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Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Come along team – we can let the Professors know it’s a GO for class!”

Good Morning Students!   Don’t forget to comment – you might be FIRST!

Hope everyone is fully awake and ready to participate in our Tuesday ritual of figuring out WHERE a photo was taken – if you’re the first to figure it out of course you win a badge but we have other badges for other accomplishments associated with today’s mystery photo so stay tuned.

“I’m fully awake – and I studied all weekend so let’s get this party started!!”

We like your attitude Sylvester.    Let’s start things off with the rules and badges shall we?   Guess what – we have NEW badges today – in honor of the fact that Summer arrives this month (unless you’re in the other hemisphere when I guess it’s Winter coming????).    Anyway, here’s everything you need to know:

So there’s the new crop of badges for you to win – that means you need to pay attention when we show you today’s photo WHICH is a GUEST TEASER!     Tomorrow at Tell All Class we’ll find out who sent in the photo AND who wins what badges.

“I’ve gotta win a badge – those are coolio!”

Let’s go ahead and get our photo security guard to bring out today’s Teaser………….the sooner the better for you to begin figuring this one out!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Alright – this one ought to put your powers of investigation to the test.   Not much in the way of clues and WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING???  A UFO?    Well that’s up to you to figure out.   We’ll tell you everything we know which was sent in by our GUEST TEASER person tomorrow.    GOOD LUCK!

Let’s bring on the Cheer Team – if anyone can cheer you up – it’s THEM!

Goodness gracious there are no clues
This Teaser photo might give you the blues!
Your powers of investigation will really be needed
If we cheer your name tomorrow you’ll know you succeeded!
We know you’ll try hard because the new badges are cool
But no cheating allowed – that’s the Ding Dong rule!!

Thanks ladies……………………….now those of you who need some sustenance to have the energy to work on this Teaser photo – let’s go get lunch………I hear Miss Dingleberry is going to begin serving some breakfast items too – in case you were getting a late start at home this morning and didn’t have time to eat!

Hello Students!   Time for some refreshment……we have some breakfast items and the usual lunch items – get energized with some food then hit the books hard and figure out that impossible Teaser!

What’s On The Menu?

When you’re ready to head home class – just pop on the bus and we’ll make sure you get home safely – and GOOD LUCK with the Teaser challenge today – it’s a whopper!

Your Professors


Tuesday Teaser Time


Ringy Dingy – Time For Teaser Tuesday Class – REMEMBER TO COMMENT!

Security Perimeter Check completed Professors – no issues discovered – my Team and I say GO TO IT FOR CLASS !!

Greetings students!   It’s time to tease……….and we’re ready – are you?

Ready to boogie Professors!

Well we may not be doing a lot of boogie-ing in class but we sure will be testing your geography knowledge today…………………..but before we do ANYTHING, let’s review the rules of engagement for guessing and maybe winning on TEASER TUESDAY shall we?    We’ll also show you the badges up for grabs today………

There you have it students…………….the rules and the badges………………….now are you ready to get a WAKE UP CALL from your Cheer Team?


Scooby Doo and Jiminy Cricket
You Professors know a tough Teaser and how to pick it!
This photo could be from ANYWHERE
Even those with a brain might need a spare!
We hope you students are up to the task today
GOOD LUCK and GOOD GUESSING is all we can say
We’ll be back tomorrow to sing and shout
So try your best today and please don’t POUT!

Thanks ladies – I think you did a great job considering from what I hear you five spent most of the weekend at the pub, beach, and on your Harleys – We don’t know how you do it but we guess being YOUNG helps!

Bein’ young isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Let’s bring in our guard who is charged with making sure there is no PEEKING of the photo for Teaser every week………………………!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Alright students………………..WHERE was this photo taken?    Good luck!    Now who wants lunch?   HMM???????    Let’s go!   Tomorrow we’ll meet again and see who wins what so STUDY HARD and GUESS when you’re ready.

Ahhh!  Lunch time!   Our favorite time of the day (well maybe next to going home anyway!).   Here’s today’s goodies:


Good Luck Students!   See you in class tomorrow!   



Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


Looking very SPRINGY this morning!   Where are Clowie and her team??

Here we are Profs!  All is well – LET TUESDAY TEASER BEGIN!!!

COMMENT FIRST then have a seat in class……..

Happy Tuesday students………we realized this morning we might be the only school for miles and miles that is still holding classes !    Time to have some fun……let’s get started shall we?

Uhoh…..I’m gonna be in twouble for being late…..my bike wouldn’t start!

First let’s show you the rules – remember to follow them – no taking the easy way out class.

And your badges up for grabs:

I sure want one of these Spring badges……!

Today’s photo is courtesy of our hard working Graphics Department.     We are having a tough time fooling you lately class no matter how tough we THINK the Teaser photo will be.   Maybe this time we will at least give you a CHALLENGE to figure it out.    Ready?????


Teaser Photo Security – please report to Geography Classroom with this week’s photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

There you have it…………………..we actually rethought our previous comment about this being a TOUGHIE and it might in fact be an EASY…………..what do you think?    Ready to guess?   Good – go for it.  Maybe you’ll be FIRST or maybe you won’t but you’ll be RIGHT – you could win a badge!  OH BOY!

Alright class – put your brains in gear and figure this out!  OR ELSE!

You don’t want Sarge upset with you so get to work class…………now if you’d like to have some lunch to THINK better, head to the cafeteria – but if you feel you’re ready to tackle the photo now, you can work in class then go to lunch.   Just make sure you don’t miss your bus for home!    Heaven forbid you have to spend the night in the school because it’s locked up!

