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Dona Nobis Pacem


Today is the Blog Blast for Peace………….somehow I didn’t realize it was that time again – but I wanted to do my “badge” because there’s nothing on earth as important as PEACE for all……………If you click HERE,  it will take you to the website BLOG 4 PEACE.    You can read Mimi Lenox’s beautiful post for peace and learn about this day that’s been set aside since 2006 as a day to wish for peace on earth.



With Love and Hope, 


Dona Nobis Pacem


“Grant Us Peace”


“What the world needs now…is love, sweet love…..

No, not just for some – but for everyone……”

Today is the blogblast for peace and while that’s my MAIN thing on this Monday blog it’s not the only thing!  I have a couple of other things to pass along so here they are………

  1. Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser (YES WE’RE HAVING ONE!) and it’s another GUEST TEASER – woo hoo – probably a toughie too so rest up tonight!
  2. I received a special award yesterday from my awesome friend Nerissa who created a brand new award called “MOUSES” (what else?!) in honor of his blogaversary!  THANK YOU NISSY!

MOUSES! award

I am to thank the person who nominated me and link back to them (DONE!)

And nominate at least two bloggers for the award:

These Days of Mine

The Howling Mad Cat

    3.  Last but not least, I want to introduce you to the Autumn VSquillion I adopted from the Cat Blogosphere this past week – her name is Ginger and of course I’m happy that she’s a ginger cat and that I have a chance to take care of her – a kitty cat of my very own!  You can see her on my home page on the newly cleaned off sidebar down at the bottom.  Here she is:


The “newly cleaned off sidebar” is something my Mom did for me yesterday.  I’ve moved ALLLLLLL my bling to a separate page……..if you look at the top of this home page you’ll see a link called “ABOUT ME AND OTHER STUFF” – there’s a sub-page under it (hover over it) and you’ll see my Bling!  All in one spot – nice and neat.  Woo Hoo Mom!


Your Peaceful Boy, Sammy 😀 😀