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Sunday Selfie Hop


Golly – does it seem to you like Christmas came and went in a flash? Sure does to me. Mom says time is different when you get older but I’m not OLDER – I’m still a kid and I like Christmas to last a while! Oh well………… Anyway, today is Selfie day. Our hosts the cats at The Cat On My Head host this weekly event and we all parade around with our selfies and visit each other.    If you want to join us, just click on their badge and link up.

Since Christmas Mom hasn’t had her camera out ONCE.   Nope – no photos of me playing with my new toys – no photos of Dad opening presents – no photos PERIOD.    So of course that means I am forced to dip back into history to find a photo of ME from this time last year or some other year since I’ve been here.    What can I say?    It’s Mom’s fault!

How’s this for a gem?   HAHAHA – I was a fairly little guy – December 2017 which was my first December since I was adopted………..this shows the reminder of a red “tent” that Angel Sammy left behind when he went to the Bridge and I had so much fun with it I absolutely ripped it to shreds.    However I still attempted to crawl inside of it for naps and fun.    This photo is obviously the ARTSY version Mom did of the photo with Lunapic.    So it’s already set to be a puzzle.   I thought maybe I’d done a puzzle of this photo before but didn’t see it at Jigsaw Planet so I made it into one JUST FOR YOU!!!!!   


Click here for the Jigsaw!

GOOD LUCK and Thanks To Kitties Blue for hosting this HOP!   

Love, Teddy