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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Goodness is it Thursday already?    Fast week huh?    Well when you do the same thing day after day you lose track of days too but it seems like YESTERDAY we were here being thankful.   In fact, I think all of us are pretty THANKFUL every day if we’re still healthy right?   You can click the badge above and go to Brian’s place to join the Hop if you like.

Also received Angel Sammy’s poetic challenge poem………and if you wrote a poem too – let us know in comments – we wanna read it on your blog or just “write it” in comments!


Hello My Friends!   Ready to be poetic?

I’ll admit that the photo we shared our poetry for LAST week was a “hard act to follow” but I think the one for this week is just as wonderful in it’s way.    I really do have fun with Mom’s help, in finding photos I think would spark our imaginations so we can write a fun or interesting or pertinent kind of poem – in ANY poetic form.

Here’s the photo I gave you to use for THIS week’s poem – followed by my poem to go with the photo – AND a new photo for NEXT week’s get-together!

“Gondola Nap”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©May 20, 2020

When in Venice you must take a gondola ride

Sharing your vacation photos from there gives you such PRIDE!

Long flights, long days, shopping, walking and eating

Those gondola rides have SUCH comfy seating !

The canals can be noisy with gondoliers singing

Sometimes so loud that your ears will be ringing!

But this pair of tourists won’t remember a thing

“Did we take a ride or just sit at the dock?”

“We must have gone somewhere – just look at the clock!”

“Uhoh the gondolier says he has a surprise for us……

A photo he says we can share on the tour bus!”

The gondolier’s friend handed the couple a photo souvenir

Even though it’s hilarious – it’s a memory so dear!


My Mom and Dad’s 30th anniversary is this September – they went to Europe for their honeymoon with Eurrail passes – They planned the cities they wanted to see then had a travel agent make hotel reservations in each city.   It was up to them to catch the trains they needed to get to their destinations.   They began in Rome, then next stop was Venice – and on from there to Lucerne, Paris and London.    My Mom has said that when they walked out of the train station in Venice she had tears in her eyes at the BEAUTY of the city.   The steps to the station took them right down to the canals and every direction she looked, she saw amazing buildings, seemingly floating on the water………a most magical city and one she to this day DREAMS about.    Anyway, she and Dad managed to do a night time gondola ride by candlelight after a wonderful dinner in one of the super restaurants and the gondolier had a BEAUTIFUL voice and serenaded them as he guided them through the canals with love songs.     Sigh.     The couple in this photo will laugh at this photo for YEARS to come – just as my Mom to this day sheds a tear at the photo of her first view of Venice outside the train station preserved in a photo she took.

Now here’s your photo for NEXT Thursday………..have fun writing a poem for this!

If you have problems with heights……..well………..maybe this condo isn’t for you?????

So I’ll see you here next week and we’ll share poems for this photo OK?    OK!   It’s a date!   Meantime stay SAFE and stay HEALTHY……………………….your Angels are here whenever you need us.


I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love to my Family and Friends………forever   

Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy….see you next week…….Love, Teddy