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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day



Graphic by Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey

A Day To Remember………………….

Those who came before me……….who loved my Mom and Dad as much as I do………who left to wait for the rest of us when our time comes to welcome us with open arms.

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Thank you for being part of my Mom’s life – and keeping her heart warm until I came along!

Love, Sammy

Special thanks to Zee and Zoey and Deb Barnes for creating this special day to honor their rainbow kitty Jazz……we are happy to join in their blog hop today for this occasion.

Life On A Leash

Awww...My Baby Picture!

Little Me

When I first came to live with Mom and Dad I had no idea that they intended to attach a “string” to me to keep me from wandering off.  I thought I’d continue being the wild child that I had learned to be when living under an old house on my own before the BIG MAN from the shelter came to capture me and take me away.  Well, considering what could have happened to me all on my own like I was, I suppose I was glad he’d rescued me and brought me to a safe place, but I wasn’t too crazy about it – believe me!  That is until my parents adopted me and brought me home.  Back to the “string” thing though……my parents had a cat before me that was ALMOST caught by some foxes in their back yard so they decided when they brought ME home, that I would only go outside with them, and only if I was on a string (they called it a leash).  I was too little for a regular cat harness so Mom bought a harness that was made for (gasp) a ferret at the pet store!  HAHA  I went along with it – even though I couldn’t wander like I wanted to.  Still, Mom and Dad were cool – they let me explore and sniff and dig and would even let go of my leash and let me run as long as they were there to watch over me.  Way cool. 
As time went on (and my harnesses got larger), they decided to let me explore the yard without the leash and harness as long as it was daylight and one of them was with me at all times.  That was better.  They had this cool path down into the woods and I stayed close to my Mom or Dad like a good little guy so I got to REALLY explore and discover the wonderful world of dirt.  I had a favorite spot – it was a high place where a big pile of dirt had been put when they were building our house.  I’d sit up there and watch the birds and squirrels.  When Mom or Dad said “let’s go back in the house Sam” I’d mind them and run like the wind to the basement door.  If it was dark outside, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS wore my leash so I’d be safe and if Mom or Dad saw a “night creature” like a skunk, fox, or another cat out prowling, I was right there by their side and they could pick me up and into the house we’d go! 
So, while other cats in our neighborhood might not wear a leash and wander wherever they want to go, I know that some of them have “disappeared” and me and my Mom and Dad wonder if they got lost, or if something BAD happened to them.  I just know that I’m safe…….so who cares if I have a string attached to me once in a while?   I’m still the King of the Yard!

Sneaky Sam’s Premiere Blog


Oh boy oh boy oh boy……who says having extra toes on my front paws was a “weird” thing?  Just makes typing on Mom’s keyboard that much easier!  Well, she’s off taking a shower and I’m here saying hello and welcome to my world.  My world is pretty darn swell.  I tell my Mom when I want ANYTHING and she makes it happen.  Spoiled?  Yep…..isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  I made myself a HUGE part of this family from the day they brought me home from the shelter and I like it like that.  I have the run of the place – inside and out.  I intend to use my blog to talk about what’s going on with me, what I think about things in general – like the cool things I find out by spying on my Mom and Dad – and anything else that I think you humans should know.   Mom doesn’t know it, but I know how to upload pictures too so you can expect some pictures of the most gorgeous guy in town – ME!  

I hope you have fun seeing life through the eyes of an 11-year old guy with real cattitude….Who’s that?  Why me of course.