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A Re-Do For View!


HUH?  What’s THAT mean???    Well a lot of you fabulous peeps showed up after my Mom passed out from exhaustion closed the poll down early so she could go to bed and didn’t get to vote or even SEE the fabulous competitions we had yesterday……………….we have winners already and they’ll be announced Friday night at my FABULOUS Awards Banquet at the beautiful moon hotel “The Stardust”……..BUT, just so you can see all of the wonderful entries AGAIN may we present them ONE MORE TIME?

No voting counts of course – winners are recorded – but take a peek for fun………………..THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED OR TRIED TO VOTE!!!

Our lovely Moon monster creation entries:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ever beautiful hotel room decorating entries:

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And of course the BIGGIE, the spacesuit decorating entries:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Polldaddy wouldn’t allow us to “re-open” the polls so I could show you the entries again SOOOOO the only way I could show these to you AGAIN was by doing slideshows!   Aren’t these all great?   Oh – and if I missed your photo while creating these slideshows forgive me – at this point Mom and I are pretty much “shell-shocked” with all this uploading, downloading, cutting, pasting, pizapping, photoshopping, substituting, and PRAYING we DIDN’T miss one.  It happens.  Something this big is tough to make PURRRRRFECT but we did try – honest we did!


Something this good is worth repeating – YES?  

Hugs, Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


La De Da!  It’s time for the eyestrain, headache, quick look at the atlas day of the week – – – TUESDAY!!!

This week’s photo(s) are from a trip some years ago when my parents were visiting good friends.  But on the way to visit friends they had some stops and this was one of them………..where were they when they snapped these????


Now you need to tell me city/town/state/country or WHATEVER combination of those best tells me you know where or think you know where they were OK?

Easy was the man of the week last week…………..will he be again this week?   Will he again be the winner of this baby???


Then of course there’s always guessing right but not being first which gets you this one:


And if you’re clueless – you still get this!


Thanks to all of you for expressing your opinions about which limo interior you thought Sundae would prefurrrrrr…………she’s leaving it up to me………..but I think I’ll surprise her and won’t say HERE which one we’ll be going in.  However I will share some photos of us on the trip to the event, at the event and coming home………..you know me – I love to share!


I wanted to tell you also about a new friend of mine – someone I met on Cat Scouts and she’s JUST started a blog!  You remember when you just started out?   You wanted to meet some new friends and get a bit of a following?  Well, please do my buddy Miss Nibbler a favor and stop by to say “Sammy sent me”…………she’s a BIG help to us in our Cat Scouts Patrol and she’s having a lot of fun right along with the rest of us on our quests and sitting around the campfire together.

So, good luck with the Teaser…………..and tomorrow I’ll let you all know who was FIRST, who wasn’t FIRST but got it right, and who gets the “DUH” award!!!  (haha)


Mr. Tuesday Teaser 😉