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Teaser Tell All Time


Hello Students!   Come in and take a seat….

It’s time for us to spill the beans about yesterday’s Teaser photo…….are you ready?

YES indeed!



Sure am!

Alright then let’s go…………………..first of all I will let you know who our FIVE (yes I said FIVE) First Commenters yesterday were!    Now we know that’s a “bumper crop” of Firsties but we are confident (mostly) that the Cheer Team will take that in their stride when it comes to doing their cheer later………..it’s a big load of names for sure!    The winners of the new FIRST COMMENTER badge are:

Phenny, Kitties Blue, Friends Furever, The Cat On My Head, Two Devon Cats, and Kolytyi!

This is for you!

I was one of FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Sept. 11, 2018

Concatulations First Commenters!!

I WANTED to get up early but MOM made me sleep in!!!

Now here’s the photo we used yesterday – it was one of my Mom’s………………..

This is the beautiful “Luray Singing Tower” – a carillion tower with 47 bells that was built in the town of Luray, Virginia by the Luray Caverns, in 1937.    Here’s a link to more information if you’d like to learn something about it.   Mom and Dad have heard the bells and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!    CLICK HERE

So who was the lucky ducky who figured this one out FIRST yesterday??????

Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS!



You are the FIRST to get the new FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 11, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

And several others guessed it right after Miss Jackie did……………..all of YOU get this new badge:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of Sept. 11, 2018 BUT I wasn’t FIRST !! Darn!

Then of course we have a new Greenie for those of you who guessed but guessed incorrectly………………

I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of Sept. 11, 2018 but at least I tried!!

Our Art Department at Ding Dong Sheep School hopes you like the new badges……………….they worked hard to have them ready for this week!!

Big Cheer for All our Winners This Week?


Gosh, I didn’t realize we had so many people in our audience today…………………..(cough cough).

Well time to have our Cheer Team come in and cheer their little socks off for all of our winners today………………..we had a bunch of them and I hope they got a good soak in the hot tub before they came – they will be in a good mood!

Holy Mackerel and Golly Gee
Lotsa winners from A to Z
First Commenters were FIVE and that’s a lot
Their names will take up all the time we’ve got!
Phenny and Friends Forever were two of the FIVE
Two Devon Cats, Cat on my Head, and Csilla TOO and that’s no jive!
A few minutes later we had a RIGHT GUESS
It was Two Devon Cats again – Miss Jackie was the BEST!
We’d love to stay longer and cheer some more
But we’re exhausted from this cheer so we’ll leave the floor
On to the hot tub where we need a good soak
This cheer wore us out and THAT’s no joke!!

OK Team – we know it was a challenge with five First Commenters……………sorry about that but you did a good job.   Now go get your soakie time!!   I see Sarge is already enjoying his time off today:

This was a great Teaser……………..and who knows what we’ll find for you NEXT week!    Anyone who has a photo they’d like featured on our Teaser Tuesday should send it in to our Mom via our email address.   We’re always looking for TOUGHIES!

So who’s UP for lunch????????

Alright Sheep – it’s time to graze!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a good rest of the week students!    See you next Monday for our PRE-TEASE class!   

Your Professors


Pre-Tease Monday


Hoooo-Haaaaa It’s Time To Prime for Teaser!

Here we are…….starting another epically epic week at Ding Dong School with our regular feature – PRE-TEASE MONDAY!     It’s also Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day but we did a separate post for that today.

Let’s talk TEASE shall we?    This week we have another fabulous Guest Teaser for you………….we aren’t sure if you will think it’s impossible or maybe it’s an easy peasy one.   That will be up to you to decide!

The BIGGEST DEAL for tomorrow will be that you won’t know when our post will pop into your inbox AND you must hurry up and comment on the post the minute you DO see it because you might be our FIRST COMMENTER!

Last week Miss Csilla was our FIRST COMMENTER and you don’t want her to win TWO IN A ROW do you???????  No – so be on your toes (or paws).

Now just one other announcement before we bring Suzie in for a little CHEER to get your blood stirred up……………today after class and before your recess, Miss Dingleberry is going to be serving us a FABULOUS lunch!    It’s “SOUTHERN FRIED” day here at school – we’ll have fried chicken and all the other fixins for your crunchy/munchy pleasure before you go outside and swing or teeter-totter or climb the monkey bars or chase each other and get all sweaty.   Sounds good right?   Right!

