Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Today We’re THANKFUL with Brian and Poetic with Sammy!

Thursday is our “two posts for one” day – we’re starting off with being Thankful on Thursday with our friend Brian (click badge above) and joining his Thankful Blog Hop.   We all share what we’re thankful for and it’s fun to see what everyone has been thankful for the previous week.   If you click the badge you will go there and you can join up with the rest of us!

I have a kind of silly thankful this week – today is day TWO of some incredible weather here in Virginia.   It’s February and we have two days in a row of almost 80 degrees.   That is TRULY weird.   Oh a “normal” February day, it’s anywhere from 30 -45 degrees and maybe some snow thrown in the mix.   We even DID have snow this past Saturday!    Anyway, it’s been glorious and I’ve been able to get Mom and Dad to take me out on the front porch for some SUN and some fresh air and lots of walks around the yard.   I’ve dug some holes, eaten some grass and rolled around in the dirt!   LIFE IS GOOD.   Tonight cold comes back so I’ve been very THANKFUL for a break!

Onward to part two of our blog today which is when we get to see the poem Angel Sammy sent us for his Poetic Thursday challenge……………


It’s Poetic Thursday my friends…

Nice to be with you all today – Thursday is MY day with what used to be MY blog but my little brother Teddy is now hosting.    He does a great job but gives me some space to do MY thing on Thursdays.    Every week I give you a PHOTO and your challenge is to write a poem about that photo – what does it make you think about, what do you feel when you look at it, what comes to mind, etc.    It’s a lot of fun……..AND everyone can write a poem if you just try.     Honest!     After I share my poem from this past week’s photo, I’ll give you a NEW photo for NEXT Thursday to write a poem about……….

Here was last week’s Photo inspiration:


By Angel Sammy Kimmell   Feb. 22, 2018

There are times when we really want to be alone

No knocks on the door, no ringing telephone

Just relaxing in the quiet of a “newborn” day

No questions asked – so no answers to say

But being alone isn’t always the best

We might have a problem to get off our chest!

We might need some help with a problem or two

Or perhaps there are times when only a hug will do…

Still, it’s important to feel “whole” when we’re just one

For each of us has a journey of our own to be done

The road we each travel is ours to complete

Although having a partner makes the trip much more sweet.


Sometimes it’s good to be alone………..but sometimes we really don’t want to be alone and need a friend or partner to be there for us and with us.    We are though individuals over and above what we are with others so we HAVE to be comfortable within ourselves.   My Mom says she learned this when she was single after being married the first time!!   She didn’t know how to be ONE – she only knew how to be HALF of two!     I was always alone being an “only kitty” but to tell you the truth, I was always MUCH happier when my Mom and Dad were there with me………….  That was the inspiration for my poem today.    And “ALONE” was the first thing that popped into my head when I wrote my poem for today.   

Did you write a poem?   If you did, how about giving us the link to your poem in my comments?   We can ALL read it!   If you didn’t write one – join us next week……I promise you’ll have fun.    Now for next week’s photo inspiration!!

This one ought to be fun right?   I’ll see you next week – can’t wait to see what you do with this photo…………’s thought-provoking for sure!   

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks my brother!    That was a doozy of a poem…………….and I’ll be looking forward to next Thursday when we get together again to be THANKFUL and to read POETRY together!!!

Hugs, Teddy


We learned this morning that Sarge – Blogville’s favorite pawlice chief and friend to all, has left for the Rainbow Bridge.   We hadn’t heard from him in a long time and then when we did – it was this sad news……..we will always remember this special guy.   You can leave a message for his family HERE

Tuesday Teaser


Hi Everybody!  It’s that time again………..time to put on your thinking caps, click the photo to make it larger so you can SEE it (even with a magnifying glass!), and scratch your head and search your memory banks to see if you can guess WHERE my parents were on vacation for THIS photo taking session.

Every time I say “this one is easy” it isn’t…….so I’m not going to say that (I might think it though..tee hee). 

So – hit me with your best shot gang………….whatcha think?

Don’t forget you can click to enlarge!

Sammy Sez:  “Mom – you REALLY need to do better centering these photos on your scanner before I upload them…..!!!”

Mom Sez:  “Hush Sammy – maybe the whole world is cockeyed and the picture is actually STRAIGHT – did you ever think of that????”

 See you tomorrow…..Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Oh goodie!  It’s Tuesday Teaser time!  This time the STAR of the show is my Dad.  Again, it’s from the great “Honeymoon Collection” my parents have in one of their photo albums and I snuck the picture out this afternoon and scanned it on Mom’s printer JUST FOR YOU! 

My Parents Honeymoon

Any ideas where this was snapped? Hmmmmm???

So here it is and I’m wondering if you can figure out WHERE in the world were they when Mom snapped this picture of Dad????

Now there might be a few clues in the photo architecturally speaking (!) but I can tell you that it was taken in early September 1990 while my parents made their way on their great honeymoon tour of Europe.  He looks kind of content doesn’t he?  He said he thought he was kind of saying “Let’s move here Honey” or “What a life!” or “We’ve GOT to come back here for a longer visit” or something along those lines. 

So whatcha think gang?  Any guesses? 

Sammy, The Tuesday Teaser Guy

Tuesday Teaser

Mystery Photo

Where is this pretty little town?

Happy Tuesday Teaser Gang!  Here’s another “where was this taken” kind of mystery photo…..YES there’s canals through the town and YES there are cobblestone streets and YES there’s beautiful old architecture and YES there are pretty flower boxes on the fence along the water.

But where were my Mom and Dad visiting when they took this photo?

Tee Hee…….isn’t Tuesday Teaser FUN FUN FUN?????