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Teaser Tell All


Let The Tell All Begin!

Madge has larengitis so I’m here to say “TAKE A SEAT BECAUSE CLASS IS STARTING!”


Let’s get down to business students.    We thought that yesterday’s Teaser would be tough…….like TOUGH TOUGH……..were we right?  Nope………..we had a winner in a matter of less than a half hour!    Class – you never cease to surprise me!

We started off the Teaser competition with FIRST COMMENTER and yesterday we had TWO who chimed in within the first 60 seconds……who????

Jackie and Phenny

Miss Jackie and Da Phenny – you each get one of these!!!!!  Concatulations!

Two of us were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 – Da Phenny and Miss Jackie!!

Here are the two Teaser photos we showed you………………

These great photos were sent in by our GUEST TEASER yesterday – Miss Csilla from KOLYTYI !    Thank you Csilla!!!!!

For Miss Csilla for being our GUEST TEASER on January 16, 2018

Where were these photos taken?    They were taken from the CLOCK TOWER in the Musee’ d’Orsay in Paris, France.    If you study the “out the window” shot you might see some familiar looking architectural styles – very Parisian, Oui?    If you aren’t familiar with this wonderful museum, it’s right on the Seine in the middle of Paris and contains an AMAZING collection of fabulous things – Csilla sent this video which you may enjoy taking a peek at……it’s like a tour of the museum!    Thank you so much Csilla – my Mom and Dad have been to Paris TWICE and never had a chance to see this museum but you can bet they will try if they ever get to go back!




Obviously the family of Da Phenny was ALERT and on the ball yesterday when the Teaser photo popped up because it wasn’t long before they guessed it!    This is for you:

For Being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018!

We had some other folks who guessed it right too – if you were one of those lucky peeps, help yourself to one of these to show off!

I knew the TEASER on Jan. 16, 2018 but I wasn’t FIRST to guess….oh well…..!

And if you were clueless or wrong……..you get a GREENIE!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 but I got a GREENIE anyway!

Now our fabulous cheerleading team will memorialize this moment for you winners (and losers) with a cheer – take it away girls!

Yesterday we had a Teaser
That certainly was a real crowd pleaser
Miss Jackie and Da Phenny both commented FIRST
Everyone else must have been cursed!
Then back came Phenny ready for a fight –
He was the very first one to GUESS THE PHOTO RIGHT!
It was in Paris in the Musee d’Orsay’s old clock tower
He got that right – he must have SUPER POWER!
Phenny won TWICE so he got more than one badge!
The rest of you get screamed at by Miss Madge!

Thanks ladies – that was inspiring to say the least……………..who knows – next Tuesday YOU might know the Teaser and YOU might get your name into one of the team’s fabulous cheers!!

I promise to study super hard Professors so I can win something next week!

Me too although I might have a gig in Vegas next week doing my Elvis impression so might not be in class…..

And I’m going with him as his personal drummer!!!!

Elvis? Groovy!

Well we will see you next week in class everyone………………thank you for paying attention in class today.   We only had one sleeper and I do believe Sarge took care of him.

WAKE UP!!!!!!



Professors Sammy and Teddy (at your service!)

Teaser Tell All Time!


Welcome Back Class!


Professor Sammy calls class to order!!

Hello Class………….we sure had a swell Teaser yesterday didn’t we?     Several of you noticed something about the photo though – – – – and while some of YOU noticed, my Mom didn’t – (lack of sleep) – and that was the fact we used this photo for my Teaser in MARCH OF THIS YEAR!!!!!    That’s right – it was a repeat and YOU knew that but Mom and I didn’t when we posted it yesterday.   Talk about DUH – well we were both saying “DUH” !    However, we did fool a lot of you anyway…………….so let’s get down to business.

FIRST of all, we had a tie for FIRST COMMENTER!    Our wonderful friend Miss Annie from Animal Couriers AND friends Calvin&Oliver !!    Concatulations to both of you and here’s your REWARD for being awake at 7:30AM yesterday when we went LIVE………………you BOTH get one of these:


Now, before I tell you who guessed right first…….let me show you the photo again (I bet I can’t get away with using this a THIRD time!):


Yep – there it is…………all those people are looking out over the city of Paris, France!    They are on a hill where Sacre Coeur is up in Montmartre and it was a rainy day in September, 1990.    Just out of sight and not captured in this photo you would have seen the Eiffel Tower and that would have been a giveaway!    Many of you knew this AND as I said a few of you recognized it as a repeat Teaser…………and a LOT of you guessed Paris!    BUT only one of you was first – – – – wanna know who?????

