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Friday Fun



Happy Friday!

Today is my friend Henry’s birthday party.  Are you going?  Everyone is you know……….we’re all going to help him celebrate turning SIX today.  I’m on my way now – I’ll see you there?

Click Here To Visit My Three Moggies and go to the PAWTY!

Click Here To Visit My Three Moggies and go to the PAWTY!


Something else that’s FUN is that our friend Mollie has put some NEW stuff in her shop – have you been there lately?   She and her Mom are always cookin’ up something new for cat, dogs and critters (including HUMAN critters) so make sure you visit the store on her blog just to keep up.  No doubt there’s something that you simply CANNOT do without !

Another FUN thing is that tomorrow is my friend Odin’s birthday – PAWTIES, PAWTIES, PAWTIES……make sure and wish him a happy third birthday tomorrow and I hear he’s having some giveaways to celebrate – wowzers!

And one more piece of news…….although maybe this isn’t in the FUN category – I guess my Mom would have to make THAT call – but day before yesterday she decided to start another blog.  Yep – sure did.  It’s going to be about writing – her writing and other people’s writing and who knows what else she’ll get up to over there but now she won’t be putting stuff on MY blog about HER writing!  Here’s where she is but trust me – it’s probably going to be BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING unless you’re a writer or want to write or wish you could write – know what I mean?????   I mean if you had two different blogs you could look at – which would you choose?  One about a fun-loving ginger kitty OR one about writing.  Easy-Peasy…..ME ME ME!

Just kidding Mom – I’m sure your blog will be very stimulating (tee hee)!


Yesterday on Savannah’s blog I read the good news that our friend Leo who’s currently residing at Savvy’s place while her parents are fostering him, is EATING A LITTLE BIT OF KIBBLE on his own!  That’s what we were all hoping for.  That’s a very good sign – let’s all hope he eats more and more and soon he won’t need that feeding tube.  She also told us how much money was raised by Mollie, Alfie, and their Mum’s FANTABULOUS auction and raffle and it was a LOT LOT LOT of money to help with Leo’s care.  YAY!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Leo would thank you if he could !!


So, let’s all make this a HAPPY Friday OK?   We’re in the middle of a rather HOT spell here where I live – hopefully you will have a nice day wherever in the big wide world YOU are!

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

I’m going to be in the SHADE today!



Love and Kitty Hugs, Sammy