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Thankful Thursday and Poetry Too!


Today Is Double Post Day!  


This Blog Hop is hosted by Brian at Brians Home Blog – you can click his badge above to go there and sign up to be PART of Thankful Thursday if you like!    It’s our chance to tell what we are thankful for from the past week or whenever!    In my case I look back at the previous week and think about what I’ve been thankful for………….this week I was thankful to have my very FIRST “Gotcha Day”.    Mom and Dad brought me home to live with them on February 5, 2017 and what a wonderful life I’m leading here.   I was 11 months old and homeless at the shelter and now I’m not too far from turning TWO and living the life of “One Spoiled Cat” just like my Angel brother Sammy did!    I am truly thankful.

Again my Angel brother Sammy didn’t let us all down – he got his photo poem to me which is what we’ll be reading in PART TWO of today’s double post…………….here’s what he sent to us all!



Hello Friends – it’s me coming to you from the Rainbow Bridge!  

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day……we celebrated at the Bridge too but we were all reminiscing about our BIGGEST LOVE – we all agreed those we left behind when we went to the Bridge are our most SPECIAL VALENTINES.

I hope you are enjoying the photo poetry challenge – those of you who are participating are really doing SO WELL with your poems – I’m pleased you’re having fun – I sure am.    This week’s photo is below followed by my poem to go with it – I hope you like it.    If you’ve written one, please leave your link in my comments so we can read it !!    If you haven’t joined us before – PLEASE DO – we encourage everyone to stretch their wings and write a poem….you CAN do it…..I promise you can.  

“Home Sweet Home”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell   Feb. 15, 2018

In the vastness of space we can’t be alone

I mean other lifeforms – I’m not talking clones!

Do they have six heads and four legs – or more?

Will they visit us soon or have they been here before?

As we send things in space like satellites and rockets

Does some giant gather them up and stuff them in his pockets?

Are our space probes just trophies for beings in space?

When I look at this photo my imagination does race!

I can watch from my cloud at the Bridge and I wonder

Are other beings sending rain?  Are their voices the thunder?

Will they watch us implode or give us a hand………

Show us the way out before humankind’s last stand?

Such heavy thoughts for an Angel in paradise far away

The blue planet is still MY HOME, so I continue to pray

Planet Earth is a beauty – we can see that from afar

We must take good care of home – our Blue Planet Star…………..


Now it’s YOUR turn…………….I hope you’ve written a poem this week.    If you didn’t but think you’d like to give writing one a try – how about using this photo I’m about to show you as your inspiration for NEXT Thursday when we gather again for my Poetic Thursday?     Just look at this photo below and describe in your poem how it makes you feel, what you see, what you THINK you see, or anything else that pops into your head when you look at it!    Is it a deal?    Here’s next week’s photo challenge:

Have Fun With This One!  

I’ll be back next Thursday to show you my poem – we all have a whole week to study the photo and write a poem………………until then, have a GREAT week!   

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy – I like your poem…………makes me think.   I hope that Earth will be around for a very long time and I think it will if we take good care of it!    Sending you hugs from EARTH to the BRIDGE……………..

Hugs, Teddy



Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Here we are!  It’s already Thursday and time for us to share what we are thankful for.    If you’d like to join this hop hosted by our friend Brian and his family, just click their badge above and join in the Hop with us…………………..

I had something ready to talk about for today but as of two hours ago I changed it because in that time we had a VERY SCARY incident just a few houses down from us………..there was a HUGE explosion and we thought it had happened either in our house or a next door neighbor…………….after we determined we were fine, and the neighbors were fine, we saw out the back deck a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) fire raging in a house on the other side of the lake in our community.    The smoke was billowing and black…….it looked like the entire back of the house was on fire.    Soon there were firetrucks and ambulances………..they seemed to have a hard time getting the fire under control.   A neighbor stopped by to tell us that they did not know if anyone had been home at the time but a car was in the driveway – the family there had four dogs and it’s not known if they were home either.    At this time we still don’t know the details as it’s all just too new to know.   But one thing is for SURE – we are thankful it was NOT in our home and we are praying that nobody was home where the fire took place.    VERY scary and at this time of year in particular, what a disaster for some family.    Things can change in an INSTANT – we must be thankful for every minute we have………..every minute!!

I’m also thankful that Angel Sammy came through with his next Poetic PHOTO Challenge for this week – that means Rainbow Bridge communications with wi-fi are as dependable as they’ve been for over a year now since Angel Sammy left us……………..here’s this week’s photo poem……….


Hello my friends and welcome to the SECOND week of our PHOTO POETRY CHALLENGE!    This is our new way of having fun with poetry – once a week I give you a photo write a poem about!  We hope more of you will join in this fun………it’s not so hard to write a poem – hey – it doesn’t even have to RHYME to be a poem – it can be short or long, funny or serious – whatever the photo I give you inspires you to say!     You can put your link to your own poem in the blog comments OR even write your poem there in the comments!   

