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New Years Eve Bacon


A New Year……BUT

Bacon will still ring out the old year

before it rings in the new!


It sure is – even if that Caturday is New Year’s Eve!


One must make sure that before one indulges in a New Year’s Eve NIPTINI, one has FOOD in one’s tum.


Then we will all be praying that the new year coming continues to be bountiful in the bacon department.


After all, two out of three vets highly recommend bacon for their patients – US!


And we all know that BACON truly does make every single thing BETTER including New Year’s Eve!

SO…… what are you waiting for?


Let the begging BEGIN!!!!!


Here’s to a happy, healthy 2017!

Love, Angel Sammy

P.S.   Tomorrow, January 1, 2017 would have been my 17th birthday.   Since I’m now a Rainbow Bridge Angel, I’m not having a big par-tay to celebrate…..instead, I’m inviting everyone to stop by and have a New Year’s Day birthday breakfast with me…..no party hats and balloons – just a good old breakfast buffet complete with bacon (of course).   We’ll just start the new year off EATING……..TOGETHER………like the good friends that we are!

Sam's Birthday 2012