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Happy Caturday All! 😀 😀

We had a good day at my house yesterday.  My parents were out for an hour or so then came home and got the Monster out of the closet for the weekly clean.  I stayed in my duplex until the Monster came too close then I ran downstairs and waited for QUIET to return.  As soon as it did I supervised Mom in the “tissue replacement ceremony” in the living room.  I got five brand spanking new sheets of crispy, crunchy white tissue paper to play with!  Before she got it down on the floor in my “spot” under the coffee table, I had ripped one sheet to pieces I was so excited! 

Remember I couldn’t show the photo yesterday on my blog because WordPress wouldn’t let Mom upload it?  Well, all I wanted to do is illustrate how I used to play “fetch” when I was a baby.   I’ve used the photo before on my blog but this is me as a little guy.  In the top photo I have a big wad of paper in my mouth fetching it after Mom threw it to the family room from the kitchen.  In the bottom photo I’m looking for the wad she threw from the kitchen to the family room!

Sam's Baby Pictures

Who says dogs are better at “fetch” than us kittens!!!

Another swell thing is that yesterday afternoon my Mom made a big batch of fried chicken!  Now I really don’t normally LIKE chicken – not even in my kitty cat food – but something about chicken cooked like that drives me nuts – smelling it while it’s cooking and then I ask really nice for a tiny sample and Mom will give me a very small piece because that’s all I really want – just a taste.  YUM YUM!  

We had a little rain overnight but not much……no scary stuff – no thunder or lightning – just rain.  This morning it’s humid but a lot cooler so I think I may ask Mom or Dad to take me outside for a sniff.  If I wait until it’s light out (right now it’s still DARK at 5AM) then I don’t have to wear my harness – I can cruise around and see if Freddy or Freddy Junior are out because of the rain! 

Where Sam's friend Freddy the Frog lives!

Here’s where Freddy and his family live….in the flowers or under the shrub or the rock – I’m not sure but it’s where he appears after rain!

See?  Some cats would say I lead a pretty boring life because I’m by myself here….no other kitty buddies to play with….but really I enjoy my days.  My parents keep me happy – they play with me, talk to me, brush me – I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more. 

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed

Gee…..it’s really GOOD to be ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about you guys and gals?  What’s up for your Saturday excitement???

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Weekend’s Over…Back To Work!


Monday……here we go again with another exciting week huh gang?  Well, I hope you all had a nice Sunday.  We did in my family – we had sun all day until late afternoon when all of a sudden there were some very quick heavy showers (with BOOM BOOM thunder!) – but then the sun would come out like it was all just a dream!!   Daddy worked in the yard a bit and Mom and I spent a lot of time on the front porch.  She read a book and I got some sunbathing in – then I cooled off in the shade and took a tiny nap. 

Later Mom and I went out to the backyard to check things out.  Dad’s project on the path down into the woods is coming along.  I probably should get Mom to take a picture of it in the “early” stages so that when it’s done you’ll all be SOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed!  😀 😀

We watched a baseball game….sadly the Nationals lost to Atlanta….BOOOOO HISSSSSSS….

Then I visited the deck out back for a while…..just to check on stuff…..

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house
Yep – I’m up there – under the table but you can’t see me because Mom’s too far away!!!!!

Then back inside on Mom’s lap for yet another nap……oh and you can be sure that I spent PLENTY of time on the floor playing tissue/crinklie/hide under the newspaper with whoever I could talk into playing with me (Mom and Dad obviously!!).

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

C’Mon…..somebody come PLAY with me down here!!!!

So see?  It was just another normal Sunday with Sammy and his family.  How about you?  How was YOUR Sunday? 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

P.S.  Mommy and I want to send out extra special BIRTHDAY hugs to Miss Dianna from These Days of Mine .  She’s our special friend AND her kitty Sundae is my girlfriend (blush)! 

Happy Birthday To You !!