WHAT????  I don’t wanna be here all night!

Just FYI, the Cheerleading Squad is practicing social distancing today by staying home.   Actually they just weren’t in the mood to show up to school so in order to avoid them going on strike, we’re letting them get away with it today BUT they promise to be back tomorrow to cheer on the winners and BOO HOO for the losers!


Today’s Amazing Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in class tomorrow students!  Good Luck!   Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser St. Patrick’s Day


“OK Team……all is well on campus – let’s go greet students arriving for class!”

“Greetings Students!   It’s Professor Sammy O’Kimmell reminding you to COMMENT before you take a seat!”

You all look fabulous………..come on in and let’s get Tuesday Teaser underway shall we?     First let’s talk RULES and BADGES……………….

We’re sure you will try extra hard to figure out the Teaser this week to get one of the special Saint Patrick’s Day celebration badges…………….so put on your thinking caps and let’s go!

Everyone should have a thinking cap – I mean cat like that!


We have a GUEST TEASER this week………………….it’s also just a pretty photo PERIOD regardless of the fact it’s our Teaser photo of the week.    Let’s get our Security Guard to bring it in so you can start studying.

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WHERE was this photo taken everyone?    City/Town and Country if outside US or State if inside the US.     READY?   SET?   GO!!!!

Our perky Cheer Team is all set to get you off on the right foot (or paw as the case may be) for guessing………………………

Here we are to give a cheer
Then to the pub we go for some nice green beer!
Those of you in costumes did a really swell job
Maybe for lunch today we’ll have green corn on the cob!
We wish you all some luck of the Irish and that’s no lie
Happy Saint Pat’s Teaser Day now STUDY hard and TRY!

Thanks ladies – by the way, there’s no green corn on the cob in the cafeteria today – green food coloring and yellow corn would make BLUE corn and we thought BLUE CORN ON THE COB might be a little – well – scary.

Gosh I’m hungry enough that I’d probably eat blue corn!!!

Alright students………………..let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch then you can come back and study a bit until it’s time to load up the school bus for home.   Remember tomorrow we will TELL ALL and hand out badges to those who win one (or two).

Ahhhh my little leprechauns – come on in and enjoy your lunch for St. Patty’s Day!

Today’s O’Menu!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK Students – we’ll see you tomorrow in class at regular time!  HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY!

Your Professors!




Teaser Tell All New Years Day



I bet some of you are still recovering from your New Year’s Eve fun OR maybe you even stopped by class on your way home from your New Year’s Eve fun?     Well you will be happy to hear that because we know you’d rather all be home in BED we will have a short class today.    Long enough to give you info on the Teaser photo and tell you WHO WON WHAT!

Yeah I partied all night and I’m getting..yawn…sleepy!

Me too – I need coffee!

OK – well, we get the message – let’s move on and let you know FIRST of all who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday!

Drumroll Please!

We had THREE First Commenters and one of them was a First Commenter for the THIRD week in a row!   That was Timmy!   AND joining him:  Sharon of Friends Furever and Csilla of Kolytyi !!


You all get one of these!!!   Special congratulations to Timmy for a “THREEBIE” !   (and by the way, Miss Sharon has TWO in a row so she is up for a THREEBIE next Tuesday)

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the New Year’s Eve Teaser!!!

Say – that Timmy guy is cute….wonder if he’d like to date a chihuahua chick??

Here’s the photo from yesterday AND the details on it – THEN we’ll let you know who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………….

This my friends is the Palais de Stormont which is now the Belfast, Ireland Parliament Building (Northern Ireland Assembly).     WOW…….formal looking joint isn’t it.  And it’s a palace but looks more like it found its’ calling being a government building doesn’t it!     It’s got quite an interesting history too – if you’d like to read about it just CLICK HERE.  

WHO was the lucky student who guessed CORRECTLY before anyone else did?????

Drumroll Please!

CSILLA !!!!   

WOOO HOOOO Miss Csilla

So Csilla was one of the three FIRST COMMENTERS and also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of this Teaser!!!   For you Miss Csilla:

I was the First Right Guesser for the Teaser of New Year’s Eve !!

Interesting how things turned out this week huh?   Congratulations to everyone – and by the way there were others who guessed RIGHT and if you did you get one of these:

I guessed right on the Teaser of New Year’s Eve Day BUT I was not FIRST!

And of course there were some of you who guessed incorrectly – it was a bit of a toughie in some ways and some of you bravely guessed but were wrong – this is your reward:

I was WRONG with my guess on the New Year’s Eve Teaser….but I still got a badge!!

So there you have it – the first day of a new year and we’ve taken care of the LAST Teaser of 2019.   Next week will be the first Teaser of the new year.    WOW.    Time flies when you’re having fun eh????



Alright already – we get the hint – you’re ready to go home for the rest of the day and we think that’s a good idea considering your condition.


There are some exceptions to the snorers in class and we appreciate that but it’s time for all of you to get on the school bus and head for home and your beds.    We fully expect all of you to be WIDE AWAKE and ready to rock for next week’s Teaser though!


OK – grab a hot chocolate to go and a New Years Fortune Cookie and pop on the bus – see you next Tuesday.

Make sure the top is on your drink – no spills in the bus!

Hope your fortune is a good one!

See you next week!  HAPPY  NEW YEAR!!!   Your Professors