This badge is for you Miss Csilla (kolytyi) – Let’s hear it for Miss Csilla!




BUT as I said, a lot of you guessed Paris and all of you who did, will get a RIGHT GUESSER badge………………..


AND, if you were NOT right, you will still be the owner of one of these lovely GREENIES !


As a special treat, we brought SuzieQ back for a Tell All Cheer…………..

Csilla, Csilla, good for you! You guessed right - wahoo for you! Paris, France is a pretty city Lots of "parlais vous Francais" kitties! Naked humans at the Moulin Rouge... Corner bars for a shot of booze... Eiffel Tower WAY UP HIGH Like a diamond in the sky (oops.....wrong song....that's Twinkle Twinkle little star isn't it........eeeek). I guess I'll go - I'll see you next week And maybe next Tuesday I can give your nose a TWEAK!

Csilla, Csilla, good for you!
You guessed right –  BIG Wahoo!
Paris, France is a pretty city
Lots of “parlais vous Francais” kitties!
Naked humans at the Moulin Rouge…
Corner bars for a shot of booze…
Eiffel Tower WAY UP HIGH
Like a diamond in the sky
(oops…..wrong song….that’s Twinkle Twinkle little star isn’t it……..eeeek).
I guess I’ll go – I’ll see you next week
And maybe next Tuesday I can give your nose a TWEAK!

Thanks Suzie…….why don’t you go find a nice corner to practice in!

So next week I can definitely tell you that the Teaser photo will not be Paris, France…………………..and I can also tell you that it WILL be a GUEST TEASER so stay tuned and study between now and next week…………………………OR ELSE!

Professor Sam, I am !

Professor Sam, I am !

See You Next Tuesday, 

Professor Sam

P.S.  Tomorrow is Thoroughly Poetic Thursday – we’ll write poems about something starting with the letter “K” !!!!   Good Luck!



Teaseday Tell All



It’s time to break it down peeps!  

Give you the scoop!   

Tell you who did what!


It was a pretty darn good Teaser, even if the photo started out pretty smallish (made it tougher yes?) but Mom eventually was able to make it LARGER (not that it really helped with those of you guessing but at least we TRIED!).  

So let’s spill the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser………………………shall we start things off with a cheer?   Oh SUZIE???????????????????

Bim Bam Boom Gimme some room My pom poms need space To get in your face Let's see who was a winner AND who was late for dinner! RAH RAH RAH

Bim Bam Boom
Gimme some room
My pom poms need space
To get in your face
Let’s see who was a winner
AND who was late for dinner!

As usual, a stirring performance of a cheer that we’re not sure makes any sense!

Mr. Briefcase – if you’d bring it on???

Your wish is my command!

Your wish is my command!


Yep – that’s a doozy alright…………could be anywhere……..however, Mom and Dad can tell you PRECISELY where it is because Mom took the photo!    She took it from the vantage point of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, overlooking PARIS, FRANCE!    If she turned around, she’d be facing Sacre Coeur!  

SO, who were yesterday’s winners?????


Miss Annie at Animal Couriers



The Teaser King Dood -Easy from Easy Weimaraner


OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS and we did have some (like you Miss Csilla!) –

if you guessed Paris, France, this is yours:


My buddies and pals who were WRONG:


WOO HOO!!!!!   Who knows where we’ll go next week?   What far corners of the universe (well, OK, not universe but earth) will we visit?   Where will we be mystifying you from next TEASEDAY?    Only the SHADOW knows……..hahahahaha

The Shadow......sort of

The Shadow……sort of

Happy Wednesday!  

Your Teaseday Teaser Guy, Sammy

Are you cheering because I'm finished with the post, or because you love me?  HAHAHA

Are you cheering because I’m finished with the post, or because you love me? HAHAHA

Beautiful Bacon



Oh yeah!   My day………..my FAVORITE day………..I get a treat.   Not just any old treat either – THE treat.

Go ahead Mom - surround me with bacon!!!

Go ahead Mom – surround me with bacon!!!

Excuse me if I make this blog SHORT – bacon is waiting for me AND I have a ton of stuff to do before the trip to Paris starts at Cat Scouts…………time is flying by……….Mom insisted on housecleaning and plant shopping yesterday instead of photoshopping for ME!    How embarrassing!    I think I should get EXTRA bacon don’t you???

I would even dress up like THIS for bacon !!!!

I would even dress up like THIS for bacon !!!!

Happy Saturday!

Hugs, The Baconator

Your favorite  and mine!

Your favorite and mine!