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Teaser Tell All


Step Right Up!  Time to TELL!

We’re READY Professors!!

Yes you all look alert and anxious to hear the scoop about yesterday’s Teaser.   We’ll start by telling you WHO our FIRST COMMENTERS WERE – did I say “COMMENTERS”???  Yes I did – because we had THREE within the first 60 seconds after we went live yesterday…………………


Timmy, Clowie, and Csilla !

THREE FIRSTIES? Suzie will have a FIT!


This is for you three!

Timmy Tomcat, Clowie and Csilla ALL got a FIRST COMMENTER badge on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018 !

And now we will tell you WHO sent in the photos for the Teaser yesterday – NOBODY!!!!!     They were photos my Mom found and here they are one more time:

These are photos are of a place only about 90 minutes away from MY house – this is beautiful downtown OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA!!!    A very happening place.

My Mom SAID that’s where it was……can she get a RIGHT GUESSER badge?????

Everyone who guessed RIGHT gets a RIGHT GUESSER badge but only ONE person gets a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge and who is the lucky winner of that this week?

CAROL of Home Sweet Home Wyoming!


This is for you!

For Carol as the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018

A whole bunch of you were RIGHT GUESSERS – including little Bobby’s Mom – and all of you who guessed OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA, Virginia get one of these:

I wasn’t FIRST but I still guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018!

Were you WRONG?   Don’t feel bad………….you still get this:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018 but I still got this GREENIE!


Now I’m sure everyone is anxious to hear the Cheer Team put our winners’ names in their cheer for today…………………GO CHEER TEAM GO!

Three FIRST COMMENTERS is what we had!
Totally cool – we’re oh so glad!
Csilla, Clowie and Timmy who was a “firstie” AGAIN!
Ya have to be QUICK around here to even get IN!
Then came the first to guess it RIGHT
Only one so there was no fight!
Who was that you might want to know?
It was CAROL in Wyoming who stole the show!
Congrats to the winners you’re all really swell
But you STILL can’t go home from class until you hear the BELL!!!!!

That’s right – nobody leaves until the Professors say so!!!    But you don’t want to leave ANYWAY because good old Miss Dingleberry comes through again with a snackable today…………..ICE CREAM SUNDAES that you can fix yourself!    That’s right – on the table at the back of the room you can have any kind of sundae you want………..what a deal huh???


We ALL do!!!!!!!!  

See you next week for another TEASER! 

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Let The Tell All Begin!

Madge has larengitis so I’m here to say “TAKE A SEAT BECAUSE CLASS IS STARTING!”


Let’s get down to business students.    We thought that yesterday’s Teaser would be tough…….like TOUGH TOUGH……..were we right?  Nope………..we had a winner in a matter of less than a half hour!    Class – you never cease to surprise me!

We started off the Teaser competition with FIRST COMMENTER and yesterday we had TWO who chimed in within the first 60 seconds……who????

Jackie and Phenny

Miss Jackie and Da Phenny – you each get one of these!!!!!  Concatulations!

Two of us were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 – Da Phenny and Miss Jackie!!

Here are the two Teaser photos we showed you………………

These great photos were sent in by our GUEST TEASER yesterday – Miss Csilla from KOLYTYI !    Thank you Csilla!!!!!

For Miss Csilla for being our GUEST TEASER on January 16, 2018

Where were these photos taken?    They were taken from the CLOCK TOWER in the Musee’ d’Orsay in Paris, France.    If you study the “out the window” shot you might see some familiar looking architectural styles – very Parisian, Oui?    If you aren’t familiar with this wonderful museum, it’s right on the Seine in the middle of Paris and contains an AMAZING collection of fabulous things – Csilla sent this video which you may enjoy taking a peek at……it’s like a tour of the museum!    Thank you so much Csilla – my Mom and Dad have been to Paris TWICE and never had a chance to see this museum but you can bet they will try if they ever get to go back!




Obviously the family of Da Phenny was ALERT and on the ball yesterday when the Teaser photo popped up because it wasn’t long before they guessed it!    This is for you:

For Being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018!

We had some other folks who guessed it right too – if you were one of those lucky peeps, help yourself to one of these to show off!

I knew the TEASER on Jan. 16, 2018 but I wasn’t FIRST to guess….oh well…..!

And if you were clueless or wrong……..you get a GREENIE!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 but I got a GREENIE anyway!

Now our fabulous cheerleading team will memorialize this moment for you winners (and losers) with a cheer – take it away girls!

Yesterday we had a Teaser
That certainly was a real crowd pleaser
Miss Jackie and Da Phenny both commented FIRST
Everyone else must have been cursed!
Then back came Phenny ready for a fight –
He was the very first one to GUESS THE PHOTO RIGHT!
It was in Paris in the Musee d’Orsay’s old clock tower
He got that right – he must have SUPER POWER!
Phenny won TWICE so he got more than one badge!
The rest of you get screamed at by Miss Madge!

Thanks ladies – that was inspiring to say the least……………..who knows – next Tuesday YOU might know the Teaser and YOU might get your name into one of the team’s fabulous cheers!!