Here’s the photo for this week followed by my poem about the photo:


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, Dec. 20, 2017

Abandoned and forgotten

Rusty and quite rotten

What is this car’s story?

Full of sadness or glory?

Did a family get stranded?

Where this sad old car landed?

Did they run out of gas?

Did a spaceship go past?

I hope whoever was driving

Was not in a hurry to be arriving!

It’s a very lonely photograph

But I know what should be its’ epitaph:



You can’t help but wonder WHAT the story is behind this photo can you………………..I just hope everyone who WAS in the car is alright – or if someone towed the car out there just to get rid of it – I hope someone finds it one day and at least takes it out of this magnificent landscape because it just doesn’t belong there.    So what did you write about for this photo?    I can’t wait to read what you did………………!    

For next Thursday, here’s your POETIC PHOTO CHALLENGE…………………….as the new year approaches…………

We will share what this photo of a New Year’s Celebration makes us think about and how does it make us feel?   Excited?   Hopeful?  Happy?  Or something else entirely?     I will be thinking about what to write to – then next Thursday we’ll meet here and SHARE.    

Meanwhile, I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holiday…………………..because we all need a little MAGIC right about now – right?   

Love, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy – I love your poem and I think the one for next week ought to be fun.    I hope everyone is loving the poetry challenges as much as I do READING them!    See you all next week!

Lots of Holiday Teddy Hugs!!!!



Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Yes – we are Thankful!   

First of all thanks to Brian for being our host every single week…………everyone seems to have a lot to share so it’s a great Blog Hop and gives us a chance to say how thankful we are OUT LOUD.   My Mom and Dad were talking about how thankful they are to have ME here this Christmas since last Christmas they were so very sad because Angel Sammy had just gone to the Bridge on December 2 last year.   This year they have ME and I am keeping them ship shape around here.    I play a whole lot with my Mom – she’s the best toy I have (hahaha).

I’m also thankful that we are starting a new and FUN Photo Challenge every week on Thursday with Angel Sammy.    Last week he gave everyone a photo to write a poem about and today we’ll see what you all were able to do with the photo which was rather unusual!    Many of you knew what kind of clouds are in the photo – they are MAMMATUS clouds!    Angel Sammy just thought they might spur everyone’s imagination and perhaps even some of you who haven’t written a poem before MIGHT write one about this unusual sky.

I received Angel Sammy’s poem bright and early this morning so apparently the wi-fi connection at the Bridge is still in fine shape even though this is a busy time of the year not just for US but for Angels too!   Here’s what he sent to us……………..


Greetings from the Bridge my friends!

I am hoping that all of you who have been such loyal poets throughout our several trips through the alphabet on Thursdays will stick with me on this NEWEST challenge – it may be harder or maybe you will find it easier – but it WILL be fun.    Someone asked me if you could use ANY photo if you couldn’t come up with a poem about the one I give you each week.    I’m hoping that you will use MY photo……………..if we find that people just are at a loss as to what to write, we’ll change the rules but let’s all give this a try first shall we???    The deal is to study the photo I give you and come up with a poem about what feelings you get from looking at the photo, or what it LOOKS like, or makes you think about, etc.    I’ll try and give you interesting photos I promise.   Remember that poems can be short or long, can rhyme or not rhyme – the fun part is just letting your imagination FREE……………

“Santa’s Beard”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell, Dec. 14, 2017

What I see is Santa’s beard

Maybe you think that’s just plain weird

His beard is just like that – or so I’ve been told

It’s white, soft,  and long because Santa is old!

His beard is fluffy and soft and oh so clear

I bet he visits at night to watch us – to listen and hear……

How else could he know if we’re naughty or nice?

He needs to know for sure so he checks his list twice!

I’m sure that this photo was not meant to be viewed

If his elves who do the list knew, there’ be quite a feud!

If one night you are simply unable to sleep

Out into your yard in your robe you should creep

If it’s just before Christmas and you look up in the sky

You might see his beard as he leans down to spy!

Run back to your bed, and close your eyes real tight

So he will for sure know you’re GOOD and he’ll come Christmas night!



HAHA – that was fun.    Now it’s YOUR turn……………..if you wrote a poem about the photo, please tell us you did in our comments – you can give us your blog link to your poem OR even write your poem in the comments.   We hope you had fun with this because I sure did.    

Are you ready for NEXT Thursday’s inspirational photo????    This is the photo we will write a poem about NEXT Thursday………..I hope you will join me again……….poetry is FUN!

Now that ought to spur your imagination!!!    I will look forward to seeing you all NEXT week – the Thursday before Christmas……………….and speaking of Christmas, here’s a Christmas card from me at the Bridge to all of you!   


Love to all of you, Angel Sammy

‘Tis I ! Angel Sammy, zeeee French poet!!!


So we will both see you next week – give poetry a try – I know it would make Angel Sammy very proud of you if you do!

Hugs, Teddy