BUT FIRST………………..

Here we are with another tease
You’re all so cute I could give you a squeeze!
Miss Dingleberry has fixed us lunch
Southern fried chicken has a wonderful crunch!
Greasy food is my best friend
Even though it gives me “wind”
I wish you luck on tomorrow’s test
You’ve gotta be FAST to be the best….
So be here early with your brain in gear
Or I just might spank you on your…..um……ARM
(yeah I know it doesn’t rhyme – just use your imagination!)

Thanks Suzie!    That was SWELL…………wasn’t it everyone?

WOW…..is it just me or does class seem bigger than usual today????

I hope Miss Dingleberry has made enough food……………..

Hey – wait a minute….this isn’t your USUAL class Professors!!

Yes we don’t know what happened Miss Dingleberry but I guess your fame as a fabulous cook must have spread far and wide………………….no worries – I’ll handle it!

Attention Crowd!   If you are only here for lunch, BEAT IT.  That’s right – lunch is for our registered Geography Class participants only!   The rest of you go up the street and eat at the GOLDEN ARCHES – yeah – them – they have a grease fest there every single day!  

OK Miss Dingleberry – all those freeloaders are gone………..bring on the food!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now this is what I call EATING!!!!!  Hey Teddy, hand me a pile of napkins will ya????!

We’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER!

P.S.  Don’t forget this Thursday, August 31st is Shopping Around The World!   This month is “SNACKS” – share your favorite recipe, list of ingredients and prices and hopefully a photo of your masterpiece on your blog and link to PIGLOVE where Bacon lives!!     We’re hosting this month as a favor to Bacon and his Mom!

Tuesday Teaser



Are you ready??  Did you study?   Good!

Before we tackle the photo of the day – remember, the first person to COMMENT on today’s blog (or PERSONS as we often have a tie!) will win this badge:TEASERBADGESUMMER16-1

Today we have a challenge Teaser………yep – this one is an old photo that was sent in……….and the color was off a little which I tried to correct but you’ll just have to struggle along as best you can!  Since I know how hard you studied last night (what?  Huh?  You didn’t study?  How can this be?!?!)………..anyway, since you supposedly studied, maybe this one will be easy for you.   Shall we begin?

I will remind you that I need to know what town/village/city and what state (if you think it’s in the USA) or country the photo was taken in……….OK????   Partial guess is a partial win!

Let’s see if our little Teaser Powerhouse of a Cheerleader is ready to whip you all into a frenzy this morning !!    SUZIE?   Wake this crowd up girl!

Rinky dinky pinky Gym socks can get stinky Cheers to all you Teasers I'm a real crowd pleaser! The photo today is moldy A real super ancient oldie So squint and strain those eyes Gimme a big surprise! Guess this one and be FIRST OR ELSE YOU WILL BE CURSED!!!!!!

Rinky dinky pinky
Gym socks can get stinky
Cheers to all you Teasers
I’m a real crowd pleaser!
The photo today is moldy
A real super ancient oldie
So squint and strain those eyes
Gimme a big surprise!
Guess this one and be FIRST

Uhhhhh…………………………thanks Suzie…………you did fairy well until you threatened everyone with a curse.   I suppose that Aunt Grizelda of yours will be zapping everyone who isn’t FIRST with a curse?   Isn’t that just a bit HARSH???

OH BOY! My curses are a little rusty but I'll practice!

OH BOY! My curses are a little rusty but I’ll practice!

Well thanks Aunt Grizelda, I think for now we’re going to SKIP the curse thing – I’ll contact you after Halloween – I’m sure you’re gonna be BUSY until then anyway!

Mr. Silver Briefcase Guy, you’re up now – time to display the PAWSOME photograph for our class to look at and figure out………………GO FOR IT!

Here's today's photo, Professor......I'll escort Aunt Grizelda out of the classroom for you!

Here’s today’s photo, Professor……I’ll escort Aunt Grizelda out of the classroom for you!


Where was this photo taken????????????????????

Here’s what’s being offered up today for those of you who guess the Teaser…………..for the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:


For everyone else who guesses right:


For you losers guessers who are wrong with your  answer:


YAY!   Everyone is a winner………………….so put on your thinking cap (or your dunce cap) and get guessing!

I will re-convene class tomorrow morning bright and early and we’ll find out who wins what and most importantly WHERE this photo was taken!!!



