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Teaser Tell All


Tell All Time!


I didn’t fool you all this week!  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you who did what!

Mr. Silver Briefcase please show the FOTO FANS yesterday’s Teaser??

Reporting for Duty!

Reporting for Duty!


Many moons ago my Mom and Dad flew to Boston, Massachusetts to explore the city……………they did something called “The Freedom Walk” and on that tour they got to see THIS structure off the cobbled streets and bricked sidewalks of Boston…………it was a wonderful and super interesting museum and it was the HOME OF PAUL REVERE!!!!!    That’s right – “THE” Paul Revere.   Built in 1680 it’s the oldest remaining structure in Boston…….and if you’d like a little more info – check out this LINK !

Now for the GOOD STUFF……………………yesterday our First Commenter was the dynamic duo of Oliver and Calvin !    They are always on the ball on Tuesdays – they are in fact “Frequent Flyers” for the Teaser – and this will not be their FIRST rodeo when it comes to winning this:


Then we had for our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, the dynamic Raz and his sisters Allie and Ellie from Friends Furever !    They knew where this was and were FIRST to get it right!   You guys and gals get this:

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

I also had a few more who guessed it correctly – – – – BRAVO!    You all get one of these!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

AND…………last but not least………..my GREENIE FANS………..my friends who didn’t know, or guessed incorrectly – you still get something for your time and effort!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

Mom and Dad said Boston is a great place to visit and it sure was a good photo to use for a Teaser wasn’t it???     I hope I’ll see you next Tuesday for the Teaser of the Week……………..you won’t know WHEN it will pop up in your computer – which is half the fun anyway right?   Everybody loves surprises!


Same Time, Same Channel

Next Week!  

Until then,

Sammy Hugs all around….

Pee Ess….don’t forget to tell your humans if they think

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email it to my Mom at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com !