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Friday Fun


You know, for a while now – since I was diagnosed with the thyroid THING, I haven’t been as playful as I used to be……………I’ve got this GREAT BIG pile of toys in my toy wagon but no matter how hard Mom tried to get me to play with stuff in it (and she DID try), I wasn’t interested……..I just lay around and either stared into outer space or watched the inside of my eyelids (sleeping of course).    Lately that’s changed – and I’m doing several of my “old behaviors” which has made my Mom and Dad VERY happy.

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

I played “chase” with Dad last night in fact for the first time in FOREVER.    Chase is when Dad rolls one of my balls across the floor into another room and I am waiting for it there……He’ll roll the ball from the living room into the kitchen (I wait under a stool at the counter for that one), then when he’s retrieved it from wherever it lands in there I go racing into the dining room under a chair and wait and he rolls the ball into the dining room……then I run through the foyer into the library and wait by the stair………..he rolls it in there and then completes the “circle” by rolling it back into the living room.  It sounds lot more like my Dad’s playing ball with HIMSELF since he’s the one retrieving the ball BUT trust me – this entertains me for AGES…………………I love racing ahead of the ball and watching it come at me (and seeing the old guy crawling around on the floor is fun too).

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Under the dining room chair waiting for that ball to come my way!

Also I did something two nights ago that I haven’t done in probably five or six years.   I came into my Mom and Dad’s bedroom in the middle of the night and woke Mom up crying for her to pick me up and put me on their bed!   YES I DID!!!!   She popped me up there and I slept for a couple of hours then woke her up to put me down on the floor and off I went for a while and came back AGAIN only this time I got up on the bed MYSELF!   Scared Mom to bits because she was sound asleep and it’s not EASY for me to get up on their bed.  See it’s one of those WAY HIGH UP beds………..they tried to get me to use stairs or a stool but I will NOT.    I slept with Mom for a while longer then we both got up and started our day.


I can’t make this leap any more….and I refuse stairs, chairs, stools, blanket chests ANYTHING to help me except my Mom. She pops me up there if I ask!


Now I haven’t done that again since the other night – mostly I did it because (a) I wanted to show them that I COULD still do it and (b) I wanted to prove to myself that the old guy still has it.    HAHAHAHAHAHA


So today is Friday and I’m sure something FUN will happen…………………that is after the vacuum gets put BACK in the closet after my parents clean the house.   Then who knows WHAT I’m liable to do!   I’m unpredictable these days!




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