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Tuesday Teaser At Ding Dong School


Alright!  It’s the day we all wait for – TUESDAY!   And before you sit down be sure to COMMENT!!!!!!

You know why you need to comment – so you might get a badge for being FIRST COMMENTER that’s why.    After that though, you should sit in your chair and listen to your fabulous Professors as we guide you along the path to guessing today’s mystery photo.    It will be a photo taken of some town or village SOMEWHERE in some State in the USA, or some country in the world……and it’s your job to figure out WHERE that is!

You sure don’t tell us much do you!!!

Of course we don’t give anything away – it’s your job to use your sleuthing skills to figure it out ON YOUR OWN following two simple rules:

Well even me – the class Dunce – understands those rules!

I’ve got my sleuthing outfit on today so it will bring me LUCK!

Sorry Professors but may I be excused? I ate too much cheese yesterday and it’s – well – bothering me.

Certainly Bobby.    We know what THAT feels like.     Good thing the facilities are just a couple doors down the hallway!

Oh I hear Bobby’s coming down the hall – I better get this roll back on the wall!

Alright now let’s move on to the Teaser photo.     Before we show you today’s challenging photo, we have a cheer for you from our lively cheer team!

Here we are cheering for you
We hope the photo has a few clues
Don’t be afraid to give a guess
We NEVER know it – we must confess!
But all you smarties are primed and ready
Except for one – that’s YOU Freddy!
Freddy is a party animal and never studies
He wakes up each morning feeling cruddy
Don’t be like him and be a punk
Or we’ll fill our tub with COLD water and give you a dunk!
We wish you luck so go team go
That’s enough cheering so ON WITH THE SHOW!

Hey…..I might be a party animal but I’m always in class dude…..!   And I’m NO PUNK either!   I’m cool……totally.

Freddy you are occasionally paying attention in class that’s true – usually it’s when your ipod is out of batteries but you DO pay attention sometimes.     Cheer Team you should apologize to Freddy!

Sorry Freddy we got carried away
You can hop in our tub any time – any day !!


That’s better.  Now let’s bring our security guard in and get this Teaser started by showing first the badges you can win today THEN our photo!

Alright Mr. Security Guard…….

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!


I wish you all the luck in the world gang – you might need it…………………now who’s up for lunch?????


Happy Tuesday Students!   You sheep stay in single file now…..you know the rules!  

Today’s Menu:

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Good Luck Students – see you tomorrow!!

Your Professors!!