankful to have received my weekly email with poem from my Angel brother – Sammy.    It’s below!


Hello Poetic Friends!  Good to see you!

It’s Thursday and time for us to share some poetry.   The fun part is matching our poems to a photograph – makes it fun to have a “subject” in mind before we even TRY to write isn’t it!   I used to find photos that “went” with my poetry but this is the other way around – I give you a photo and you write a poem ABOUT what you see in the photo – more fun and more challenging.

Here’s the photo from LAST week that we were to write a poem about – – – and my poem follows:

“Baby Love”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©September 16, 2020


On the side of the house where the nasturtiums grow

Emma and Buster put on quite a show

A private affair it was for just these two

An “experimental” kiss – out of the blue!

Emma from next door had come over to play

Buster was copycatting what he’d seen earlier that day!

He saw Dad kiss Mom as he walked out the screen door

Buster had seen them kiss of course but wondered “what for” ?

So when Emma arrived for their usual fun

Buster gave her a big kiss and she didn’t run !

They remained best friends forever and a day

As for love – well – they really didn’t feel that way

But from that day forward if they needed a friend

They were there for each other until the very end.


I think I mentioned last week when I gave you this photo that it was a very old photo from 1898.    I just thought it was adorable when I saw it.    I once asked my Mom if she remembered her first kiss and she said “yes indeed – it’s the kind of thing you never forget”………..but strangely enough she’s not sure WHO it was that kissed her – just remembers the KISS!    

So I looked for a good photo for our get together next week and found this one………hope you have fun with it and I hope you had fun with our little kissing couple – let us know if you wrote a poem in our comments and we’ll stop by to read it!

By the way, September 19th is “MEOW LIKE A PIRATE” day in the cat blogosphere……cats dress up like pirates and talk funny (ARRRGH…..AVAST ME HEARTIES, etc.) so that’s why I picked this photo.    This guy looks scary enough for proper pirating!

Oh I bet we get some “wicked good” poems next week!     Meanwhile, I hope you have a “wicked good” week and that you are all staying safe and healthy…………………………….See you  next Thursday!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light……………Angel Sammy


Oh boy oh boy Angel Sammy – pirate day is one of my favorites.   This is me in my pirate costume – what do you think?????

I love and miss you Angel Sammy!   Hugs, Terrible Ted the Pirate!



Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday everybody………..the Bunny is probably busy putting all those Easter baskets together by now.  BUSY BUSY.   Better him than me is all I say!    Maybe that’s a good thing to be THANKFUL for – that I’m NOT the Bunny and NOT working my tail (haha) off getting ready for Easter.    If you’d like to share things you’re thankful for – just click Brian’s badge and join in the THANKFUL THURSDAY BLOG HOP like we did!!!

I’m also thankful Angel Sammy sent me his usual Thursday message and poem……………..ready?


Happy Almost Easter Poetry Day!

I hope all of you are ready for Easter.   I remember when I lived with Mom and Dad one of their traditions was my Mom hiding Easter Eggs for my Dad.    Talk about hilarious – he was like a little kid…………he has a basket and Mom hides the eggs all around the basement (which was MY territory) – then he goes around and tries to find them.    Mom makes some easy and some hard to find.   But I was always with her in the wee hours of the morning when she was hiding them and I remembered where she put them.    So when Dad came downstairs to find them, I’d cheat and show him where some of them were!    HAHAHAHAHAHA   

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Easter celebrations whatever they may be.   

I have my poem to share with you today and I am hoping that lots of you wrote a poem as well – inspired by the photo I gave you last Thursday.    I try to find interesting and fun photos for you – things I think might be lots of fun to write a poem about.    This week’s photo is so cute.   Mom smiles real big (I see her!) when she looks at the photo.   She loves squirrels.    So, here’s the photo from last week and my poem – if you wrote one, let us know in comments so we can go read it! 

“Built-In Grocery Basket”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell       ©April 17, 2019

This guy doesn’t need “paper or plastic”

He’s been blessed with a built-in grocery basket!

To cut down on trips to retrieve the treasure

He stuffs them in his mouth which is made to measure!

Those storage bins in his adorable cheeks

Hold enough nuts for at least a week!

“Pardon me lady, for stuffing my face

but I’m glad that I found you on this park bench place!”

When he gets home his wife will be happily hopping

As she hugs him and says “Thanks for doing the Easter shopping!”


