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Rainy Day


Hi Peeps!   Yesterday was picture perfect – start to finish it was gorgeous.  YES it was cool – only got to the low 60s for a high – BUT not a cloud in the sky and only late in the afternoon did it become breezy.  My Dad got to go flying too which made him happy.

Warrenton viewed from a cockpit

Yep – this is my town – Warrenton, Virginia, from the air!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Dad putting his baby away after his flight………..

Mom and I were home all day yesterday and I must have asked her 87 bazillion times to take me outside for some fresh air.   It was great – and the grass is finally growing so I got some “fresh greens” while I was out there.

Front Garden 2012

Yep – my old friends are back again….one NICE thing about perennials!

Things are popping up – the dicentra are blooming and even the miniature Japanese Maple is just about ready to leaf out.   You might be able to see some of the Bradford pears in the background in bloom along the driveway.   NICE!

Anyway, I’m happy and even though today it’s going to be  raining – we need the rain………………gets the lawn fertilizer activated AND waters our gardens for FREE.    Nothing wrong with FREE right?

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…..it’s getting NICE out here!

Yeah I guess you could say I’m a happy guy…………………and lucky……………oh and SPOILED TOO – don’t forget that one!!!!


Hugs, Sammy

Bacon and Plants (huh?!)


Yeah it’s another rather unlikely and weird “duo” – bacon and plants (yesterday’s blog was “monsters and plants”!!)  – yet that’s what my blog today is ALLLLLLLLLLLLL about.   Bacon of course because it’s Baconating day around here EVERY Saturday, but plants because I promised to show you what Mom has done so far in my yard………!


Gimme!  (no this isn’t me but substitute my ginger face and it would be me!)

Mom was all set to take photos of the plants yesterday afternoon when WHAMMO her camera battery died so up to the drug store she went and got a new one.  Thanks Mom…….you’ve been promising everyone photos like FOREVER………….so here’s a little slideshow with what’s going on SO FAR at my house……there will be updates  in the future as Mom gets more “stuff” !

By the way, be patient when the window pops up for the slideshow – there are a lot of photos so it might take a second before the show begins!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So my friends, that’s the state of things Saturday morning but today is another day AND it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70s and Mom  says while Dad’s at the Manassas Air Show, she’s going plant shopping again!   WOO WOO WOOOOO!

Enjoy your Saturday – I think I’ll be out enjoying my yard…………………AND my deck!

Hugs, Sammy




Bacon and More!


Hi Everybody!   Yep – bacon is on the menu as always………after I have my yogurt of course with my “not so hidden pill” (does Mom really think I don’t know she’s spiked my yogurt with that stuff??!!!).  Anyway,  I wanted to show you my latest bacon treat suggestion from my good friend Nylablue…..check this out!


Mom said she would have made these for me but can’t figure out how to make them curl FAST enough after she takes them out of the frying pan before they harden up!  We’ll have to work on that.

I promised you some updated garden shots.  I’ve done an exceptional job keeping Mom’s garden going – it’s just some boxes on the deck after all – how hard can it be???   Mom took all of these yesterday morning.  I tried to find the photos I shared when Mom first planted all this stuff but couldn’t…….trust me – all the plants were TEENSY TINY and just look at them now!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SEE?  I’m a gardener with a green thumb (my extra toes come in handy when I have to have a green thumb you know!).

Hope everyone has a fab weekend…………I’m keeping Mom busy working on my duties as Travel Director of the trip on the riverboat on Cat Scouts……….this morning we get off the riverboat and head into the swamp………don’t worry – I’ll share some photos AFTER this trip is over with – I know you wanna see them!



Silent Sunday


My butterfly Saturday was successful!!! Well…..sort of…..

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HAPPY SILENT SUNDAY (with butterflies!)

Sammy 😀 😀

Pee Ess……..we wish my Mommy’s friend Miss Trish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!