I promise to study super hard Professors so I can win something next week!

Me too although I might have a gig in Vegas next week doing my Elvis impression so might not be in class…..

And I’m going with him as his personal drummer!!!!

Elvis? Groovy!

Well we will see you next week in class everyone………………thank you for paying attention in class today.   We only had one sleeper and I do believe Sarge took care of him.

WAKE UP!!!!!!



Professors Sammy and Teddy (at your service!)

Teaser Tuesday in the New Year



Presenting as promised – the NEW Ding Dong School!!!

WOW! This is our new school???

It’s swell but where is the door???? How do we get in????   Is there a cat flap?

Ding a Ling Dang Do…..It’s Tuesday!

ALRIGHT!   Follow me students – I’ll show you ONE TIME where the door is and ONE TIME only!!!!   So pay attention!

Attention students! 

As soon as you leave a comment get seated – the Profs are here!

Blue is my favorite color – I like this classroom!!

GOOD MORNING CLASS!    Yes indeed – first Teaser of the new year…….I hope you’re all ready to work hard here in our brand new and modern,  Ding Dong School, and show off your vast knowledge of geography.   

So let’s get things underway!

Hopefully you remembered (thanks to Marge) that you need to comment on this blog before you even take a seat because you MIGHT BE FIRST……….and if you are you get one of our New Years badges.    In fact, this one:

YES we know that it’s not New Year’s Day but we labeled all the badges for today’s Teaser as if it was – because it’s our way of celebrating a NEW YEAR of teasing.    Now please remember when you make a guess as to WHERE the Teaser photo was taken, you need to include all the information!

  1. What is the name of the town/village/city and what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) was the photo taken in???????
  2. Also just resist the temptation to use some kind of computer program to tell you WHERE the photo was taken………..you’d rather figure it out for yourself right?   Sure you would!!!

Let’s see if our Cheerleading crew has sobered up from their New Year’s Eve bash…………….I hear it was QUITE a party!

Here we are with our Tuesday cheer
We’d rather be sleeping than stuck in here.
We partied hearty yes it’s true
But dragged ourselves to school to be with you.
We hope you can win a New Years badge
If you don’t win one you might have to deal with Madge!
We’ll be back tomorrow to tell you who wins.
By then we’ll feel better and the room won’t spin!

OK girls – I hope you’ve learned a lesson…………you’re too young to be partying all night – especially little Binky – what will she think of us at Ding Dong School!!!

HA! Binky was the first to do the Twerk with the captain of the football team!!!

Well, let’s move on shall we?    Mr. Security Guard would you please bring in today’s Teaser photo and post it on our brand new classroom bulletin board?????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted


Yep – it looks like a bit of a “doozy”……………….any idea where this was taken?    Step right up and make a guess and win a badge!!!

Here are the other New Years badges up for grabs……………..

Get that THINKING CAT on and figure the Teaser out!!

Miss Dingleberry and her staff are thrilled with the new cafeteria and kitchen here in the new Ding Dong School………………….Miss Dingleberry brought her old snack tent along with her from the OLD Ding Dong School and has prepared a little “let’s pretend the weather is nice enough for a cookout” kind of lunch.    Enjoy it at your desk THEN feel free to go outside and play on the new playground equipment!     We will be back in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL……………….don’t forget where the front door is……………

Oh, and if there are any parrots who drop by school today, Miss Dingleberry’s BURD food consultant has prepared these delights:

(Kismet – your “all you can eat” BURD BUFFET)

I foresee NOBODY remembering where the front door to the school is tomorrow…….


Teaser Tell All and More


Time to Get The Scoop!

Hello Students – I hope by now you have managed to gain at least five or six pounds from all the food and treats you got for the holidays AND you’ve picked out your favorite “NEW TOY” that Santa Paws brought to you – because if all of that is true – then you’re probably ready to SIT STILL in class today while we tell you who won what for Teaser this week!

Too much food here…..can’t keep my eyes open!

I think someone slipped some caffeine in my kibble!

First we’ll begin by telling you WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER……………..but wait – that FIRST COMMENTER was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    That’s right – a double win!   How cool is that and what a good way to start of the PRE-NEW YEARS EVE celebrations.   Wanna know who it was??   Do ya?   OK!

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

Miss Csilla – these are for YOU!   

It was an interesting Teaser day – we waited and waited and wondered if anyone was up early on the day after Christmas – or whether it would be a long time before someone commented – it was SEVERAL minutes indeed but Miss Csilla was here and then others woke up and arrived and before you knew it, the guesses were flying.    But Miss Csilla was FIRST!

It was NOT a Guest Teaser photo – Mom posted it – and we wondered if most would think it was European – some little snowy village………but in fact, it WAS taken in Vail, Colorado!    Some gorgeous place isn’t it???   Know what else?   SEVERAL of you knew it where it was……….here’s the photo again:

The other Teaser Guessers who guessed Vail, Colorado will get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

And if you were WRONG with your guess but still gave it a try – this special Christmas Greenie is for you!