I think this squirrel is picture-perfect!     Mom and Dad have TONS and TONS of squirrels around as they live surrounded by lots and lots of big trees.   I know Teddy enjoys watching all the squirrels – especially when the little ones are playing up in the trees.    It’s a little nerve-racking though because there are also a LOT of hawks around and my Mom always worries when they swoop down to try and catch a squirrel.    Everybody has to eat – we know that – but Mom always wishes the squirrels well because they seem to be such happy critters.

Now – ready for the photo I found for you to use as inspiration for NEXT week’s poem?   Give some thought to maybe writing a poem with us to share next Thursday OK?    We want to give a BIG shout out to Marv’s Mom Miss Barb for participating for the first time LAST Thursday!    Thanks for having fun with us!    Everyone is invited!   

Oh I love this one too!!!!    Can’t wait to work on a poem for this one to share with you next Thursday.    You’d better get to work too!!!    Meanwhile, have a very happy Easter.    We’re planning an Easter Egg hunt up here at the Rainbow Bridge – the eggs are filled with Catnip!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thanks for visiting us every week Angel Sammy.    I miss you.    I know Mom and Dad do too as they talk about you almost every day – but I don’t mind – we’re forever brothers!

Hugs, Teddy


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Hello Friends!    Today is our double day – starting with being THANKFUL then moving into POETRY.    Of course this time of year most of us tend to focus on the many things we are thankful for (or SHOULD be thankful for!)………….I’m thankful that we didn’t get as much snow as originally predicted for our area – the BIG SNOW remained South but that meant that a lot of people who don’t normally see a lot of white stuff, DID.    NC and Southern Virginia were hammered as you know!    The photos we saw were amazing.   We had just under two inches and it’s pretty well gone now.   Thankful?  OH YES WE ARE!

I’m also very thankful that that wifi connection Angel Sammy has never lets us down.  I got his poem last night along with his message……….I’ll share it with you!



Hi everybody.  It’s that time of the week again – time for us to stretch our wings (which Angels do literally!), and share some poetry.    Each Thursday I give you a photo to use as inspiration for the following week.   You all are FANTASTIC because those of you who have been participating are doing a wonderful job of being creative.   I hope more and more of you decide to give writing a poem a try and sharing your work with us via our comments with a link to where we can read YOUR poem!     After I share last week’s photo (below) and my poem inspired by that photo, I will give you a NEW photo for you to think about and study and ultimately write a poem about (I hope).

Ready?   Set?   GO!

“Twas The Night Before Christmas…..”

Poem By Angel Sammy Kimmell     December 12, 2018

The malls are alive with the sound of crowds

Everyone laughing and talking real loud

Lines are long and patience is short

Especially this is true in the Mall food court!

Stores are restocking to keep up with the buyers

Little kids forced to come shopping turn into cryers!

Gift wrappers have lines and learn to be FAST

Those bows and all that tape just better last!

Wall to wall people as far as you can see

Sales people anxious for closing time so they can be FREE

In spite of the craziness and the panic and such

Nobody seems to mind or care all that much

Because the holidays are here and the smiles are for real

Santa Claus is coming soon and that’s a BIG DEAL!!


HAHAHA…….I had some fun with this.    I hope you enjoyed tackling this photo too.   I had several write to me to say they thought it was a perfect photo for close to Christmas.    This probably is what 90% of the Malls look like RIGHT NOW but certainly on those last two or three nights before Christmas!    Are you ready for NEXT week’s photo?    Even CLOSER to Christmas………

I love the photo for next week…………….just love it.

I’ll show you a photo of my Mom as a little girl visiting Santa……….don’t tell her I showed it to you though!

My Dad teases Mom about this one – the number on the side of Santa’s chair – he wonders if that’s his prison number or something.   HAHAHAHA    This was actually taken when my Mom saw Santa in Weisbaden, Germany when they lived there a million years ago.   I personally think this Santa looks a little scary.   Mom doesn’t seem to think so though – she looks totally fascinated.

Anyway, your photo for next week is NOT the one with Mom but the cute one above it with the little girl in her tartan outfit!!    I’ll look forward to writing my own poem about the photo AND to reading all of yours!

I hope all of you are being EXTRA good right now – you know Santa keeps a very close eye on all of us at Christmas time and really all year through.   I hope you are on his NICE list!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

See you next Thursday…….meanwhile I’m sending you a holiday hug…..

Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy……………I’m anxious to read everyone’s poems too.    I’m also anxious to hear from you again next week.    I always AM…………………..

Hugs, Teddy