The Prof………..

Tuesday Teaser


Wake Up Class! 

I can see you drifting off…….!


Time to sit up straight in your desk chair and pay attention because we’re about to have a test…..that’s right…..a test to see who can figure out where today’s Teaser photo was taken!


Before we do that – remember to comment on this blog – the FIRST PERSON to comment on this blog after it goes live today will win this adorable (cough cough) badge!

TEASERBADGESUMMER16-1You know you want it so go comment then come back and continue with the post and today’s TEASER PHOTO!

While we’re waiting for you to come back, I’ll have SuzieQ provide some motivation for all you sleepy students and all you who need a poke from Suzie to be inspired on Tuesday mornings.   READY?

Today we've got a goodie! A Teaser from a guest! So take off your hoodie And do your very best! Whoever is right FIRST Will get a coolio badge, Whoever is the WORST Gets a kiss from Cousin Madge! Now get to work you peeps Don't make me yell too loud Don't give me the creeps By embarrassing this crowd!

Today we’ve got a goodie!
A Teaser from a guest!
So take off your hoodie
And do your very best!
Whoever is right FIRST
Will get a coolio badge,
Whoever is the WORST
Gets a kiss from Cousin Madge!
Now get to work you peeps
Don’t make me yell too loud
Don’t give me the creeps
By embarrassing this crowd!

Here’s Cousin Madge by the way………………………….




Everybody back?  Good – on with the show……………….Mr. Silver Briefcase, would you pretty please with sugar and sprinkles and candy canes and peppermint sticks and chocolate sauce and a cheery on top bring in the photo for us??????

Here's our TEASER photo Professor !

Here’s our TEASER photo Professor !


SO, where was this photo taken AND what is this structure we’re seeing in this photo???????????   Give it to me straight class – and whoever is FIRST with the correct answer will get this:


AND Whoever is RIGHT but is not FIRST – will get this:


AND whoever is WRONG gets a GREENIE!!


You can’t lose – you get a badge no matter what!

So, what are you waiting for…………get to studying/checking your databases, google, brochures, globes and whatever else you need to figure it out and post the scoop on this photo!   Tomorrow at our Tell All I’ll tell you WHO our Guest Teaser was and WHO wins what!

Ready, Set, Go!

I'll be in my office for the rest of the day class....hiding from Cousin Madge......

I’ll be in my office for the rest of the day class….hiding from Cousin Madge……

Teaser Tell All


Tell It Like It Is Professor Sam!

Attention class! No more spitballs or paper airplanes - it's time to get serious!

Attention class! No more spitballs or paper airplanes – it’s time to get serious!

It’s time for the Tell All………………


Well yesterday’s geography class was an interesting one.   We got to see an interesting fountain in a nameless place and your job last night for homework was to figure out WHERE that fountain was…………..how did you do on the assignment????????????   Well, before we talk about that, let’s look at that photo again OK???


This fabulous photo was sent to us for a Teaser by our buddies and pals, Flynn and his Mom Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats (Eric and Flynn) and wow was it a doozy!    Thank you Flynn for giving everyone a headache yesterday as they tried like heck to figure this one out!   This is for you and your Mum!

Thanks Flynn and Mum Jackie for the Teaser photo of 4/26/16

Thanks Flynn and Mum Jackie for the Teaser photo of 4/26/16

Wanna know where this is????   Well it’s in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in St. Austell, Cornwall, UK.    It’s a most interesting place and I have two links for you to follow to read about it.   But the point is – it was NOT AN EASY TEASER!     Here are two links for you:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Gardens_of_Heligan    (look on the right side of the page and you’ll see this fountain in The Italian Garden!)


We also had a TIE for FIRST COMMENTER!   Fast on the trigger finger (or keyboard I should say) were Easy of Easy Weimaraner and Annie of Animal Couriers.   You BOTH get this!

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 4/26/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 4/26/16

Now, before we get to the Right Guessing part of today’s class, let’s bring in SuzieQ to fire everyone up appropriately!   Suzie?   Let’s keep it simple OK?????

Whadda ya know Now I can crow We have us a winner So on with the show! My cheer is for YOU Our dear Kitties Blue BOOO HOOOOOO For the REST OF YOU!

Whadda ya know
Now I can crow
We have us a winner
So on with the show!
My cheer is for YOU
Our dear Kitties Blue
For the REST OF YOU!

