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Teaser Tell All Time!


Time to “Tell It Like It Is”!

Come on in class and settle down – Professor Teddy and I will tell you the SCOOP about yesterday’s Teaser photo.

Ready to hear what’s what Professors!

Groovy – spill – we’re dyin’ to know the SCOOP.

First of all the photo was found by MY MOM…………..she went looking for a doozy and we think it actually WAS a toughie.   That is until the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER came along anyway.   But before we get to THAT, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTER.

Can I get a drumroll please???


That’s right – you heard me – only ONE commenter came during the first sixty seconds of our post going live yesterday.    Who was the lucky FIRSTIE?

It Was The Cat On My Head!

WOW!!!!   They were the only FIRST COMMENTER……

We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of May 8, 2018 AND we were the ONLY FIRSTIES!! YAY!

For you!!  Concatulations – that hardly EVER happens…….w

e’ve had as many as FIVE Commenters in the first minute.

Here’s the photo again from yesterday.    It actually was a little bit tricky unless you had BEEN THERE or you knew some interesting search terms to use on Google……….LOL

This my friends is Lima, Peru!!!

Who guessed this correctly FIRST?????????????????????


Miss CSILLA !!!!!! 

WOW – the CROWD is going WILD for you Miss Csilla!!!!!!!!


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of May 9, 2018! YAY!


There were a lot of others who figured out this was Lima, Peru and each of you smarty-pants gets one of these of your VERY own!    Just copy it and keep it to post if you like.

I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT on the Teaser of May 8, 2018

There were also some guessers yesterday who were WRONG – but good for you taking a leap and guessing……………you get one of these:

DARN! I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser on May 8, 2018 – maybe I can get it next time!!

YAY for everyone.   I thought it was a strange photo.   All those huge buildings above what looks like a erosion-prone wall of dirt but looking closely it COULD be a wall of stone?   If it’s NOT stone, it sure looks SOMEWHAT unstable…….it must be interesting to live on the edge…….great views but eeek.

Now Cheer Team – it’s your turn to shine……………………..

Ya win some, ya lose some that’s no lie
You laugh when you win but when you lose you cry
We were quite amazed to have ONE first commenter
It was CAT ON MY HEAD front and center!
Then we waited to see who would be first RIGHT
We hoped it would be soon and not late at night.
Miss Csilla arrived in class and guessed PERU
I bet you wish you’d guessed that too!
All we can say is we think that city
Could fall down that hill and it would NOT be pretty!

Thanks gang…….well done.    Miss Dingleberry is providing refreshments for us to celebrate another successful TEASER this week……………..she never lets us down……….and because it’s a nice not day after you eat lunch you can have some ICE CREAM for dessert!    Thanks Miss Dingleberry for making sure our tummies are full at Ding Dong School.

After I serve lunch to everyone I’ll meet you outside at my ice cream stand…………..

Students we will see you next week for Teaser!  Be purrrrrpared!

Your Profs…………!


Tuesday Teaser Tell-All


Happy Wednesday All!  Well, I do hope that you enjoyed trying to figure out WHERE these Teaser photos were taken………

It was super fun having a “Guest Tuesday Teaser” this week but now’s the time to give you the scoop…………and in order to do that, you need to watch this video!

Now this is my first time putting a YouTube video on my bloggy so I’m hoping it works……….IF it isn’t working when Mom comes online this morning, we’ll get things straightened out but we DID follow WordPress’s instructions last night.  (you know how THAT goes sometimes! 😦 )

We have a huge THANK YOU to send to our friend Michelle for letting us use her vacation photos from her FABULOUS trip and making a movie for us with the Teaser answers from a really gorgeous spot on the planet!     VERY COOL……….

Thanks Michelle!

Thanks Michelle!

We also have some HUGS to hand out for those who guessed what Country #1 Teaser Photo was taken in, and what City #2 and #3 photos were taken in.  Who gets a BIG SAMMY HUG for getting ALL THREE photos right?  Here they are!



Mollie and Alfie



There were a BUNCH of you who guessed Peru correctly and also guessed Lima correctly so you guys get 2/3 of a BIG SAMMY HUG!

2/3 Big Sammy Hug



Will and Eko



Long Life Cats and Dogs

And Michelle??  You make sure and take one of the BIG SAMMY HUGS too because you made this week’s Teaser so much fun!

Happy Wednesday All……….

Sammy the BIG Tease 😀 😀 😀