I was wrong with my Guess on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017 but at least I TRIED!

The Cheer Squad wants to honor the Double Winner with a cheer………………go girls go!

Miss Csilla you surely did it up right!
Seeing TWO badges for you is quite a grand sight!
You were fast on the draw and commented so fast!
Then you popped back with your guess – such a blast!
You new it was Vail in a resort oh so pretty
While we thought there would be guesses of some European city!
Congratulations to you from the cheer team at school
The Professors now know you’re not easy to fool!!
Rippy Tippy Too

Of course next week we’ll be starting a new year of Teasers……………Our BIG SURPRISE for you students of geography is that we will have class in a brand new school!    Miss Dingleberry and all the gang are going to still be with us there………..we will just have a “new look”.    Swell huh?

In addition to new surroundings, we will have – YET AGAIN – new badges.    New year – new badges.   The Graphics Department around here is exhausted because we’ve kept them designing and producing new badges on OVERTIME but we like to keep things new and interesting AND besides, new badges means you can add even more great BLING to your collection at home!    So make sure and keep on studying!

Studying?   What’s that? 

Well that’s why YOU are wearing the DUNCE CAP!    You obviously do not know what studying is!

We will see you next week Class…..we hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


This is Pam, the Professor’s Mom – I wanted to share something with you all – some of you who are Cat Scouts saw this on the Scouts site before Christmas but others probably haven’t and it’s just so special to ME I wanted to show it to you.    Sammy was a Cat Scouts for several years and was the Troop Leader of the WILDCATS Troop – he (and I !) had a great time being involved with Scouts and when he became an Angel on Dec. 2, 2016 it was a sad time at Scouts AND for us as well.    He still visits Cat Scouts – as an Angel Scout – but when we went by Scouts on Christmas Day, we saw his picture on the front page along with an invitation to follow a link to see him telling a Christmas story – it led to a You Tube creation that the “Denmaster” of Cat Scouts (who runs the site and is the leader) Karen Nichols, had done in Sammy’s honor.    It is grand…….it’s fun……..it’s sweet…….but it made me cry as I “heard” my boy Sammy talking and telling a hilarious story.    It’s fun to see………I’m providing the link here if you’d like to hear and see it too.    My thanks to all Cat Scouts Moms who have sent me a note to tell me they loved it.   I wish I could take credit for it but the credit is Denmaster’s – her idea – and a TOTAL surprise to us!     Please enjoy………..and Merry Christmas Week!


Love, Pam

Teaser Tuesday Day After Christmas Style!


Where is everyone?  Oh yeah – they are probably COMMENTING!!!!!   

Don’t forget to comment because you might be first and win this!

We’ll announce winners tomorrow!!

Hello Class!   I hope all of you had an AMAZING Christmas and that Santa was very good to you just as you have been so very GOOD to everyone around you all year long right?   RIGHT?  Speak up a little!!!


OK – that was plenty loud.   I hear that………..I think the entire schoolhouse heard that.   Anyway, where was I  – oh yes – Teddy and I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family, friends and FOOD.

For today remember that you must include all the pertinent information in your guess in order to win a badge………you must tell me what town/village/city AND what country (if not in the USA) or what state (if in the USA) the photo was taken OK.   As always we ask that you not use some kind of computer program to load the photo in and let it answer the question of where it is – heck that’s no fun – it’s more fun if you LOOK and FIGURE IT OUT!    OK

Now remember I have some SPECIAL CHRISTMAS badges up for grabs today and let me show you what a grand job our Graphics Department at Ding Dong School has done.   If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today here’s the one you win:

And if you are RIGHT with your guess but not FIRST to be right you get this one:

And for those of you who are NOT right with your guess – you get a special Christmas Greenie!

So get to studying as soon as we pop the photo on the blackboard and you just might win a little BLING for your collection of Teaser BLING!

How about we bring in our little Cheerleading Team for a bit of Christmas cheer???

We hope Santa brought you lots of stuff!
If not, let us know cuz we can get pretty rough!
We’ll hop on a sleigh and visit the Pole
We’ll have a little talk with him and heads will roll!
Now get to work and figure out the Teaser
Cuz Binky says if you’re right she might let you squeeze her!

Good job ladies!   Excellent!   Glad to see the Christmas spirit is lasting into the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS too!

OK Mr. Security Guard – bring us the challenge of the week would you please???

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

OK class – give it your best shot and tomorrow we will let you know how you did and WHO wins what!

I foresee SOMEONE getting this one RIGHT !!

No kidding!   I’m sure SOMEONE will……….maybe several someones.


Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff has some snacks for you today……….not Christmas stuff because it’s “Christmas Plus One” and we figure you’re all turkey’d out by now so she just has some light eats for us all.

Roast beef, ham!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Hot chocolate bar

Enjoy your food then go outside and freeze your “WHATSIS” off while you play on the playground equipment………………..then tomorrow we’ll hand out the AWARDS for your hard work and effort at the Teaser today!!

Thanks Professors and Miss D !  See you tomorrow……

Merry Christmas PLUS ONE from the Professors……..!