Gosh Suzie – that actually makes sense AND you also gave away the winner for the Teaser (which is NOT your job young lady – it’s MINE!!)    But you’re right we did have a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and it was Kitties Blue!    Here’s your badge gang and concatulations!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 2/26/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 2/26/16

At the time Mom and I did this post nobody else guessed right BUT it’s possible that there were MORE of you who knew OR who jumped on Kitties Blue bandwagon and guessed the same thing after googling to find out!     If so, then you get this badge for your VERY OWN!

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/26/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/26/16

That means the rest of you get a GREENIE this week……………..aren’t you excited?   Hey – Suzie – what are you doing back again????   Wait……..wait………we didn’t say you could cheer again!

Greenie Greenie Don't be a Weenie You all failed You should be jailed Your brains they must be TEENY!

Greenie Greenie
Don’t be a Weenie
You all failed
You should be jailed
Your brains they must be TEENY!

Now that’s more like the SuzieQ we all are used to – mean as a snake!   Well, you certainly insulted everyone today Suzie…………….I think you need a time out……….

So, here’s your GREENIE everyone:

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 4/26/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 4/26/16!

My apologies for SuzieQ but those of you who know her…….well……..you know what I mean!    Please come back NEXT week for another Teaser………maybe it will be easier – maybe it will be another doozy.   It remains to be seen (because Mom hasn’t picked a photo out for next week yet!).


Your Geography Teacher

Professor Sammy

Photo Contest Winners!


And now for the moment you’ve ALLLLLLL been waiting for – the announcement of the two winners of my very first photo contest. 

BUT………first………..I want to thank each and everyone of you who submitted photos (my heroes), each and everyone of you who voted and/or left a comment, and even if you didn’t vote – I hope you enjoyed looking at some VERY entertaining, cute, creative and fun photos of some of my wonderful friends.  This was SO MUCH FUN!

I’m going to tell you who the winners are BUT I’m also going to post the polls so you can look at the actual numbers and who got how many votes. 

SO – without further ado!!

The winner of the “MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO” is the ever lovely, very entertaining Miss Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats!    And Mollie, this little special “blog badge” is for you to put on your blog to show your first prize!!!

The winner of the “ME AND MY FAVORITE TOY PHOTO” is my good buddy and very handsome man about town Cody from CAT CHAT .   Here’s your special “blog badge” is for YOU to put on your blog to show the world that you’re a winner!!!

So you can see what the overall totals are, here are the polls for you to take a last look at!

Now for the prize information………will Mollie and Cody please send your mailing addresses to me?  Email me at junekimm@aol.com and we’ll get your prizes off to you ASAP.   What are the prizes?  You’ll just have to WAIT and see – they are surprises and you can tell everybody about them when you get them…..OK????!!!!!  

Thanks again everybody for giving me and my secretary (aka Mom) a whole lot of smiles and fun over the past several days.  You guys are so much fun…….I hope you’ve had fun too?????????????


Love, Sammy 😀



Time To Vote!

Sam With Tootsie Roll Pop

Welcome To Day One Of My Contest Voting!!

Well, the photos are all in and the submission process is closed but NOW you need to take a peek at the entries and decide which ONE you think is the BEST in each of the two categories. 

All you need to do is put a “dot” in the box of your favorites – there are two separate polls – one for MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO and one for ME AND MY FAVORITE TOY.  Originally I said that there would be only ONE winner – the one entry from both categories that had the most votes.  But I do believe that we have enough prizes (!!) that we can change it to ONE WINNER FOR EACH CATEGORY!!   So that means you vote ONCE in each group of photos OK?  You can CLICK the photos to enlarge them if you want to……..Got it?  Ready?    Without further ado…….


I’m going to keep displaying the polls for the entire voting period – which closes midnight on Wednesday July 25th…..I wanted to give everybody a chance to cast their vote!   Remember, you’re voting for ONE “Most Embarrassing” photo and ONE “Me and My Favorite Toy” photo.  There will be ONE winner in each category and that winner gets PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES!!!!!!  YAY YAY YAY

Good luck to everybody – I wish everybody could win but Mommy isn’t a bazillionaire (yet) and couldn’t buy EVERYBODY a prize even though she would like to.   I do promise they are FUN prizes though….honest.

Kitty  Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