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Catch Your Breath Thursday


Good Morning Everyone!

Well yesterday was QUITE a day wasn’t it?  I hope you were here to spend a bit of time (or a lot of time) at my birthday party and if you weren’t here, you missed a beauty of a time!   We had so many people here, we’ve got a whole big cleaning crew here this morning so my Mom doesn’t have to do the “morning after” thing all by herself.   THANK YOU ALL for coming……I’ll never EVER forget my 14th birthday party.


Not only HERE, but the Cat Scouts threw me a big birthday bash too……I got lots of cards and special cakes there as well – here’s just a few of them!

I also got a LOT more birthday cards – some of them I can’t show you because they were “virtual” animated cards and they were FABULOUS.   I’d say I can’t believe how sweet all of you have been but then I’d not be telling the truth because I CAN believe it….I KNOW it….and I LOVE it !

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But I truly AM looking forward to resting up today.  My Mom’s fingers are tired of whipping around on the keyboard so BOTH of us are pooped and in need of some “off the computer time”.  I see why people take a few days off from time to time!  However, I’m not – I’m always gonna be here but certainly won’t be having a party like yesterday’s often I can tell you that!  HAHAHAHA

Hope you have a wonderful day on this SECOND day of the brand new year………….I know I will……….I’m enjoying this “FOURTEEN IN TWENTY FOURTEEN” thing!!!   Perhaps I’ll enjoy some of the special food items some of you either sent or brought to me…….

Super Nommy!

Super Nommy!



Happy RESTFUL Thursday!