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Teaser Tell All Class


Time for the TELL ALL!    We’re glad we don’t have to wear our Irish hats today – they were too tight for our fat heads!

Good morning students………………….we hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s Teaser challenge.     We had a WHOLE LOT OF RIGHT GUESSERS………it was not a tough one for a lot of you to figure out.    But before we get into that………..how about hearing who our FIRST COMMENTER was????


KATSRUS (SueB) !!  

And a weird thing happened at the same time Sue’s HELLO came in – we had a “simultaneous” HELLO from ANIMAL COURIERS – but the time changed JUST as it came in.   So it looks like it was a minute behind Sue but it really came in at the same time.    Our Graphics Department (Mom) saw it!!!   SO, we’re giving another FIRSTIE TO:

Annie at Animal Couriers!!


You EACH get one of these:

I was one of TWO first commenters on the Teaser of March 12, 2019! YAY FOR US!

Then we sat and waited to see WHO would figure out the photo first – here’s the photo that was up for grabs:

We saw so many interesting photos of this location – choosing one over the others was tough except that many of the photos had view of front – where there’s inscriptions AND flags.   It would have given it away!    This is a photo of the enclosure which is on top of PLYMOUTH ROCK, in PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS.   There’s some info HERE  about this rather “underwhelming” location which seems to disappoint most people who visit it.    It’s not very “grand” for a spot that’s a big part of our history – but then there’s a lot of controversy about the entire story.    Still, it’s THERE – or at least some of it is (the rock).     Our Graphics Department was going to give you a HINT photo to go with this – a photo of a PLYMOUTH ROCK CHICKEN (yes there is one!) but we decided that you would figure this one out without the chicken hint.


Timmy Tomcat and Family!!


Timmy you get our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER St. Pat’s Badge!

I was the First Right Guesser on the Teaser of March 12, 2019 !!

Woo Hoo Timmy!

There were QUITE A FEW others who guessed right…………………………..and each of you may take a copy of this badge for yourselves to display proudly!!

I was right but not FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 12, 2019……yay for me !

Those of you who were hoping for a St. Pat’s Badge and GUESSED but were WRONG – will get that badge – one of these:

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of March 12, 2019 but still got a cool GREEN badge!


Our Cheer Team is coming in to do their thing !!

We’re happily here in our cheering clothes
Those dumb green shoes pinched our toes!
We had a pile of winners today we’re happy to say
With St. Pat’s badges on their way
Sue B and Animal Couriers were first to say HI
Soon others joined us in the blink of an eye!
Then Timmy and family arrived with a guess
That made them FIRST RIGHT before all the rest!
But many guessed THE ROCK so woo hoo for you
If you were wrong then we’ve got a cool GREENIE or two!


I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

I’m sorry we can’t have EVERYONE WIN……but it sure is fun every week when we do Teaser………..we can cheer on the winners and try hard to win ourselves NEXT week right?

Shall we go to the cafeteria now and see what Miss D has to say about her DATE??????

Great – let’s go!

Hello students………..well, the Blind Date you all chose for me in Number Two position was even WORSE than Mr. Handsome from last week!   I thought Presley was quite cute and until he suggested we skip dinner and just head to the Heartbreak Hotel I thought he had potential.   BUT I showed him some of my best Black Belt Karate moves and he settled down.   Then things really went south when we got to BBQ Bob’s.   I took some photos:

I mean REALLY!   He forgot I was even THERE!   I hopped in the limo along with my BBQ sandwich and headed home.

Well we’re sorry about that…….we wondered if there would be “problems”!     No worries though – we have a THIRD CANDIDATE and we think he will be the BEST ONE YET – you’ll meet him next week Miss D !!

Alright – it’s your last chance though!   Now – who wants lunch???????

Our Fab Menu for Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well the date was a bummer but lunch was good!   We’ll see you all next week for another Teaser!

Your Professors !!